beautiful fences
beautiful fences

A list of beautiful fences which I find very beautiful

A fence is not only a practical thing which protects your home or property from thieves or evil eyes. It also should be beautiful to bring joy and pleasure to you and your guests. It means that when choosing your fence, do it not only with a practical eye but with an artistical eye too. You will not regret.

Most common fences are made of wood and metal. You can make fences from almost anything. Wood, stones, metal, trees, bushes, anything you can think of. My dream is to masonry a big, but beautiful fence with LED lights in it. OF course, I will have wood parts too because I love wooden fences but I’m afraid of 10 years wooden fence will look bad. Maybe someone has built a fence and know how to protect it from rotting and bugs? I think standard processing from rot will not help.

How about your experience? What kind of fences do you like? How high would you build it?

Fences made from wood

Beautiful fences made from metal

Masonry fences



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