The best gardening pruning shear reviews

The best gardening pruning shear reviews

Make your gardening more fun with the best pruning shears like the ones you can get from the best pruning shears reviews. Pruning shears are a basic tool for beginner gardeners and experts alike. Proper gardening equipment makes the job easier and reduces the time and effort you need to make your garden look beautiful.

Pruners are utilized for branches, deadheads, and perennials. They won’t normally be used for materials thicker than 0.5 inches.

There are also a lot of other details that you have to know before buying a pruner that will last. First, you must know more about the product ­­­­­– how it is selected and utilized.

There are many models and types of pruning shears out on the market. Choosing from all of these different products is hard and can seem overwhelming. So in this article, we included several of our picks for the best pruning shears.

Here is a guide to set you up before showing you the list of products.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in Pruning Shears

Buying Guide: What to Look for in best pruning shears
Buying Guide: What to Look for in Pruning Shears

The first task is to know the types of pruning shears that you can choose from the best pruning shears reviews. This is best for identifying what you need for your particular task.

Pruning shears are made for small-scale cutting of plants. They also are constructed differently. The different types are made for several specific purposes, usually depending on what you are cutting and where you are cutting it.

Here are several of the different types with the best pruning shears reviews that you can find on the market today.

Types of Pruning Shears

Bestseller No. 1
Fiskars 91095935J Steel Pruning Shears Bypass Pruner, 1
  • Ideal for cutting stems and light branches. Easy-open lock protects the blade during transport and storage
  • Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, even through heavy use
  • Low-friction coating helps the blade glide through the wood, prevents the blades from gumming up with sap and debris and helps the blades resist rust
Bestseller No. 2
VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear with Straight Stainless Steel Blades Orange
  • REDUCE HAND STRAIN: These micro tip snips are built spring-loaded so that they automatically push themselves open without you having to do the work which greatly reduces hand fatigue making these snips great for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, hand or wrist issues. Comfort Grip handles will make it easy to work for long periods of time without discomfort
  • ULTRA SHARP BLADES: These quality snips come with stainless steel precision-sharpened blades and are ready to tackle all of your deadheading, trimming, and shaping needs for your roses, annuals, vegetable, bonsai and small flower gardens
  • SECURE, EASY TO OPERATE LOCK: These micro tip snips feature a safe and secure sideways locking mechanism that keeps your blades protected and closed when not in use. The design of these pruning snips are perfect to use whether you are right or left handed with ease
Bestseller No. 3
Mr. Pen- Pruning Shears, Garden Shears, 8" Professional, Garden Scissors, Gardening Shears, Garden Clippers, Bypass Pruners, Garden Shears Pruning, Pruning Scissors, Garden Tools, Garden Supplies
  • 8-Inch Gardening Shears With Ergonomically Designed Non-Slip Handles, Strong, Lightweight, And Comfortable
  • Quality Pruning Shears Come With Precision-Sharpened Blades Ideal For Cutting Stems And Light Branches
  • Safe And Secure Sideways Locking Mechanism That Keeps Your Blades Protected And Closed When Not In Use

Hand pruning shears

These are used for plant parts that are easy to reach. The best pruners are the ones that can cut through branches with 0.75 inches in diameter. Hand pruners come in two types: the anvil and bypass pruners.

gonicc 8 Inch Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears
  • Drop forged body and handles.
  • Quality blade made of Premium Titanium steel with Ultra-fine Polishing Technology.
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are strong,lightweight,and comfortable.

Anvil pruners – This type of pruner has a sharpened blade and a flat plate made for cutting and crushing. These pruners are best used for thick stems and branches or dead ones that might be hard to cut.

Bypass pruners – These are also called scissor shears and come with a curved and sharpened set of blades. Many prefer this type of pruner because they provide a clean and close cut.

