10 best indoor plants to de-stress and purify the air in your home or office
10 best indoor plants to de-stress and purify the air in your home or office

A Little Green Goes a Long Way: Plants to de-stress Your Office

When it comes to making an office space your own, there are lots of little touches that can help: photos on a desk surface, interesting prints on a bulletin board. But there’s one addition that can benefit your work space and your health: office plants.

Office plants have a number of hidden benefits. They’re great to give definition to an office space—and they reduce stress. They add color—and remove air pollutants. But not every plant works well in an office environment. Think about the amount of sunlight that you get and the care you’ll be able to give. Your plant should also have a respectful growing pattern for the space you have; a super fast, super aggressive grower probably isn’t a good fit. Luckily, many plants don’t require much care, water, or light, making them a good fit for cubicles or other enclosed spaces.

A lot of researches has been made to see if plants have any impact on humans health and state of mind and I will write about them. I will also list plants which are suitable for each situation. I will try to cover everything you should know about house plants and their impact on health and mind.

Day by day we are starting to spend our days deeper and deeper into the city life and miles away from forest, fields, and nature. It’s not only bad for our health but also for our mind, soul, and lifestyle. Most of us, casual people, think that living without anything green around us is nothing bad, it’s just a plant, but I can truly say that even smallest plant in your house or working space can change your thinking, health, and state of mind. Living in a modern and energy efficient building can have unintended side effects. Less air flow is one of the side effects. And if there is a lack of air flow it’s highly possible for air pollution to build up and it can cause asthma or sick building syndrome. Years ago everything was made with fewer chemicals, but in this century even your carpet have more chemicals than expected. And these furnishings can make almost 90 percent of indoor air pollution. That’s the reason why house plants are so necessary.

Plants have a very great feature to make you feel calm and relaxed, and also they are great air purifiers. Plants have a tremendous impact to our subconscious. That’s the reason why I decided to talk about plants for de-stress and air purify. Research shows that plants have psychological benefits. Plants can reduce fatigue, boost mood levels, improve your reaction time, lower stress and increase pain tolerance. Also, they look good and make boring interior better!

Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, you might want to pot a plant, instead!

10 best indoor plants to de-stress and purify the air in your home or office

Plants and trees are the best gifts to all living things by nature. Houseplants are useful in many ways to de-stress and purify the air in your home and surroundings. If you spend your time with nature that will reduce the stress and tension, Dutch researcher team found that patients in hospitals with indoor plants having less stress than the patients without them.

Houseplants are giving more medical benefits in de-stress and purifying the air in the home. Let us see top 10 best plants which are cleaning air in homes and offices.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

is the best house and office plant because it’s de-stressing and purifying the air in the home like no other plant does. This houseplant is not only used for cure skin burns, pimple, and other skin diseases but also helps to detect air pollution in the room and purifies it. The gel in Aloe Vera is used for different medical purposes; if you use the Aloe Vera at the home or office you can monitor your air. If on the Aloe Vera leaves are brown dots it indicates that air in your room is polluted or having too much harmful chemicals in the air. By the way –  Aloe Vera prefers to grow in direct sunlight!

English Ivy

English Ivy

is number one in the list of best air-filtering houseplant which was discovered by NASA. It also helps the humans in absorbing formaldehyde. In most of the houses it is used as hanging or floor plant and it grows in medium sunlight and moderate temperatures.

Rubber Trees

grows in less sunlight, it is one of the best house plants to clean the air and de-stress you in your busy life. It grows fast in dim lighting and cooler climates, and it needs low maintenance.

Peace Lily 

It reduces the pollutions and toxins in the air and also requires low maintenance and grows well in cooler temperature and shades.

Snake Plant

consumes less water and light to grow, it is the best house plant which absorbs carbon dioxide and gives oxygen in night time ( a specialty of this plant). So, you can place this plant in the corner of your home, or you can place this houseplant in the bedroom for the peaceful and pollution free sleep.

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm

is also listed in best air-filtering houseplant by NASA but it is a well-watered plant and also needs indirect sunlight and shade.


is a popular houseplant available in different varieties like finger-like leaves, heart shaped leaves and other types of leaves. It is similar to English ivy in maintenance, it absorbs formaldehydeand and it likes indirect sunlight and moderate water.

Spider Plant

is one of the best house plants which are also listed in NASA’s best air-filtering houseplant. It absorbs air pollutants like carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene, these plants needs shade and moderate amount of water.

Red-Edged Dracaena

Red-Edged Dracaena

It grows to ceiling height which is up to 15 feet and looks beautiful. It absorbs xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, it likes moderate amount of water and little sunlight.


Golden Pothos

is also listed in NASA’s list which absorbs formaldehyde and purifies the air. You can place this house plant in kitchen or living room or as a hanging plant and it needs plenty of water, low level of sunlight and cool temperatures.

Thus you can de-stress and purify the air in your house by using these varieties of houseplants which is suitable for you. Houseplants provide the best way to avoid stress and polluted air in your house and make you feel fresh every day, and it brings more positive feeling. Another way to purify the air in the house is to grow shrubs.

Shrubs help the humans to make their surroundings more beautiful and polluting free by planting varieties of shrubs around their house.

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