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Gardening infoGraphic - best magazine for gardeners

When trying to balance a family with work, and socializing, maintaining your home can often be overlooked.

In fact, research from online roofing supplier Roofstores shows that 60% of Brits admit that there are things in their home that currently need repairing. Even worse, a third of the UK are living in homes with potentially dangerous faults, often caused by waiting to carry out maintenance and then being unable to afford expensive repairs.

But with house prices falling to their worst since 2010, maintaining your home is the sure-start way of trying to retain its value, and therefore should be a high priority.

However, a quarter of Brits recognize home maintenance as essential to maintaining property price and households in the UK spend £44bn on essential repairs.

It might sound overwhelming, but it’s easy to keep track of your household maintenance by season with the right steps in place.

How to improve your home

You might think spring is the time to spruce up your home, but autumn is a vital time of year for protecting your home before the winter weather hits. Consider clearing gutters, checking your heating and draught-proofing your home.

Making sure your house is in perfect condition in the autumn will help you feel more comfortable as the nights draw in and you’ll avoid any nasty surprises during the run-up to Christmas.

Take a look at Roofstores’ helpful guide to help keep your home in top condition all year round.

A Year-Round Guide to Keeping Your Home in Top Condition
A Year-Round Guide to Keeping Your Home in Top Condition


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