How Scroll Saw Can Be Used for Home Projects
How Scroll Saw Can Be Used for Home Projects

Scroll Saw – A very helpful tool in the woodworking community. Many of the woodworkers and handymen came across this wonderful machine in their professional life but they have lots of questions in their mind before purchasing the same,like they have curiosity to know;

Why a Scroll Saw? What can be done with the Scroll Saw? What material can be cut with this Scroll Saw? What is the Scroll Saw used for?, etc. These types of questions come to the one’s mind, but don’t worry, leave it on us today because we are going to share with you the whole guide related to the Scroll Saw.

First off, it is very important to know which type of home projects you are going to work on. Because different saws are available for different purposes or projects. And you must understand what your project is.

So, lets first understand;

Why you need Scroll Saw?

How Scroll Saw Can Be Used for Home Projects
How Scroll Saw Can Be Used for Home Projects

If you are an amateur wood-worker or well-experienced handyman, then we must say that this small electric machine is a kind of panacea for you. It can easily do all of your handwork in a couple minutes, while also providing the efficient results that most woodworkers always look for. And the best of all, this machine saves lots of time.

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A scroll saw is nothing but a small electric machine or it can be pedal operated also, which helps the user to cut the intricate curves in the metal, wood, or any other material (depends on the capability of machine). When used properly, this machine works to perfection and the finesse of its blade allows the user to cut make a more delicate cut which cannot be possible when attempting to use a power jigsaw for example. This tool is very capable of creating curves with precision edges and overall it can be a huge help for basically any kind of woodworking home projects.

The scroll saw craft is very detail oriented and considered a very popular hobby for all woodworkers.

What are the materials that one can cut down with this scroll saw for home projects?

How Scroll Saw Can Be Used for Home Projects
How Scroll Saw Can Be Used for Home Projects

It is a common misunderstanding that most of the woodworkers believe the scroll saw is only capable of cutting down small wood pieces, but this is not true. There are number of materials that one can cut down for his home projects like, metals (for cutting these metal, your machine should have fine blades like Jewelers Blade, keep note that the ordinary scroll saw machine cannot cut down metals), plastics, Ivory, bone, cork, and Mother-of-Pearl, etc.

Now the important of all, What is a Scroll Saw Used for?

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There are number of woodworking jobs that can be done with the help of a Scroll Saw. Scroll saws are frequently used to cut unpredictable bends and joints, an undertaking that can be finished rapidly and with incredible precision. They can likewise be utilized to cut dovetail joints and are a typical apparatus for thicker intarsia projects. When a fine sharp edge is utilized, the kerf of a scroll saw is all but invisible.

The tool permits a significant measure of innovativeness and requires relatively little space. Most scroll saw projects require nothing more than the saw itself, lessening the investment in other expensive tools. A penetrate/drill is required for inside patterns, ideally, a drill press for finely point by point work.

Is it safe to use this machine? Yes, scroll saw blades are typically sheltered or protected. Typically, accidental contact between the sharp edge and the administrator’s fingers or appendages is probably not going to bring about serious damage or injury, because of the small cutting edge and moderately ease back speed as opposed to other mechanical saws, for example, a table saw.

Overall, this machine helps for thick cuts, creating dovetail joints, crafting intricate designs, cutting angles, and creating curves, etc. We must say that this is one of the most diverse woodworking tools and can be used to complete multiple projects.

There are a number of benefits that one will see while using a Scroll Saw, like;

  • This Machine has the capacity to cut exceptionally multifaceted examples with a little span bends and make same close and little sweep cuts inside the outline and around the borders.
  • It can likewise cut with sharp edges which are thin and little to string through a 1/32″ opening. As you saw with the edges the little and fragile fretwork might be made with smooth edges that require for all intents and purposes no sanding.
  • The Scroll saw offers a path into an unwinding and a compensating interest, with extra salary. A Scroll saw is financially savvy and easy to work.
  • Scroll saws additionally deliver little kerf which is vital when cutting the jigsaw astounds/puzzles and amid division and intarsia projects.
  • In spite of the fact that the Scroll saw has a cutting limit that is smaller than most, the saw has highlights like a variable speed engine with advanced controls, a remarkable capacity to turn edge so as to suit more work and tilting table.
  • You can get very fine and attractive pieces of work with high quality standard by using this small electric machine.
  • This machine is nearly vibration free, which enables its user or the operator to cut that much more effectively and precisely. The arm of the saw is particularly intended to keep the cutting sharp edge opposite into the working surface that maintains a strategic distance from under or over or cutting.

Apart from these benefits, various other excellent jobs can be done with the help of scroll saw, now let’s see what are they.

What can be done with the Scroll Saw?

What can be done with the Scroll Saw
What can be done with the Scroll Saw

One can do number of home projects like, Intarsia Project, Make Dovetail Joints, Wooden Portraits, Lettered Signs, Marquetry, etc. Let’s discuss some of these projects in brief for better understanding.

Intarsia – For those of you not acquainted with intarsia, it is the specialty of utilizing wood as your pallet to make a photo. The grain and shade of the wood are chosen and formed to add measurement to the work.

The scroll saw is considered best for Intarsia projects, as it enables the user to create designs from a pattern while using various different types of wood, like mosaic, etc.

You should follow these below steps in order successfully guide you with your Intarsia project;

  • Based on the grain pattern and the color, you need to choose your wood.
  • After choosing the wood, you need to trace your pattern onto it.
  • Now just cut the traced wood with the help of Scroll Saw into the individual pieces.
  • After cutting, just sand those pieces individually or in groups.
  • Now, put those pieces together, and you are all done with your project.

Dovetail Joints – These are made of trapezoidal formed bits of wood called tails and joints and are utilized as a part of cabinetry and home improvement projects.

How a Scroll Saw helps in making these Dovetail Joints?

How a Scroll Saw helps in making these Dovetail Joints
How a Scroll Saw helps in making these Dovetail Joints
  • Just Sketch the tails on your wood, and cut those tails using the Scroll Saw.
  • After cutting, you need to do pinning, and make sure that the pins are 3/4 inch long.
  • Now you need to trace the tails that you have created onto that base wood.
  • After that simple cut that base wood pins.
  • Glue the pins together and tail them.
  • Now try to trim your board and repeat the process of cutting the another set of pins and tails.

Similarly, one can easily make the wooden portrait, lettered signs, or the Marquetry with the help of this small electric machine.

We have covered almost all the necessary questions that one may inquire about the scroll saw. Now it is up to you and your skills, how well can you make use of these wonderful machine?

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If you are not experienced then you have to do a little practice before putting your hands on this machine. As the adage goes – careful discipline brings about promising results. This has never been more true than when working with the scroll saw. You should hone your skills and continue to practice and eventually you will gain a strong aptitude level and get comfortable with the way your scroll saw cuts material. When you do, anything is possible with the Scroll Saw. You will now be able to plan, design, and cut any wood pattern.


The Scroll saw is an extremely useful and accommodating instrument to have in your studio. It can be utilized as a sanding station, an apparatus for a beginner, an instrument for different home improvements, a device for different imaginative tasks, and a device for reaching into the smaller spots during your home renovation projects. Unquestionably, Scrolling is a standout amongst the most self-compensating hobbies out there.

If you believe that we left out any important points related to the scroll saw then please share it with us in the comment section. We would love to add that in our guide.


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