Gardening infoGraphic - best magazine for gardeners
Gardening infoGraphic - best magazine for gardeners

Houseplants are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to add some greenery to their home, but don’t necessarily have the space available to have a full garden. Indoor plants are not only great for satisfying your green thumb, but for also improving your health! Plants are known for relieving stress, helping you focus and even purifying the air!

There are a lot of indoor plants for you to choose to fill your home. Philodendrons are beautiful conversation starters but usually require lots of sunlight. Aloe plants are great for adding some life to your desk space and if you aren’t great with remembering a watering schedule. With so many things to consider when choosing a houseplant, how do you you even know where to start?

Thankfully, ProFlowers created an entertaining way to figure out your perfect plant! Make your way through this flowchart to find the best indoor plant for your lifestyle! This is a great way to find a better plant pal that enhances your life instead of hindering it. Answer a few questions to make it down the chart and find your next houseplant!


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