Hedge pruning shears

Tabor Tools B212A Hedge Shears
  • STRONG TELESCOPIC HANDLES This hedge trimmer is the ideal tool for trimming and shaping your shrubs and decorative topiary plants. Reach any shrub far and high! There’s not cut you can’t make with these strong extendable handles: the overall regular length in closed position is 25" and the overall length in extended mode is 33".
  • SHARP WAVY BLADE FOR PRECISION CUTS. The forged carbon steel wavy blades cut all the way to the tip and produce smoothly operated crisp cuts. The precision cuts of this tool will preserve your plant’s health. Every cut will be a joyful experience and your shrubs will grow back nicely: don’t hack away at your beautiful bushes with powered hedge trimmers!
  • SHOCK ABSORBING BUMPERS. The shock-absorbing bumpers will stop all jarring vibrations and reduce arm and shoulder fatigue. The extendable telescopic lightweight steel handles feature comfortable non-slip grips which will fit comfortably into your hands. Overall, this is a balanced, powerful and dependable tool which will soon become YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THE GARDEN.

Hedge pruning shears are used for plants with thin stems, usually in hedges. They can deal with many branches at once and provide a clean output.

The blades are long and flat, though you can find it with short or long handles.

Pole pruning shears

Mesoga Pole Saw Cordless
  • Pole saw & pruner provide 3 sections telescoping high-cut small branches, twigs and fruit picker, no need to climb ladders, easy making low cuts, extend from 4.6-10 feet reaching into dense or prickly shrubs
  • The precision-ground high carbon steel pruner blades and fully heat treated with sharp razor edge, durable anvil lopper has 1/2 inch cutting capacity trimming young tree limbs, or 12 inch stainless steel saw blade powers through thick branches, lightweight aluminum tube with comfortable spring handle grip for fast pruning or harvesting
  • Rope-free, chain-free, manual portable and long reach design for easy reaching of high stems, leaves or flowers, let two-handed control and eliminates snags and tangles

If you need to deal with hard-to-reach branches, then pole pruning shears can help you get the job done. They come attached to long poles, and the blade has a spring-loaded cord configuration.

This variety also has hooks and can reach branches up to 12 feet or higher.

Lopping pruning shears

TABOR TOOLS GG11 Bypass Lopper
  • CLEAN CUTS. This lopper powers effortlessly through 1 3/4" diameter thick branches with a quick chop. The lopper is designed for fast, precise clean cuts that will preserve the health of your plants and trees. Triples your cutting power with unique compound cutting action. This KING OF LOPPER makes pruning dramatically easy!
  • SHARP HARDENED CARBON STEEL BLADE will stay sharp, even after some heavy use! The low-friction non-stick coated gliding blade make every cut a joyful experience. The tools is easy to use, even for the elderly gardener or if you have arthritic wrists. There’s no cut you can’t make with this KNIGHT'S BLADE! GG11 Replacement cutting blades available on!
  • COMFORT GRIP AND EXTRA LEVERAGE. The rubberized grips on handles provide comfort and good grip. This longer 30” model will allow you the work with some extra strength and leverage and to efficiently navigate around higher limbs. The ergonomically handles are designed for optimal grip to ease cutting of any branch. Overall, this balanced, powerful and dependable tool which will soon become YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THE GARDEN.

Lopping pruning shears are similar to hand pruners, but their handles can be as long as 36 inches. They are made to reach certain areas conveniently. They can also come with joints or gears to multiply its cutting power with minimal effort.

Things to Look for in Pruning Shears

According to the best garden pruning shears reviews, you should avoid a large number of options when choosing your pruning shears. The choices can be overwhelming if you walk into the nearby hardware store or even shop online.

You must first have a guideline to evaluate your product. Here is a sample list that can help you pick the best garden shears that will last:

Size – This is a measure of the size your garden pruning shears can cut. If you only got small, soft plants, then it’s okay to pick almost anything. For woody shrubs or large plants, choose the ones that can cut at least 0.5 inches in diameter.

