Best pressure washer
Best pressure washer

The Best pressure washers of 2018

There are so many pressure washers on the market, but what to choose and how to choose? I will try to explain everything you need to know!

I think a lot of people underestimate pressure washers. You can do a lot with it, and you can do with the highest quality! Especially car owners. How much money do you spend on cleaning your car in Car Washing? I think you can earn back pressure washer in a year! And with a pressure washer, you can wash everything, and you can even take off the paint! If you are a countryside people, then with a pressure washer washing your tractor will be a dream.

Best pressure washers
Best pressure washers

If you own a house or small garden or just a garden, then this is a must-have thing in your garden. You know that every place eventually gets dirty with mud, dust, and other things. Cleaning with a hand can be exhausting and time taking, but with a pressure washer, it will take day maximum!

A pressure washer is a very simple device. It takes small space but gives such a relief to a lot of jobs. Mostly pressure washer has a plastic outside. If you are afraid how durable it is – if you don’t drop it from the 2nd floor, it will last forever. Even the cheapest one. It is easy to carry it around even if you are using it in a small apartment. The big wheels are a big helper to carry it around.

[amazonjs asin=”B01BMETENG” locale=”US” title=”Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer, 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM”]

The best pressure washer will work even in a vertical or horizontal side. If you are using hot water, you can get it right from the pressure washer – thanks to a built-in heating element. Other and the most important thing in a pressure washer is electromotor. From the engine depends how long can you wash without a break and how much water you can get out of the hose. For example, professional washers can be used for hours, bet budget washers only 5-10 minutes without a break.

To prevent overheating, pressure washers have built-in ventilators. Without ventilators, you will have a dead engine after one month.

How does pressure washer work?

1.Soap (any other cleaning liquid) flows in from a bottle or container through a hose in the washer.

2. Cold or warm water flows in from a faucet (tap water) through another hose and is going

how pressure washer works
how pressure washer works

through a one or more filters. You can use your existing hose and if you don’t have one – check this article how to choose the best hose.

3. A pressure washer is powered mostly by an electric motor and bigger ones with a diesel engine.

4. A water pump, powered by a diesel engine or electric motor, mixes soap and water together. Some of the washers also are heating water to a temperature of 48-69C (120-154F)

5. The pump flows out soapy and hot water through a high-pressure resistant hose and allows you to wash anything within seconds. The narrow nozzle which you can attach to the end of the hose allows you to increase the water pressure even more and now you can take off even a paint from the cars. And one more good thing about higher pressure – it uses less water and cleans 80% cleaner than with less pressure.

Things to know before choosing a pressure washer

Choose the pressure washer part material carefully.


Plastic – very suitable material, but it tends to age with time and is not resistant to abrasion. Poor tolerate low temperatures or high amplitude of temperatures.

Composite – very fragile and vulnerable to kicks.

Silumin – aluminum-silicon alloy, cheap to manufacture, but it is fragile.

Brass – resistant to oxidation. Harder, but also much stronger than silumin.

Piston material

Pistons can be of any material – including plastic or non-ferrous metal. The best option is a cermet, but also steel pistons are not bad. I do not suggest plastic.

2.  Choose the right pressure which is created by the pump. If you want to wash only your car or bicycle, then maximums pressure of 130-140 bar is considered as OK.  But when you are checking the pressure, you need to understand that it works with a lower pressure than stated because it is believed that that increases the life of the pump.

3. Check how much power are using the motor. For example, if you choose that your wanted pressure is 160bar, then you are OK with engine capacity of 2,7KW (2,700 watts) and not less. The more pressure, the higher engine power you need. And also – check your house power line, too many watts will blow off your fuses, so check everything before plunging in a pressure washer.

4. Function when the pressure washer automatically turns off when you stop working is must-have! It saves the engine and your water and electricity bills!

5. If you want to wash your car, the water purification filter is also must-have. It prevents abrasive particles and sand to get into the water. If you don’t have a built-in filter, you can buy one separately and install it to inlet connection. Why is this must have? If you want to wash your car with a pressure 160bar, sand or other particles will hit your car paint too hard, and it will start to rust.

Why should you consider buying a gas powered pressure washer and not electric pressure washer?

1. The gas powered washer has more power. Some washers can have more than 4000PSI and still can be available for casual people not only for commercial use.

2. Mostly you will pay more for gas power than for an electric one. Cheapest gas pressure washer still will be more than 150$, and you will need to buy detergents, oil, gas and take care of the engine.

