Guide To Keep Your Gardening Tools In Top Condition
Guide To Keep Your Gardening Tools In Top Condition

Gardening is a matter of free will that everyone doesn’t maintain. Starting from rich to successful, all the people desire to have a garden in his house. Though, it depends on the availability of many different things such as space, proper tool, spare time, etc. In the present days, people are so busy that they can’t have a garden because of their time shortage. The proper and useful tools might make your work easy and time-saving. The following tools might really be helpful in fulfilling your desire. These are considered to be the basic-gardening tools for beginners.


Buying Guide: What to Look for in Pruning Shears
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To trim the small plants or medium trees in your garden you need a pruner. It includes pruning shears, loppers, hedge shears, chainsaws, pole pruner, etc. Among many, you have to choose the one that best fits your requirement. Some of these need electricity and some don’t. Based on the level of your plants or trees in your garden you need to buy the right product.

A pruning shear is a tool that looks like scissors and works like scissors. This is the most used tool by the gardeners as it is handy, and works best for cutting the small branches of a plant. To cut the branches which are a little away from your reach you can use a lopper. It has long handles that work as a lever. Hedge shear cuts many branches along with the leaves by its two large blades. A chainsaw is an automatic machine that cuts the medium or large branches easily. A best electric chainsaw makes your work very easy and comfortable. Pole pruner is a kind of chainsaw that has a long stick to cut the topmost branches of your tree. Read Pruner Buying Guide here. For bigger branches you can check best pole saw reviews.


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This is a tool with a long handle with a flat metal attached at the top. To make a hole, to clean the weed, or to dig the soil it works the best. There are plenty different shaped spades available in the market which are made for different kinds of users. For example, if you have to clean the weed you need a smaller spade that easily fits in your hand. To dig a small hole for planting a plant you can work easily with it. To shift a pile of soil to a different place you might depend on a big spade that picks a large amount of soil. It makes your work easy and time-saving compared to a small tool. To plow a small area you can use the medium sized spade. It has comparatively less weight and it’s easy to work with. To clean the weed from your garden there are spades that have comb-like teeth. Depending on the type of work you have to choose your spade. Read shovel buyer’s guide here.


Best gardening shovel
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SpadeThis tool is also like a spade that is used to plow the soil and dig a hole into it. A shovel is comparatively larger in size than a spade. They are designed to clean and plow your garden without taking much effort. We often see them to shift the snow from the house-front in cold areas. They are mostly used by the workers in constructions sites to dig holes or shift earth or stones. The manufacturers use a very strong metal in it so that they remain intact while working with stone-like materials. A shovel is comparatively stronger than a spade. Now you might think that why do you need such a strong tool. The answer is it will make your work easy if the soil in your garden is hard or if you have to deal with stone-like stuff. This tool is considered to be one of the very basic-gardening tools for beginners.Read shovel buyer’s guide here.


Clean The Tools After Every Use
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You can dig your soil or level the uneven parts of your garden with this. It is a small and handy tool that can be used by anyone of any age. You don’t have to be a muscular or very expert for using this. To clean the weed or label the earth in your garden it works the best. You can make a small hole in the ground or make a small drain around a plant to hold the water. This will make help the plant to consume the water slowly for a long time. Some of the trowels are flat, some are a little curved, and some have an uneven edge. You need to hold it by its comfortable handle and cast it on the ground. For mixing compost with the soil it might be of good help as it requires a careful handling.

5Garden Hose

Best expandable hose reviews and buying guide
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Two different types of hoses are available, garden hose and HP (High Power) hose. HP hose is used in high-pressure machines such as pressure washer as it can tolerate immense pressure. For use in the garden, you don’t need this, you can use the normal garden hose to spray water. This kind of hose is flexible and can easily be connected to your normal water tap. You can also attach a spray gun which will make your spray even and comfortable. Read garden hose buying guide here.

It is inevitable that you need to put water on your plants. You can do it in two ways, one, by taking water in a bucket and the other is using a water hose. The first method is tiresome and time-consuming and sometimes impossible also. But the latter method is the best that saves your time and energy both. Garden hoses are easily available in your nearby hardware stores or you can order them in an e-commerce site such as Amazon. Buy some good quality hose that is flexible and strong in order to avoid kink and stiffness.


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It’s a tool that has many teeth attached to one metal rod and has a long handle. The teeth are placed in the soil and pulled by its handle. This can be used to clean the weed, straw or any other wastage from your garden. It works beautifully to even the uneven soil which is very important to make a garden. It breaks down the tough pile of soil and mixes the fertilizer or compost perfectly with the soil. It is very important to be careful while using this tool. Its teeth are sharp and can cause harm to its users. Never allow the children to play with it for their safety. You will find different types and sizes of rakes in the market. Buy the one that fits your need the best. It will be wise not to buy a heavy rake as they are only for the muscular gardeners. You need to be strong to pull it on the ground.


Custom Leathercraft 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves, Shrink Resistant, Improved Dexterity, Tough, Stretchable, Excellent Grip
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We are definitely not talking about gloves that the goalkeeper puts on in a football team. These are a little different as they need to face much hard and contagious stuff. Mostly they are made of leather or fiber materials. Wearing gloves gives many benefits while working in your garden. You can have a good grip to hold the other tools which might slip out from your hand harm you. Working in a garden allows you to come in contact with many harmful materials and chemicals that are harmful to your skin. This can really be one of your basic gardening tools for beginners. Gloves protect your hands from those harmful chemicals. Mixing the soil and planting a tree becomes proper with this tool. If you are dealing with machines such as chainsaw or pole pruner you must wear proper gloves. This is considered to be an important personal protective equipment (PPE) that is recommended by most experts. Read glove buying guide here.


Rose Pruning Gloves

To work in a garden gets you involved in many difficult activities. Most of them are not only tiresome but also can be injurious to you. So it’s necessary to wear your proper personal protective equipment such as gloves, hat, boots, trousers, etc. Though, many tools will make your work easy but you need to shed your sweat and spend time in it. You need to have patience as the plants will take time to grow and the flowers will bloom at their appropriate time. Don’t work in the field on a scorching summer day; it will make you fall ill. Stay away from your garden in extreme winter as well. Consult some experts about how to protect your garden in extreme weathers. Learn the nature of the plants that you want to grow and also learn about your soil. You have to keep in mind that special types of plants need special types of soil and treatment.

We wish you to be an expert gardener. Most of us cannot afford our valuable time to fulfill our desires because we are too busy with our career, business, etc. We often become lazy also to make a garden in front of our house. Just think of having a garden at your home where you can spend your spare time. Your children will get a perfect place to play around and will be safe. It’ll also create a good impression on your friends, relatives, and your neighbors. Above we have discussed the basic-gardening tools for the beginners which are very important in gardening and will help you in fulfilling your dream of a garden.


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