Using shears made for smaller branches will give your hands more strain and damage and shorten its lifespan. Choose the size depending on what you grow in your garden.

The best garden pruning shears reviews advise you to only use your pruning shears for branches of the right size. You can check the manufacturer’s recommendation to see which size the shears can deal with easily.

Weight – You want to be able to work comfortably, especially if you tend to prune your plants for long hours each day. Some pruning shears are made to be light, so they don’t put too much strain in your hands for prolonged use.

Even for short-term use, heavy shears tend to put a strain in your hands just by holding them, so choose wisely.

A material of the blade – Good steel that is hardened or with good carbon content is advisable. A good steel blade will give your garden shears a longer lifespan, especially if you use it for hard, woody branches. You can check the best pruning shears reviews to choose the right one for you.

For shears with two blades, you must see if the blades are close to each other. Some also feature coating in their blades for easier cuts that are seamless.

Prior to using the pruning shears, you should check if the blades are sufficiently sharp. The anvil type can work even if it’s a bit dull, but for other types, that might not be advisable.

Ergonomics – Many garden shears sport features to make it easier to use. Check for these features, especially if you have some problems with your hands, like carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis.

Even if you don’t need to, you might want garden shears that you can use with minimal effort. Some come with gear and joint mechanisms that will put less strain in your hands but still provide sufficient cutting power. This is important if you tend to woody plants or those with thicker branches.

Ease of disassembling and availability of materials – Pruning shears need to be maintained and sharpened. To care for your loppers, you need to wash the blade in soapy water to remove any dirt and other debris. After the sharpening process, get a soft cloth and wipe it with linseed oil. Some of its parts may last longer, while others wear easily. Instead of buying a new set of pruning shears every time one part wears out, find one that you can replace individual parts easily and whose manufacturers produce these parts for.

Safety features – Pruning shears can provide hazards even if you are sure you are a careful person. Accidents can happen, and you want to minimize their risk of happening.

Many shears come with locking mechanisms that will keep the shears closed when not in use and open only when you need them to be.

The Best Garden Pruning Shears

These are several that got the best pruning shears reviews and some of the best-selling pruning shears online:

ARS HP-VS8R Rotating Handle Hand Pruner, 8-Inch - best pruning shears
ARS HP-VS8R Rotating Handle Hand Pruner, 8-Inch
ARS HP-VS8R Hand Pruner
  • Fantastic ergonomic operation to protect against carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Squeeze to open handles
  • Top quality blades for the longest lasting sharpness

This pair of pruning shears is made for ease of use. Its rotating handle lessens the pressure exerted to the hands and wrists and is made for comfort.

It comes in two sizes for small and big hands. Its blade is chrome-plated high-carbon steel made for long-lasting use and has resistance to rust and sap.

ARS HP-VS8Z Heavy Duty Pruner
  • Squeeze handles to open
  • Superior, long-lasting sharpness from ARS
  • Hard chrome plated for optimum protection against rust and sap build up

These heavy-duty loppers are made for hardcore gardeners. This professional hand pruner with sharp blades of superior quality consistently appears in many of the best pruning shears reviews. The straight blades are also plated with chrome to prevent rust and damage from the sap.

It comes with a locking mechanism activated by squeezing the handle. There are two sizes that you can choose from depending on your hand size.

Its simple design is made to use your natural hand force. It’s easy to disassemble and has spare parts available too.

Corona BP 3180D - best pruning shears
Corona BP 3180D

This pair of pruning shears is made for big branches. It can cut through 1-inch-thick branches and comes with an adjustable self-aligning pivot lock. It’s made for professional agriculturists and dedicated gardeners.

Its blade is made of heat-treated coronium steel alloy that produces a clean cut. It also has a groove that can cut wires. Its blades are replaceable.

  • Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Felco F-2 Hand Pruner
  • Anvil blade with a sap groove
  • A hardened bolt and nut to assure exact adjustment of both the cutting and anvil blades
  • Rubber cushion and shock absorber

These shears are known for their quality hardened steel blades that are always mentioned in the best pruning shears reviews. Its handle is made of forged aluminum that promotes comfort while in use. It has a non-slip coat, and the rubber cushion acts as shock absorbers.

It’s made for ergonomic use for cutting perennials and rose bushes.

EZ-Kut Heavy Duty Ratchet best pruning shears
EZ-Kut Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner
EZKIW1425-BRK G2 Ratcheting Lopper
  • ULTIMATE RATCHETING POWER: 6 Stage Ratcheting Action Tree Trimmer Cuts through tough stuff. Patented Oiler Bolts For Constant Lubrication Of The Key Pivot Points. Only Cutter With Replaceable Blades and Handles. Rubber Grips.
  • WORLDS BEST LOPPER: Not a Cheap Junk Branch Cutter. Easy Ratcheting Mechanics - Means Less Power Required to Prune. Top Rated Branch trimmer by Outdoorsman, Hunters, Trail Riders, Farmers, Ranchers, and Gardeners. Replaceable SK5 steel blades and arms.
  • TRUSTED SINCE 1988: All Metal Construction. High Quality Cast Aluminum Body Tree limb cutter SK5 Hardened Carbon Steel Blade with a Non Stick Coating. Never Buy Another Brand again! Built for Life!

EZ-Kut heavy duty loppers are made for general use for your gardening needs. Its handle is user-friendly, and its front and end are made distinctively to control power. It has a three-stage cutting action that can deal even with hard, wooden branches.

Fiskars Pruning Shears
  • Ideal for cutting stems and light branches. Easy-open lock protects the blade during transport and storage
  • Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, even through heavy use
  • Low-friction coating helps the blade glide through the wood, prevents the blades from gumming up with sap and debris and helps the blades resist rust

This pair of bypass pruning shears is made for precision and durability. It can handle constant use and stays sharp even with heavy usage. The blade has a low-friction coating and can minimize pressure on your arms.

Gonicc GPPS-1002 Bypass best pruning shears
Gonicc GPPS-1002 Bypass Pruning Shears
Gonicc 8 Inch Pruning Shears
  • Drop forged body and handles.
  • Quality blade made of Premium Titanium steel with Ultra-fine Polishing Technology.
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are strong,lightweight,and comfortable.

These pruning shears are great in helping you get the correct leverage for each of your cuts. It’s made to be durable and can stay sharp even with heavy use.

Its handle is made to prevent slipping and to ease your hands while it is in use. Its weight is light, so that’s another bonus.

ClassicPRO Pruning Shears
  • HEAVY DUTY TITANIUM CLASSIC STYLE BYPASS PRUNING SHEARS - Increased Blade Durability Razor Sharp Cutting Power Performance Tools. Made of High Quality Japanese Grade Stainless Steel Hardened Blades- More Durable Than Other Similar Traditional Hand Pruners - Protective Titanium coating decreases friction of trimmer & makes for easier cutting offers long-lasting protection against rust corrosion.
  • ERGONOMICALLY ENGINEERED ANTI-SLIP RED CUSHIONED LONG HANDLE GRIP HAND PRUNERS WITH SHOCK-ABSORBING PADS - Strong Lightweight Drop Forged All Metal Aluminum Body Handle Secateurs - Pruning Snips Fit Medium to Large Hands Can Helps Reduce Repetitive Hand Motion Injuries Hand Fatigue Wrist Strain - Ideal Versatile Gardening Trimmers for General Yard Farm Work Multi-Purpose Intensive Pruning Arthritis Sufferers Carpal Tunnel Seniors with Weak Hands.
  • Sap Grooves Prevents the Pruning Cutters From Sticking And Saves Time By Channeling Off Sap To Keep The Bypass Blades Clean Of Debris After Each Cut - Convenient Wire Cutting Notch Is Incorporated Into The Clippers To Expedite Planting And To Protect The Cutting Edge Of The Snips.

