7 Most Expensive Mailboxes

Imagine you have an infinite amount of money and you can buy whatever the hell you want. After you have purchased almost everything, you come to a conclusion that your house is missing a mailbox. Of course, if you have infinite money you will not buy a cheap mailbox for 50 bucks but you will go for the most expensive mailbox, right? So here is the list. This list does not include mailboxes with several pockets (for more than one house). In this list, there will be only a single house mailbox.

1. Salsbury Industries 3406S-01GRY 4C Pedestal Mailbox

Salsbury Industries 3406S-01GRY 4C Pedestal Mailbox, Gray

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If somebody is talking about the most durable mailbox, then undoubtedly he is talking about Salisbury. Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and stainless steel. U.S.P.S. accepted and equipped with heavy-duty cam lock with a dust/rain shield and 3 keys although this mailbox cannot be used for mail distribution because all boxes are lockable. A 5-year warranty will cover any damage or defects. As a big big plus, a matching pedestal is included.

Now Some Information:

  • Unit Dimension: 17.5″ W x 51.625″ H x 19″ D
  • Pedestal Dimension: 12″ W x 26″ H x 12″ D
  • Total Compartments and dimensions: 1-MB4 (13.125″ W X 13.75″H)
  • Parcel Locker and dimension: None
  • Outgoing Mailbox: Yes

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