Multi-Meter - Must Have Equipment For The Electrician
Multi-Meter - Must Have Equipment For The Electrician

Working with electricity cannot be completed without a multimeter. It is one of the most essential equipment that electricians have. It is a tool which is used for measuring current, voltage and resistance.  Several functional units can be combined into a single electrical unit with the help of this type of equipment. Thus, it is used in different electrical fields. A good functioning multimeter is helpful in checking electronic appliances for their functioning. Thus, all the electricians including the amateur and the professional ones look for the best multimeter. It ensures them that they perform the best job and handle all the electricity-related tasks with the safety.

Checking the voltage can save you from electrical shock

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Voltage is an important quantity that is measured with the help of multimeter. Both AC and DC voltage can be checked with this powerful electrical device. You have to connect this device in parallel in a circuit to measure the high to low and peak to peak AC and DC measurement. To use the multimeter for measuring the voltage, you have to connect two contact points of the power source through which the current flows. This enables you to take the reading of voltage of any electrical equipment while the current flows through it.

Use of multimeter for measuring current

Digital multimeter has now become the most common tool for measuring current. To measure the current with the standard multimeter, there is a need to break the circuit so that the current can pass through the multimeter. The measure of current level flowing through the circuit can thus be noted. Keep the resistance of the circuit low in order to avoid the interruptions due to break in the circuit. Resistance should be less than an ohm for the circuit carrying less than an ampere of current.

Choose the right multimeter for you

Multi-Meter - Must Have Equipment For The Electrician
Multi-Meter – Must Have Equipment For The Electrician

Analog and digital are the two main types of multimeters which are put to use. These two types of multimeters work in the same way with the difference in their display. Analog type of multimeter has the needle to show the value on the screen while the digital multimeter has the digital display. These days, digital multimeter is in high demand because it is more precise and makes it easier for the users to read the readings. There are few more features of digital multimeter which help in improving its popularity as the testing equipment. Some of those features include:

  • Auto polarity feature enables the user to know if the current is flowing positive or negative. Thus, it is helpful in DC reading.
  • Sampling by digital multimeter allows the users to check the recent reading taken from the multimeter even if the device is not connected to the circuit.
  • Auto ranging feature is there to make it easier for the users to select the range of quantity that is required to be tested.
  • Digital panel is there to read the measurements conveniently. This digital panel has the LED light which enables the users to read the values in the dark as well.

It is worthy for the electricians to invest in the best branded and quality multimeter which is helpful in recording the values of voltage and current passing through the circuit.


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