Best wind chimes reviews for beautiful 2018

What are wind chimes?

As Wikipedia  says, “Wind chimes are a type of percussion instrument constructed from suspended tubes, rods, bells or other objects that are often made of metal or wood. The tubes or rods are suspended along with some type of weight or surface which the tubes or rods can strike when they or another wind-catching surface are blown by the natural movement of air outside.”

Usually, people hung wind chimes outside of a building. Mainly as a visual and aural garden ornament. I like the music my wind chimes makes. It makes me feel comfortable and chill.

How are wind chimes made?

Usually, wind chimes are made from six different parts. As you can see in this photo at the top (1) there is an O-Ring and the hook which is connected to the suspension cord (2). Suspension cord (2) holds top circle (3). The circle holds tubes (4) and clappers (5) and also a sail (6). Sails job is to catch the wind and move clappers, and when clappers hit the tubes, tubes make the sound.

How Wind Chimes are built
How Wind Chimes are built

Wind chime types.

Wikipedia also says that wind chimes have a charming history. Many cultures also in ancient times used wind chimes to ward off evil spirits. In all over the world, even in Rome, Japan or India they were used for the same reason, to get rid of evil spirits. That’s actually very interesting because in those times, Rome did not know anything about Japan or Japan about Rome, but yet they had one beautiful ornament which they used for the same reason.

Wind chimes are made from few materials, and each of that material has own unique sound.

Wood – Wood chimes are the most popular, mostly made from bamboo because it creates different tunes which depend on tube density and other reasons. Bamboo tubes can make sound tunes like soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor, and bass. Users also like the sound when wooden tubes are clattering. Bamboo wind chimes are my favorite too because no wind chimes make as beautiful music bamboo ones.

Metal – Usually made from copper aluminum or steel. These wind chimes make sharp sounds, sometimes used to scare away unused guests, like mices or birds (if the wind is strong enough). Copper wind chimes will make softer sound compared to steel.

Ceramic – Ceramic wind chimes usually are used inside the house as a decor for example if you open the door then a handle hits the chime and it sounds. They look beautiful and are made in a thousand figurines. They usually have short, sharp sound and can be used as a warning that someone is opening a door.

Glass – If you like sharp, tinkling and high-pitched sound, then glass chime will be for you. They need to be treated very gently but will look amazing as a decor inside the house.

Other materials – In my town there is one lady who is making wind chimes from recyclable materials. Each one of them has utterly different sound and look beautiful. So it means that you can make DIY wind chimes. 🙂

One tube wind chime – There are some chimes (Koshi) which have only one tube, which is closed. They have a quite fast sound because there is less space for a tube to move so clapper moving time is reduced.

What to look for when buying wind chimes?

Is these wind chimes weatherproof?

A good quality wind chimes will last forever. Of course, as long as they will be appropriately treated and used how they were meant. Mostly this is the case about wooden chimes which needs to be varnished good (by the seller, not you). Some people varnish them after a couple of years, but there is a possibility that they will lose sound quality or sound different. That’s why copper wind chimes are really good because they don’t need to be varnished, they don’t rust, and they will last forever. But there is a significant con about copper wind chimes – they will never sound as good as wooden chimes, and this is the reason wooden wind chimes are the most popular.

Tube length

Longer tubes produce deeper and lower notes, also known as bass. Shorter tubes produce higher notes, more high pitch noise. If you like higher notes, look for chimes with shorter tubes, but if you like full sounding notes, with a bass then look for longer tubes.

Sail size

The bigger sail, the more wind-power it will need to move it. If you don’t want your wind chimes to make a sound in small winds, then get chimes with a bigger size. But if you wish to your chimes to sound even in the slightest winds, then look for a more smaller sail. But remember that good wind chimes are quite heavy and small sail will not make loud sounds also in slight winds.

A number of tubes

More tubes means that chimes will produce a more intricate tapestry of notes. I almost never look at the tube count because I like to hear them before I buy them and I want fewer but richer sounds than many but like kling-kling-tink-tank. That means I like less tube wind chimes.

P.s – When you are looking at the size of wind chimes, remember that sellers are providing size. This size means that they measured wind chime from O-Ring to the bottom.

1. Music of the Spheres Pentatonic Mezzo 40 Inch Wind Chime

My wife, she unquestionably loves these wind chimes. She was fascinated with the sound and the fact that it was perfectly tuned. She says that it sings to her when there is a slight breeze in the evening. That endorsement comes from a retired university music faculty member. Excellent sound and quality. Perfectly for humid weather.

The tones on the chimes are as advertised. I even tried to put a frequency counter on them and I was surprised – they were perfectly on pitch. Something a musician, as my wife, would notice.

The best thing is that they came completely assembled. So I did not have to waste time assembling them. An excellent wind-powered musical instrument!

I bought one of these wind chimes to my friend too (he is a musician) and he says – I am a musician and don’t like cheap sounding wind chimes. Music of the Spheres Pentatonic Mezzo is so beautiful. Before I hung it, I was worried about being too loud for our neighbors, but I think it’s just fine (or they like them too). I’m hearing a lower sound than the average chime. You can listen to these wind chimes here  –

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2. Woodstock Chimes Magical Mystery, Space Odyssey

If you are looking for the best wind chime for home or garden, this chime is for you.

This chime has met all my expectations. It’s large, and I was worried that because to its size I would never have enough wind to get it to chime. I was wrong because it actually moves more than the other, lighter ones, I also have. And the sound is excellent. Every movement creates a peaceful, clear sound that resonates into an awesome ‘ooommm’ after-sound that seems to last endlessly. Exactly sounds you can hear in Tibet. These chimes keep me more peaceful and balanced.

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3. Woodstock Chimes Signature Bells of Paradise Pacific Blue

So wonderful sound and look. These, and the larger version of chimes are apparently the best wind Chimes that Woodstock makes. They are even better than the Space Odyssey, which is the more expensive model. The best thing about this chime is the long resonance that these putout. They sound perfectly mixed with a high sweet chime like the Large Emperor Harp Chime, which also has a deep resonance.
The sounds are so relaxing that you want to spend the day listening to them. The tones are excellent. Incredibly endorse them and I’m sure you will love them.

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4. Woodstock Amazing Grace Chime, Medium

Even the cheapest Chimes from Woodstock sound excellent with the highest quality you can even image. My friend had Woodstock chime and it broke last week. He bought it in 2005. May. 11 years of beautiful sound and quality. BUT, he called the Woodstock company, told his sad thing and they sent needed pieces for repair for free!!.

This chime not only sounds beautiful but is crafted from very well made materials. Rain resistant and rust proof. Even birds love the sound. I’m listening to this chime when I’m sad, and it’s making me happier and less worried. I don’t know how they are making these sounds, and I don’t care actually. I think everybody needs to listen to these.

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5. Woodstock Bells of Paradise Wind Chime

These are my favorite. The sound this chime is making I have not heard it anymore. It has a lower pitch than other and tends to be more peaceful and blends into the nature much better. What I meant by that is sound is neutral. It does not distract you from work or other concentration. In summer, my country is very windy and many chimes I have had broke in one year. This is the 4th year, and they look and sound like a brand new.

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I have added a video how all best Wind chimes sounds. Listen to them and choose wisely. But all I can say – Woodstock does not make bad chimes. The higher price, the higher quality sound you will get.

Or you can do like this – buy one chime for 11$ (random from amazon) and buy one from Woodstock. Then listen to them. Both at the same time. You will be surprised how bad cheap ones sound.


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