The next level of ForGardening
The next level of ForGardening


I’m Elvis, founder, and CEO of As my blog is growing bigger and bigger, I wanted to tell my story and what’s behind ForGardening.

A little bit about myself.

I was born and lived all my childhood in the countryside. Like a REAL countryside, the closest city was miles away, and wherever you look, you could see only forests. Uhh, and I’m from Latvia by the way. I’m not from America. As you can check on the map, then Latvia looks like a small countryside city. It’s almost true. There are forests, swamps rivers, lakes and beautiful cities.

When I was five years old (I’m 24 right now), my dad introduced me to computers. I immediately understood them. I knew what to do and how to do almost anything with them. Till I was 21 years old I knew that computers would be the thing I will make my living from. I went to the college, got IT degree, went to the first IT job, then changed it, then changed it again and then again. Why? Because I was not able to work more than six months in one place. I felt that job is eating me from inside. Then I understood. IT is not the thing I should do. All my life I have been dreaming about traveling and owning a house in a countryside with beautiful garden, fully equipped garage and remarkable country life. So the hell I was doing in the 9-5 job in the center of capital city Riga, doing a job I don’t like and never will! So I quit.

Then I and my girlfriend went to travel. Half a year we lived abroad and traveled around Spain and Malta. Here you can check the photos how it went for us.

Then I thought, maybe I should try Internet Marketing. I know something about it, I have fantastic IT and Internet skills and my knowledge would be in use in a significant way. So I did it. I made my first site (not this). Wrote a lot and tried everything. Then Google banned me. Why? Because I did not how to do marketing properly, I copied some content, etc. Then I thought – ok, let’s do it again, but this time do it for real, with the whole heart. So I did. I planned everything and put an enormous amount of time inside ForGardening and I launched it.

Birth of ForGardening

I started ForGardening in June 2016. I still was a beginner in Internet Marketing, and I found out that gardening niche is quite exciting and not so difficult for SEO (I was totally wrong). I wrote ~20 articles, mainly to rank at Google to get money and I liked it. I liked to write about gardening, but I did not feel good. Why? Because I use Google ~100 timer per day at least. I’m searching, researching and collecting information. And it’s so sad that 80% of first page sites have information that is only meant to earn money from readers. They are not thinking about user. They are telling users to buy this item even that item is the worst ever made. It’s false advertising. They have never even seen that item in real life, and they are writing a review about it.

I did it too (still do, sorry, but I need to get to the top), but I put huge effort to research about that topic. So what I wanted to say – this is the end of fake reviews and fake things in ForGardening. I will do it for real. I want to make ForGardening a brand, and I want to provide genuine reviews and buying guides. I will also buy a house, I hope in the next year and I have an idea to lift gardening to the next level with real videos from my own garden.

So in the few words – fuck SEO, gardening for life. We must stand together for real information because gardening is a passion, right?

When will that happen?

Right now it’s winter, and I do not earn anything in the winter, so I can’t order items to review them. But I have a plan for Spring. From the beginning of spring, I will have real video reviews, text reviews, and actual photos. I will also provide buying guides researched awesomely.

And here is the boom!

I’m also launching ForGardening branded shop. That’s all what I can right now but it will be amazing!

Are you with me or not? Do you want to make this blog to the next level or maybe I should leave as it is?


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