The scholarship program

The ForGardening Scholarship program is writing about latest gardening news, also wiring about latest gardening products as well about gardening tips. Mainly we write about everything that includes gardening.

Our goal is to provide our readers, who are a couple of thousands, good and high-quality content and great product reviews. We don’t mind about helping with information and sharing with it.

As you understand, we are opening our first ForGardening scholarship program for people like us, who think like us and who loves gardening like we do.

Forgardening scholarship
Forgardening scholarship

Our scholarship program is available to all students. You can be a different program student but if gardening is your passion, then you are in the right place. You don’t need to be an expert, and you don’t need to be a gardener for years to apply. Everyone who is willing can do some research and write an excellent essay, and who knows – maybe win the award. Not bad, huh?

So, if after reading this you think that you can do it, do it. It’s easy and fun, plus more knowledge for you.

How can I qualify for ForGardening scholarship program?

We are welcoming students from all over the world, from every college and universities. If you are 18+ and are learning in school, you fit! P.s – remember, if you are under 18 years, you still can apply but we need permission from your parents or legal guardians to join our scholarship.

What we want from you?

If you can write an essay which is – at least 1000 – 2000 words long and is about gardening, then you are good for us! You can write about best gardening tools or about gardening news (remember, we do not accept casual news from other blogs), and if you like, you can write about tips and DIY things.

Of course – that would be great if you could contact us before starting to write – we can help you on deciding a topic which suits you the best.

Remember: Research is gold. We do not like stolen or false information, we are giving to our readers only top-notch articles.

Some example articles –

Are you ready to submit?

Once you have finished your story, send it to on/or before August 27, 2017.

Our team will pick the scholarship winner by September 3, 2017. If you are lucky, a check or bank deposit of $1000 will be sent to your university or college by September 5, 2017.

Another thing to remember, when you are sending us your essay, remember to include:

  • Your full name:
  • Your complete address
  • Your phone number
  • Name of your college/university
  • Any proof that you are a student.

That’s not all.!

TOP 4 essay writers will have a chance to be one of our paid writers here. You write high-quality articles and we pay you legal money with all taxes.

Terms and Conditions:

  • ForGardening has all rights to edit and publish any of the received stories.
  • We are not charging any fees from any student who applies to our program. It’s completely free.
  • We will not charge or ask for any fees from any student who applies to our program.
  • Stories, who are not 100% accomplished by the students will be declined. We are checking about copy/paste thing. If there will be any copied part without source or over 20 words, we will decline your essay.

Remember: Essay language – English!

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