Swimming Pools: Shapes & Styles for Every Taste
Swimming Pools: Shapes & Styles for Every Taste

Backyard Pool Remodel: Wallet-Friendly Solutions

If you grew bored with your regular backyard pool, maybe it’s time for a change. You shouldn’t feel guilty. Maybe the pool wasn’t your idea at all, perhaps it was already there when you purchased the property. Pool trends, standards, and preferences change over time and maybe now is the right time to have the pool you really want. One way or another, the cost of a major pool remodeling is probably more than you’re ready to pay. Still, today it’s possible to make some very noticeable changes to the pool, without spending piles of money. What is more, some of the updates you’re about to read can actually save you money in the long run.

1LED lights

Backyard Pool Remodel: Wallet-Friendly Solutions

Your simple floodlight might have looked great in the previous millennia, but today’s modern LED solutions definitely bring the pool lighting to the A-league. LED pool lights are more energy efficient than traditional options, although the initial cost of installation might be higher. They can be installed below the water or virtually anywhere in the pool area. Since they come in different colors, they are easy to incorporate in any personal sense of style. There is hardly a cheaper way to transform a regular pool into an irresistible backyard oasis.

2Saltwater system

Backyard Pool Remodel: Wallet-Friendly Solutions

Saltwater pools are a big trend among homeowners looking to add a luxury feel to their pool. These systems use salt cells to generate chlorine in the waters, so you don’t need to add it separately. People report that the pool saltwater is less irritating to skin and eyes and less irritable than traditionally chlorinated water. In addition, not having to buy, store and handle chlorine is a big advantage, too. Since saltwater pools are generally cheaper to maintain, this can be considered as one of the cost-effective upgrades. Salt cells need to be replaced every five years.

3Water features

Backyard Pool Remodel: Wallet-Friendly Solutions

Although they might spill over your remodeling budget – pardon the pun – rock waterfalls, scupper pillars and sprayers are easy to install to an existing pool setup. Still, for a reasonable price, you’ll be able to find solutions that will bring some motion and sound into your stationary pool area. Keep in mind, though, that water features are likely to increase your maintenance costs by using extra electricity and increased water evaporation, which leads to faster cooling.

4Waterline tiles

Backyard Pool Remodel: Wallet-Friendly Solutions

New waterline tiles can change your pool game drastically, giving it a more contemporary look. Ceramic waterline tiles may cost you between $600 and $800 for a pool of an average size, while glass and decorative ones just add up to that amount. According to pool remodelers, they have a lot of requests to replace pebble or stone finishes on or above the waterline with tiles. In many cases, homeowners decide for a waterline and resurfacing combo. When combined with a new poolside deck area upgrade, it might seem even to you that you’ve got a brand-new pool.

5Pool resurfacing

Backyard Pool Remodel: Wallet-Friendly Solutions

While being one of the more costly upgrades, resurfacing is definitely money well spent. Not only it improves the look of your pool but also replaces something that wears off over time. Most aging pools have an outdated plaster finish that many homeowners decide to replace with aggregate finishes that incorporate stones, pebbles, even seashells and glass beads. Alternatively, go for a long-lasting swimming pool paint with a formula that adapts to a wide range of surfaces such as concrete, a small pebble or marble sheet.

6Baja steps

Baja steps

Also known as tanning ledge, this feature moves your backyard pool up the ladder. Usually, about 6 inches deep, these large flat surfaces are popular in resort pools as they provide a great spot to place a lounge chair. Although this feature is easy to add to an existing pool, installers recommend resurfacing the entire pool before adding Baja steps.

7Resurfaced deck

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Redesign your concrete pool deck with acrylic lace coating that costs between $750 and $1000, while changing the poolside area dramatically. The coating is available in several colors and the best part is that it not only protects the concrete but also provides some traction for the wet feet due to its sand content.

8Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen near pool pondOutdoor kitchen near pool

Among the recurring theme of outdoor living, outdoor dining areas and backyard rooms, adding a barbecue or an outdoor kitchen to the pool area don’t seem like a bad business. The prices in this category vary a lot, depending on the features like outdoor countertop, barbecue, pizza oven and the best pool cover options.

9Energy-saving equipment

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If you are more of a practical remodeler, there is a variety of features that make your pool less expensive to run. Many of these energy-effect upgrades haven’t become available until recently. A variable speed pump, for example, uses less electricity and depending on where you live may even qualify you for an energy rebate. Among other popular green options, there are energy-efficient filters, solar lights, heaters, etc.

10Automation features

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With pool technology continually evolving, many new solutions are becoming easy to retrofit to older pool designs. A whole line of tech-equipment can make owning a pool much easier to the point that your pool guy may as well start looking for another job. Some of the automated systems to consider include robotic cleaners, automatic pool covers, and integral pool automation systems. Many of these can be controlled with a smartphone. One of the more useful automated systems is the leveler feature which levels the pool after the water level drops due to evaporation.


Pool firepit

As a wonderful and low-cost option, a poolside fire pit can create an intimate atmosphere within your pool and landscape. They are great for entertaining purposes, as you and your guests may enjoy the beautiful winter evenings in warmth. Such an outdoor fireplace adds more character to your pool.

Listed here are some of the backyard pool renovation ideas if you are looking for most cost-effective solutions. On the other hand, if your pool needs serious structural or equipment repairs, there is probably no going around a major renovation project that needs a sturdier budget.