This pair of garden pruning shears is made for longevity. It’s made up of heavy-duty materials and is complete with a coating to reduce friction on the blade. The handle is made to make gripping easier, with pads to reduce the pressure exerted on your hands.

Even people with carpal tunnel syndrome can find this product easy to use.

Gardenite Power Drive Ratchet best pruning shears
Gardenite Power Drive Ratchet Pruning Shears
Gardenite Hand Pruning Shears
  • ★★★★★ EFFORTLESS CUTTING - The ratchet in the pruner is a clever extra mechanism to make light work of tough cuts. As you squeeze ratcheting pruning shears, they latch so you can release and squeeze again, performing the cut in easy steps rather than one go. As you cut through a branch, the ratcheting mechanism clicks and moves to the next setting, providing ever-increasing pressure as you cut.
  • ★★★★★ 5 TIMES THE POWER - The ratcheting mechanism's settings multiply your hand's power by up to 5 times, so that you don't have to do the work - the pruning shears do it for you. With
  • ★★★★★ HIGH QUALITY HARDENED STEEL BLADES - Heat treated and hardened carbon steel blades are ultra strong, will last longer and are less likely to nick or need frequent sharpening. Coated with non-stick Teflon that resists sap and other sticky materials.

This brand of ratchet loppers is a garden pruner made to increase your hand force by five times. This makes cutting hard woody stems a breeze. It has a ratcheting mechanism that allows ease in controlling the tool. It’s made to be durable and won’t dull easily. This is made to be ergonomic. The force-multiplying mechanism will allow weak-handed people to cut hard branches with ease.

Zeemplify Premium Bypass best pruning shears
Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears
Zeemplify Bypass Pruning Shears
  • ★ HEAVY DUTY DESIGN – Professionally built to precision utilizing Japanese SK-5 high carbon steel standards to develop the toughest pruning blade. You can now cut and prune without worrying about the blade bending, breaking or warping. This pair of garden pruner is ideal for cutting stems and light branches of trees, rose bush, shrubs and hedges.
  • ★ REMAINS SHARP FOR LONGER – Premium high carbon steel pruning blade engineered to provide the ultimate edge holding ability. This ensures long-lasting sharpness and effortless cuts during pruning, clipping, trimming or cutting in the garden. So say goodbye to your sharpener! This is the perfect bypass pruner for any gardener who demands the best from their tools!
  • ★ LOW FRICTION & SPRINGS BACK TO LIFE – High performing titanium coating on the blade to ensure edge retention (sharpness), corrosion resistance whilst providing less friction with each cut. The gardening shears will make every cut easier and smoother. With every cut you make, you can be assured that the secateurs will spring back open ready for your next cut.

This type of bypass shears tool is a heavy-duty garden pruner made from SK5 steel. It is resistant to nicks and dents and can deal with the toughest rose bushes without being bent.

Its sharpness will remain even with constant use, and its grip is made for ease of use. The grip is comfortable to hold even without gloves. The blades also have a titanium low-friction coating for a smooth and clean cut.

This list provides the best garden pruning shears from the best pruning shears reviews. They are listed to help you find the best choice for your needs.

The fun of gardening is profound, and it’s an activity that many can enjoy. These garden shears have been picked from the best pruning shears reviews, and their quality is assured.

Final Review of the Best Pruning Shears

Choosing the right pruning shears for the job is essential. The information above covers the guidelines, the types of pruners, and quality techniques and tips. You will have everything you need to narrow down the choices and make the best decision for your needs.

Making sure that you know exactly what you need and what you need a pruning shear for will make your decision-making so much easier. Whether you want to do some tree pruning or collect some roses in your backyard garden, the best pruning shears are the ones that will be perfect for you and its intended use.

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