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10 popular types of grasses to plant in all season

While grasses are, in general, cheap and low maintenance, did you know that there’s more to them then just planting and mowing? There are various types of grasses and knowing the right type of grass is the key to having a beautiful lawn.

For starters, it’s important to consider your location and the seasons that you have when choosing a grass type. Those living in the northern part of the country should pick cool season grasses while those in the south will have an easier time growing warm season grasses. There’s also what we call a transition zone where both warm and cool season grasses will thrive.

Aside from the location and the seasons, other factors that you need to consider include the altitude and the amount of shade or sun that they can get. You also need to take into account whether there’ll be a large amount of foot traffic and whether you have enough water resources to make your chosen grass type of flourish.

The five best grass types that you can plant during the cool season include bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, fine fescue and tall fescue. Both perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass can grow well even with a good amount of foot traffic. Fine fescue is a tough variety of grass that can withstand wide temperature fluctuations and even tolerate drought.

On the other hand, the best grasses to plant during the warm season are Bahia, Bermuda grass, centipedegrass, St. Augustine and zoysia. Bahia and Bermudagrass are tough grasses that can handle heavy foot traffic. Zoysia grass is exceptionally hardy as well but they require more care. There’s also the St. Augustine grass which has great resistance to drought and wears.

To know more about warm and cool season grasses, please check out the inforgraphic below. Via

InfoGraphic: 10 popular types of grasses to plant in all season
InfoGraphic: 10 popular types of grasses to plant in all season


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