Let’s face it! British summers are not very good, nor are the winters when your conservatory can look a bit dull and cold. Well, there’s a simple fix. Add some greenery around start your own indoor garden. Depending on the plants you choose you could also see some benefits heading your way too.

There are hundreds and thousands of plant species, all of which offer their own benefits. Not only will they brighten your conservatory and save you from the dull look your conservatory has had for the last few months but they have also been proven to reduce stress, boost well-being and even help concentration. Don’t just take our word for it though, it’s been proven by the ‘Journal of Environmental Psychology’ that Anthurium plants are known for decreasing stress levels in the body.

This simple infographic from ConservatoryBlinds4Less shows you the benefits you can expect to find from popular houseplants.

Infographic: Best Plants for Your Conservatory
Infographic: Best Plants for Your Conservatory



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