Best Garden Multi-Tools
Best Garden Multi-Tools

Living in a house with a courtyard, I really enjoy getting my friends together at our traditional Sunday’s barbeque parties. While we are fooling each other with beers and barbeque like teenagers, our kids are having the time of their lives playing games in the most forgotten parts of the yard.

Now you wonder how can I be so calm when kids are running around in potentially messy and uncut parts of my courtyard? Because I’m confident that every single square inch of my courtyard is perfectly tidy and trimmed.

You may think now that I spent a fortune on trimmer, edger, leaf blower and other gardening tools and equipment. Or that my shed is as large as an average apartment for a whole family. Or that I’m an obsessively neat control freak. None of these is true. With today’s garden multi-tools, nobody has an excuse not to keep lawns and courtyards perfectly landscaped.

Why should you buy a Garden Multi-Tools?

Garden multi-tools save you money and space since you get several tools in one. They save you time and energy – instead of moving back and forth to your garden shed, while eggs can be fried on the heat, you assemble one tool and take it to your garden. They are portable, so you can land them and be a good neighbor.

They also keep your maintenance costs low, while you act environmentally conscious and keep the nature clean. The multi-tool runs only one engine, which means that you save money for fuel and maintenance of, for example, 3 or 4 garden tools and their motors.

Things to Consider When Buying a Garden Multi-Tool

Best Garden Multi-Tools
Best Garden Multi-Tools

If you’re persuaded to buy a garden multi-tool, there are certain things that you need to consider.

Power source

You can choose between electric and petrol-powered multi-tools. Petrol powered tools are currently more popular but raising the environmental consciousness in the world gives more importance to the electrical ones. Petrol models are more portable, and their output is really powerful, while electric models are cheaper.

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Essential Tools:

We all have different styles of gardening and different requirements and expectations for our equipment. The ideal way to get exactly what you need is to buy the engine and the assorted tools separately. In that way, you get what you really need, while you save some money. I see that manufacturers turn more and more toward this business model. However, you have to be cautious since this is applicable mostly to electric powered tools, while petrol models come with all tools assorted.


Unless you see gardening as a gym replacement, you want to select a multi-tool which is not too heavy since you don’t want to be exhausted too quickly. This is obviously very individual judgment since the tool that is heavy for me might be light for you. It depends on your body weight, height, form etc. There are tools on the market that are made of lighter materials, such as aluminum. They are more expensive though, but they are more portable. So, if the portability matters to you, then it’s better to spend more dollars on a lighter tool. Generally, petrol sourced tools are heavier, so have it mind when deciding about your garden multi-tool.

Quality of tools:

The higher quality of materials from which tools are made, the better. You will pay more money for buying them, but it will pay off quickly. Better quality tools last longer, their maintenance is cheaper, and it is easier to work with them.


Depending on the height of the trees in your garden, you may need a longer extension pole. This is particularly true in the areas of overgrowth and in tree pruning. If you have a normal garden – you don’t need a longer pole, since the longer the pole, the harder to maneuver.

Safety, safety, safety:

It goes without saying that safety should be your primary concern. My advice to ensure safety is to make sure that your multi-tool has right fits for assorted tools. The embedded locking mechanisms prevent these tools from being propelled, saving you from injuries.

When talking about safety, I highly recommend wearing protective gloves and face protection masks when gardening and landscaping. It’s always better protecting than curing.

Our Selection of Best Garden Multi-Tools

Hyundai HYMT 5200 52cc Petrol Garden Multi-Tool

This is one of the most versatile and complete multi-tools currently on the market. You get 5 tools with it – hedge trimmer, chainsaw, brush cutter, grass trimmer and extension shaft.

Tools are easy to assemble, and the attachments are easy to switch.

Although powered by petrol, Hyundai thought about the environment, while keeping its strength. It’s powered by a powerful high torque 52cc engine, which is easy to start, and which produces lower emissions.

The only downside that I noticed is that it can get quite noisy. When you start it up, you easily figure out why you got the ear defenders with the tool. So, put the ear defenders, attack your garden and hope that your neighbors are nice and tolerant people.

Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool

Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool
Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool

Another petrol powered multi-tool, with all the benefits it offers. It has a 25cc engine which is easy to start. It’s very easy to use and it’s ideal for those big, bulky and lengthy gardens’ cutting and clearing jobs that would normally require a healthy array of tools.

It comes with 5 tools: hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, brush cutter, pruner and 1-meter extension. It’s not perfect though. Weighing 6.4kg, it might be a bit heavy for a longer use. It’s worth having it in mind before you decide to purchase it.

BU-KO 52cc Petrol Garden Multi-Tool

 BU-KO 2018 52cc

BU-KO 2018 52cc

What distinguishes this petrol multi-tools from the others is its long reach – its extension pole extends to 3.4m.

It’s a high performing 52cc engine power multi-tool, which contains the following tools: strimmer, hedge trimmer, pruner chainsaw, brush cutter with 2.4mm thick trimmer line and extension pole.

Similarly to the previous model, it can be pretty heavy, particularly if you plan to use the extension pole.

eSkde 4 Electric Multi-Tool

eSkde 4 in 1 Electric Multi Tool Brush Cutter Strimmer
eSkde 4 in 1 Electric Multi Tool Brush Cutter Strimmer

Considered one of the best electric multi-tools, it’s easy to assemble and switch the attachments. It contains a chainsaw, hedge trimmer, strimmer and brush cutter.

For those who care about design, it’s very minimalist and good looking. It’s much more affordable than any petrol sourced multi-tools, but its performance is very comparable.

Its 900X engine enables you a quick start – just plug it in and it’s ready. It comes with 10m long power cable, so if you have a bigger courtyard, prepare a cable extension.

On the downsides, you should have in mind that this is still an electric powered multi-tool, which implies that it is less strong than any of the above petrol models.

Bosch AMW 10HS Electric Multi-Tool

 Bosch AMW 10 HS Multi-Tool with Pole Hedge Cutter Attachment

Bosch AMW 10 HS Multi-Tool with Pole Hedge Cutter Attachment

Another electric multi-tool which give you the option of choosing your own tools. It comes with a hedge cutter, but you can separately order a pole pruner and a trimmer.

It’s a powerful machine with a 1000W engine. It’s quiet, lightweight and convenient, particularly with the 180-degree angle adjustment, which makes an overhead trimming much easier.

Again, be cautious that this is an electric powered machine, so if you plan to cut a tree, this might not be the right machine for you.

To Sum Up

Besides the models above, there is a plenty of garden multi-tools available on the market. You can easily be lost if you lose your needs from your focus. Therefore, never forget that a multi-tool has to have the functionalities that match the needs of your garden. This will save you time and money.

Once you get your multi-tool, do not forget that it needs you to start it up. It will not do it itself. So, take your garden multi-tool in your hands and make your garden a perfect spot for your perfect summer.


  1. Thank you for all your research and time invested in this article. This was super helpful in picking out my next garden multi tools. Very comprehensive testing and review!


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