The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service

Thinking of starting your own tree care business? I wise choice you’ve made is founded on one thing that we all know will be needed. Yes, trees will always grow and growing trees will always need care and maintenance at least once a year, and sometimes even more often.

Every tree you see in the area where you live will need to be pruned or cut down sooner or later. However, as trees grow, eventually they grow beyond a certain point, where you can’t attend to prune unless you have the appropriate certificate and you can be the one to provide that service. Still, it’s not something that should be taken lightly, since there are many obstacles, know-how and experience to consider and do before you actually roll up your sleeves and start looking after trees.

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Let’s take a look at the most important requirements involved.

Necessary qualifications and skills for pruning trees.

The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service
The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service

You’d need to have experience working for a reputable tree trimming company for at least three years and be a good and certified climber who knows a lot about knots and also be familiar with tree rescue techniques.

It’s also expected of you to be able to deal with hazardous trees and be well versed in pressure cutting, including chainsaw usage and maintenance. Finally, you have to know exactly when a tree is dangerous and how to get rid of wood, and brush and follow the rules regulating this activity.

No of these are ease to learn nor perfect but that’s why getting into the trade of tree care and surgery is not you can easily succeed at.

A robust business plan is vital for the success of your company.

The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service
The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service

No serious enterprise can exist without a robust business plan. In order to start a successful tree care company, your business plan has to outline the basic principles of how you want your company to run. In case you unaware how to write one, look out for tutorials or consult an expert to help you with this important task.

Trademark the name of your company.

The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service
The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service

Make sure you choose a name that is not in use. If you trademark your company, you can be sure that no other company will be entitled to ever use your name. This “protection” comes at a price, but consider it an investment, rather than expenditure.

To choose the right name can make or break the success of your company.

Register your company.

The procedure might differ, depending on where you live and work, but make sure you check all local and legal requirements for registering a tree care company in specifics. It’s vital that you obtain all the necessary licences, so that you have the legal right to provide tree care service afterwards. Once you’re done with this legal formality you will be ready to proceed with the appropriate certificates.

Get insured.

It’s vital that you purchase insurance to protect you from liability should any damage occur to you, your workers, the client or their property.

This is a mandatory task, since even a single incident can seriously jeopardise your business if you’re not properly insured, not to mention the legal obligations for tree surgery companies. Not only will you be protected, but having the right insurance will also help you get more clients, since people who hire you like to know that you take both your job and clients quite seriously.

Gather the right crew of tradesmen.

It’s unrealistic to believe that you can do everything yourself.

Therefore, it’s absolutely vital for you to find and build a team of skilled and qualified tradesmen to make your business a success. If you have already worked with or another company, then you’ll probably have contacts with prospects who’d be interested in working with you. Another benefit of reuniting with former colleagues is that you know what you can expect, and you probably won’t need to spend a lot of time training them.

On the other hand, if you have little or no experience at all, you’ll probably have to rely on recommendations from trusted sources or you’ll have to resort to placing an ad. This isn’t necessarily bad, but you have to be very careful when it comes to recruiting. According to Joe Lawrence, a professional horticulturist and tree surgeon from London, to hire to wrong person my result in irreversible tree harm, that can ultimately cost you a fortune or even worse – hurt your company beyond repair.

Get the right equipment

The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service
The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service

This is probably the most expensive part of starting a tree care business, and the fact that you have to buy everything before you have any revenue nor profit makes the situation even more difficult. Still, that’s an unavoidable expenditure and what you can do is to make sure that you buy quality equipment without breaking the bank. However, don’t let a tight budget push you to compromise in quality.

The list of tools you’ll need is quite a long one, and it includes, among other things: climbing ropes, protective clothes and safety equipment, tree climbing and cutting equipment, like the best loppers, or at least the basics for grooming a garden, as well as the appropriate toolset for maintenance and repair. Luckily, you can save some money by opting for products such as a multi-purpose telehandler. It will allow you to use various attachments and work in limited-access areas.

Promote your tree care business.

There’s no point in starting a business if prospective clients don’t know about your company nor about the services it offers. That’s why you need to advertise your business from the very beginning.

You may choose posters or leaflets that you can distribute in the area where you cover. However, make sure you are also visible on the web and social media, since most people now respond to digital advertising campaigns much better.

The aim is to create a positive word of mouth circulating and the one way you can achieve that is by providing excellent tree care services at a reasonable price. Remember that this is the cheapest and most efficient way to promote your business. Bare in mind, that  but even one single negative case can devastate your chances of landing future jobs. That’s why you should never provide a service which is poorly don’t or doesn’t level up to standards.

Use business leads

The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service

Don’t fool yourself. Getting clients is hard, especially if you’ve just started the company. One way is to hire a company that can provide you with leads, especially if your network is still in the early stage of development. The importance of having a wide network is of utmost importance to every line of business and tree care is definitely not an exception.

Another useful tip is to find professionals in a similar field, such as lawn care, landscaping or gardening and ask them to recommend you for tree care service. Similarly, you would recommend them to your clients.

Selling wood leftovers from tree surgery.

If you have enough space to pile up wood that you had to remove, you might make consider the extra income of selling it before the winter months struck. This could be an additional service you provide to your existing clients or something that might bring you new clients in the future.

Final remarks

As you can see, running a tree care business is not easy, but if you play your cards right, it could be extremely profitable. However, you need to consistently deliver a fantastic service of excellent quality at prices people can afford. Only then can you expect your tree care company to thrive.


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