3. You can use it even without electricity. That means you can go everywhere where is the water. Without any extension cord.

4. I suggest this for people who have garden or space without electricity.

Cons about gas pressure washers

1. Will take you more money than the electric washer.

2. Is much louder compared to an electric washer.

3. Cost more than an electric one.

4. Will need frequent maintenance.

5. No gas – no washing.

6. Heavier than the electric washer.

Best pressure washers of 2018

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000
Sun Joe SPX3000
[amazonjs asin=”B00CPGMUXW” locale=”US” title=”Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer”]

If you are looking for a pressure washer which is strong enough to clean your car, pavement and other small things, then Sun Joe SPX3000 is perfect for it. It has 2030PSI pressure and as you read above – it is more than enough. It is very lightweight and easy to carry it around.

Why would I choose Sun Joe SPX3000?

This pressure washer has a 14.5AMP motor which has a power of 1800 watts. Many other washers with a power like this are heavy, bulky and not durable, but after almost a five months of using, I can say that this is one hell of a washer. It’s durable, lightweight and the support of the company are perfect. Why would you need a support? Because this pressure washer has one con – a valve, where you plug in your hose, is made of plastic and it starts to leak water pretty fast. But the company is sending a replacement for free! You can ask for a replacement immediately even you have not received a washer yet.

This pressure washer has two detergent tanks. It means that you can clean with two different cleaners. Tanks are easy to remove and easy to clean them. The best thing is that you can switch to the cleaners without stopping to wash!

With a 35f power cord and 20f spray hose, you get totally of 55f length. It means you can get very far from a power cord.

This pressure washer has everything you need, even five quick spray nozzles and 34inch spray wand. And if anything brakes – you can use your 2-year warranty.

!As I said at the beginning of the article, you need to check your house electricity if you can run a pressure washer. Why I’m saying this? Because this pressure washer uses ~ 60 amps. It means that a lot of houses can’t run this pressure washer. If your electrician is saying that you can’t run, then choose gas powered pressure washer.!

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The Force 2000 – 1.6 GPM 2000 PSI


[amazonjs asin=”B00NVLL3WO” locale=”US” title=”THE FORCE 2000 – POWERHOUSE INTERNATIONAL – 1.6 GPM 2000 PSI (3000 PSI – “IPB”) Electric Pressure Washer with Spinning Patio Cleaner, Integrated Hose Reel with 20 Foot Hose, 2 Different Nozzles, Soap/Foam Dispenser and TSS Gun”]

There are only a few electric pressure washers who provides 3000PSI (Initial Power Boost) and 2000PSI in standard mode, and The FORCE 2000 is one of them. Usually, if you want more than 2700PSI, then you need to choose gas powered pressure washers, but this time – not.

I would choose this pressure washer if you really need 3000PSI. With a pressure that high, you can even take off the paint from the wall and get cement out of the pavement. So -be careful and turn on 3000PSI only when needed. Although of the high PSI it, is very water efficient – it uses only 1.6 gallons of water per minute.

Another big plus and not the last one is that this pressure washer has the best cable management ever. This washer has integrated quick connect hose reel on which you can wrap up your existing hose. This washer has 35 feet built in power cord which in most cases are good, but you can use extension cords in any time.

The thing I liked the most – this washer has a spinning cleaner in the box. It’s the thing which pushes out water in very high pressure and rotates. It’s so powerful that you can even peel your skin off if you touch it. In the packaging box, you will also have an adjustable nozzle – it adjusts the spray from very thin to a wide fan.

The FORCE 2000 is the best choice who are thinking about nature but still needs high pressure, which can offer only gas-powered washers. I contacted one guy who has this washer and asked him to try it. It really IS powerful. Every grain, every paint, every dirt is no problem for this washer. I was even able to take off the old paint of the house.

AR Blue Clean AR383SS 1,900 PSI

AR Blue Clean AR383SS
AR Blue Clean AR383SS
[amazonjs asin=”B00N6XBEGC” locale=”US” title=”AR Blue Clean AR383SS 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer, 4 Nozzles, Spray Gun, Wand, Detergent Tank, 30′ Hose”]

If you need a pressure washer, but all you think about is a brand, but you don’t have that much money for a brand washer, then AR Blue Clean AR383SS is right for you. It offers everything you need except the brand.

AR Blue Clean AR383SS offers 1900PSI pressure. This washer is meant to use only with cold water. It means that you can use it right from the faucet in the garden.

