best hose splitters
best hose splitters

The Best hose splitters – manifolds or also known as faucet splitters.

It does not matter if it’s winter, summer or late spring, a garden hose splitter are a must-have tool for every house owner. In summer there will be dry soil, dirty cars, empty pool and there is no way you can manage that to do that with only one hose. Oh, yes, and remember about sprinklers, they will need a hose also. So at least 2 hoses. But when you bought or built your house there was only one faucet outside? If yes, then we can solve this problem very easy and cheap – with hose splitters. It’s just simple as it sounds – buy a hose splitter, connect it and wouala, you can connect 2 or more hoses if you bought 3 way hose splitter. But remember, before purchasing a hose splitter, check if your water pressure will hold two hoses. In some city parts water pressure is very weak and using two hoses simultaneously is almost impossible.

1. 2wayz Garden Hose Splitter


My favorite hose splitter. I can’t even tell any bad word about this splitter. The excellent price where is included a high quality and good looking hose splitter and 10 washers for free. Plus 3-year guarantee sounds awesome.  The best thing about this splitter is its levers. They are very long, and I can easily turn them with gloves on. I tried to use it with a pressure above it’s recommended, and it worked perfectly! Musthave splitter in every house.

2. Ikris 2-way Garden Hose Splitter with Rubberized ComfortGrip


When I got this splitter in my hands I instantly tested it for leaks with high-pressure water, but no leaks at all! I tested it because some of my friends said that this hose splitter is bad. But now it’s almost a half year, and it has not leaked any drop of water. This is a must-have splitter in your garden right after 1st one. This water splitter gives you the ability to connect two hoses to one spigot with less than a minute setup. It screws onto the valve and has a divider so you can choose which hose to use or even run two hoses at the same time in different spots. This hose splitter tool is made of green and black rubber plastic material and brass and silver colored metal. It has two knobs to control water in both hoses.

3.SOMMERLAND A1001 Garden Hose Splitter


Simple, heavy duty and durable. A tight seal is a reason for no leaks. The best thing about this splitter is – you can get a small amount of water too. For example, when you need to wash your hands. Many splitters work in two ways – on or off. This splitter allows you to control water amount. Another great thing about this hose splitter is – you can leave it connected both in the winter and in summer. Unlike other hose splitters, you can use this hose to drink water too, because it doesn’t have rubber pieces. Water will be clean as it is.

4. Two Way Garden Hose Connector Splitter + Shut Off Adapter – Arthritis Friendly


Holding this splitter in your hands will get you that high-quality feeling, and you will love this splitter because it works, it’s high quality and no water leaks at all!

In a package, you will also receive a shut-off valve. Both of them are sturdy and will not let you down. Both items are made of heavy-duty rustproof metal. It means that you don’t need to take care of it. Ok, you definitely need to change washers once a year, but that’s what you need to do for all splitters. So, plug it, and forget about it. Just take it off once a year, change washers and put it back.

Both items have plastic valves. You will use them when you need to stop water flowing in your hose. These valves are also made for people with arthritis or children’s hands. There will be no problem with one-minute installation too.

5. Outbacktuff Spliteron 2 Way Hose splitter + 3 Washers


This hose splitter comes with extra washers. If you have a leak, put in an extra washer and your problems will be gone. Best thig about this splitter is that it have big valve handles. Easy to turn on or off even if it’s children or just the opposite – large hands. This will work better for people with arthritis too. This splitter has larger water holes that other splitters. It means that you will never run out of the water, or it’s good for those who have high water pressure. Larger holes – more water at hose.

Splitters metal body and connectors are rustproof and will not let you down even after extreme weathers. Plus it comes with extra washers. As I said it’s good to change washers once a year. So with these 3 extra washers, you are set for more than 2 years.

What to check before buying a hose splitter!

Check its quality, and most importantly, check its washers. Remember, plastic will leak twice as faster as metal parts, so more = higher quality. I own this hose splitter, and it’s been two years and still working without any leak!

Don’t buy cheapest hose splitters, they will leak water pretty soon, and you will need to buy a new sealing or even new splitter. Here is the list of best hose splitters, most of them are very popular, and it means, that seller can’t or won’t provide a bad quality product. I know some people who are buying a new hose splitter every year, but let’s think about environment ok? After purchasing a hose splitter, you will need a second garden hose – check out my article about the best garden hose.

Hose splitters can be divided into two large groups:

How many channels

Most standard splitters have two channels. That means you can connect two hoses. Two-way splitter works very well with a high water pressure and also with a weak water pressure. Garden Hose splitter 3 way are mostly popular because it’s good to have an extra port for hose.

Multi-channel: Mostly multi-channels are no more than 4. If you want to use 4 hoses, remember that you will need a good water pressure otherwise in 3rd and 4th hose there will have a weak water stream.


Commonly manufacturers are using resistant plastic with metal parts. That’s good because modern plastic is durable, sturdy and does not corrode like metal does. There are also metal splitters, which are better if you are using them stationary without taking hoses off or unscrewing it. Metal splitters have one problem, if you attach a hose to it, sooner or later, (depends on water) hose will start to leak because splitter will start to corrode and hose will start to break. But otherwise, there are very cheap plastic splitters in the market and spending couple of bucks per year for a splitter is not a problem.

Remember, splitters mostly come with a standard connection size, but before buying it, check it out, maybe it has a different connector.


So there it is. This was the list of best hose splitters. Hope that I made your choice little bit easier and there will be no problems choosing a hose splitter for you. If you still have some questions feel free to write me PM or down here in the comment sections.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the guide. Wanted clarification on your statement that the Sommerland is drinking-water safe because “[u]nlike other hose splitters, you can use this hose to drink water too, because it doesn’t have rubber pieces. Water will be clean as it is.”

    I’m personally looking for a hook up for my kitchen faucet, to run a hose from one end and drink from the other, so this is really important. I think all brass fixtures have some lead in them, so that’s not a deal breaker, but what’s up about rubber causing problems? I hadn’t even heard that…

    If you have any other suggestions please let me know. Some people on forums I’ve read have said to use a plastic one, but then don’t you get into the whole BPA problem? And Camco (which makes stuff for RV and so forth) advertises theirs as potable water safe, generally speaking, but I’m kind of confused.

    The Sommerland looks great, but could you clarify why rubber gaskets might cause a problem?

    Thank you for your blog!

  2. Hey!

    This topic is quite interesting because mostly when the seller is saying it’s lead-free, it’s not. It will never be unless it’s made from clear metal. If you want to use a hose from a faucet and don’t need a water from a faucet to the sink, I would use the simple connector, like Sommerland – . As for washers, they are made from rubber which is safe to use with drinking water. I would stay away from all plastic things and use as much metal as possible, in the best case – copper connectors!

  3. Hi Elvis.

    Thanks for writing this. I need 3 hoses. Do you have any recommendations for better 3 or 4 way manifolds ?

  4. I have an outdoor faucet that is leaking. Can I use a splitter like the ones you described above to control the leak without it causing any problems?

  5. Yes, sure you can use a splitter to stop a leak, but also it depends where it’s leaking. Do you have any photos?


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