When storing this pressure washer, you don’t need to worry about the hose – this washer has a built-in hose reel. It also has a power cord storing area and place to store all your accessories. It means that everything together will take much less space. Together with all parts, you will get a one-year warranty.

With this pressure washer, you can also wash a car because it has a detergent place. Turn on a low-pressure detergent nozzle and clean everything you need!

Powerstroke PS80544B 3000 PSI 2.5 GPM Pressure Washer

Powerstroke PS80544B
Powerstroke PS80544B
[amazonjs asin=”B00MS8DKIQ” locale=”US” title=”Powerstroke PS80544B 3000 PSI 2.5 GPM Pressure Washer”]

Powerstroke PS80544B contains 212cc OHV engine which is very good quality and quite powerful. You can choose between Honda, Briggs and Stratton and Subaru engine.

This washer comes with 4 pro spray nozzles. With them, you can do almost any washing process. It also comes with 1-gallon detergent tank.

Powerstroke PS80544B contains 12″ wheels which are flat-proof and are perfect for hard terrain.

What’s good in this pressure washer?

1. Pressure, combined with very high temperatures and big detergent tank, offers you a perfect cleaning efficiency. You can wash for hours. With the hot water and high pressure, you can get off the most dried dirt.

2. The materials from which this pressure washer are built are very durable and will last for decades. The heating coils are made of heavy duty, so there will be no problems with the cleaning.

3. If you love nature and you don’t like to use chemicals, then this is right for you. With this gas pressure washer, you can remove almost all stains on the hard surface. But if you ever have a problem with stains, you can use eco-friendly chemicals.

4. It’s lightweight. The machine weighs ~59lbs. But together with 12″ wheels, it’s no problem to move with it and store it.

This is excellent pressure washer. If you think that price is too high – yes it is. But I believe that it’s because of the high-quality materials and a good engine. Worth it!

Briggs & Stratton 20656

Briggs & Stratton 20656
Briggs & Stratton 20656
[amazonjs asin=”B01A6I1WR0″ locale=”US” title=”Briggs & Stratton 20656 Gas Pressure Washer 3000 PSI 2.7 GPM 190cc OHV with ReadyStart System – CARB Compliant”]

As you might know, gas engines are well known for not starting very easily. But after 5 months of using this pressure washer, not a single time it took me more than 3 times to start it. Even in 20F  degrees.  And it comes with oil, so all you need to start washing – gas.

It’s perfect to wash everything you need and even more, but if you want to clean pavement, then you will need to invest in SCA (Surface Cleaner Attachment).

I had some problems with stability, but I think that’s because my garden is very uneven and this washer is not meant for that purpose. It has a very large detergent reservoir and 4 nozzles and nice length of hose. Thanks to the large wheels it was a dream to move it, not a single problem.

Caution! Never use on skin or animals. The water pressure is too high and you can peel off skin with the water!

Karcher G 2700 PSI 2.5 GPM

Karcher G 2700 PSI 2.5 GPM
Karcher G 2700 PSI 2.5 GPM
[amazonjs asin=”B01BMB3SNQ” locale=”US” title=”Karcher G 2700 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Power Pressure Washer, Performance Series”]

Karcher G 2700 – my favorite gas pressure washer. It’s driven by a 196cc , 4 cycle Karcher engine. And this is good because you do not need to mix the oil with the gas. The gas tank is 0.26 gallons and is enough for hours of washing.

I think this is the best pressure washer you will ever need. It offers 2700PSI/2.5GPM, and it’s enough for most of the jobs. In the package you will get the washer, five quick connect nozzles. One nozzle allows spraying from 0 to 64 degrees wide. The red nozzle is for 0-degree spraying and is most powerful. Also, you will get a detergent tank. Karcher, as well known brand offers you to buy several different nozzles, brush kits, and other accessories.
It’s lightweight – 49lbs only! And it does not take much space also. One thing for you to know – if the pressure washer has less than 3000PSI then it will come with an axial cam water pump. It means that pressure washer will have longer life and repair cost lower.

Karcher gives you a 3-year warranty for the engine and a 2-year for the pump. Of course, this product is not perfect.

Cons of this pressure washer

1. There is no adjustable pressure regulator.

2. This is not for tough jobs. You can’t take paint off with it.

3. The hose is not so flexible.


1. It starts with the maximum second pull. Every time. Indeed – every time.

2. The build quality is very high, and it’s very well built.

There are many cons, but for this price, this is a long-term pressure washer. It will last for years and will do your job very well. And support from the Karcher is perfect.



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