Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Los Angeles Mold Removal Company
Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Los Angeles Mold Removal Company

Affected By Mold? Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Los Angeles Mold Removal Company

If you are a long-term resident living in your Los Angeles home for more than five years or had just recently moved to the city, it is always best practice to make sure your home is, not only livable but in it’s best shape!

Every nook and cranny cleaned and every part of the house fixed. Of course, Los Angeles is known not just because of the stars and the movies, but it also is known to have great weather all year round. It is a city with sub-arid conditions, with mountain ranges in both the north and east which protects the city against any extreme summer or winter conditions, is an excellent place to set your roots.

Homes is in LA vary from modern architecture build in the 2000’s up to the present and the classic homes with architecture built in the 1930’s. All great designs and structure, most especially with the build that withstood the test of, not just time but the weather. Homes in LA, like all other houses due to time and the ever-changing weather conditions are prone to wear and tear, not to mention, molds.

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Molds in homes are a real issue. It is an indication that water or moisture is in places it shouldn’t be. Moisture can lead to the house’s structure weakening, or it can cause a significant health hazard to the residents. It is good to prepare and prevent your home from having to go through the ordeal of having molds, but if faced with the issue already, there are also ways in making sure you get the right kind of help in getting rid of molds in your home.

Here is some vital information you should know about molds, mold prevention and hiring a Los Angeles mold removal company.

It’s good to start at the beginning, so it’s back with the basics:

What are molds and how do they occur?

What are molds and how do they occur?
What are molds and how do they occur?

Molds are tiny living organisms that found in any damp, wet area or where there is water. They thrive on this and feed on the material they are on may it be walls, clothing, and other living materials that they live on and grow.

There are different kinds of mold they come in different colors and smell. However, it is in water that they thrive.  Molds are useful if we are talking about them existing as long as they succeed outside of your home, but when molds invade your homes, this is when it gets dangerous and could be hazardous to your family’s health.

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Mold can cause a lot of health issues for your family especially to your children’s health. The best way to inhibit this in getting into your homes is prevention.

But what causes mold to appear in our homes?  There are a lot of factors that cause it to appear, but molds are microorganisms that are in the air, but they mostly thrive with moisture around us.

We need molds like anything else there is a balance there is good molds as well as the bad ones.  Good molds you use in medicine or in making cheeses these are found outside. But the bad ones are the one that can cause respiratory illnesses, allergens or mainly can cause harmful effects to our health and even death.

Keep in mind, that as homeowners, there are a few tips that you can do to prevent molds from growing and spreading in your homes

Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Los Angeles Mold Removal Company
Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Los Angeles Mold Removal Company

Identify – One of the first things you should do is IDENTIFY.  Make rounds in your home to check and identify areas in your home that is always damp or moist and check rooms where there is high humidity. Remember that molds grow within 24 to 48 hours and could contaminate other areas of your home.

Dry – Keep things DRY! Always make sure that wherever there is moisture or dampness or if an area inside your home gets wet; dry it up as quickly as possible.  Molds grow within a span of 24 to 48 hours, so the best way to keep them at bay is to dry it right away.

Ventilation – Letting the air flow to create the proper VENTILATION. The best way to control the growth of mold is to have adequate ventilation in your home.  Make sure that you can put in some fans to make the areas with high humidity and moisture dry when it occurs.

Temperature – be mindful of your home’s TEMPERATURE. You can’t control the weather or climate outside, but you can control indoor temperature.  Ideally, the temperature within your home should be at least 30% to 50% in humidity. You can do this if you use air conditioners or fans to keep the air flow within and keep places with too much moisture dry to prevent the growth of mold.

Plumbing – Always check your PLUMBING. The best way to make sure mold does not set in is to have a regular check on places that water flows such as pipes and gutters, etc.  It is good to have routine maintenance for these and the best way to make them work as well as to insulate them.  Fix broken pipes and gutters to keep moisture at bay and prevent the fungi from growing.

Plants – Your house PLANTS can tell all. Make sure to keep an eye on your indoor plants.  They may be beautiful and beneficial to our health, but this could also be a breeding ground for molds especially its soil since these are moist.  Studies show that Taheebo tea can help in preventing fungi from growing on the soil of your indoor plants.

Can you stop the molds from growing?

Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Los Angeles Mold Removal Company
Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Los Angeles Mold Removal Company

These are just a few tips that will help you prevent molds growing in your homes.  However, there isn’t a clear cut way to stop this, even the utmost care and prevention method you have followed and applied there is still a chance that these molds will inevitably come out.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with your region’s climate. For example, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you need to be able to understand the weather so much so that this would be an excellent way for you to work with and it would be easy for you to apply the tips mentioned above.

But just in case these don’t work well, don’t fret there are reliable Los Angeles mold removal companies that can help you get rid of this pesky molds. You can start by having your homes professionally inspected for molds if you see some molds that are quite persistent in your homes.

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Choose the top mold removal company there is in your region, that has years of experience in dealing with molds you may want to get your home inspected to know if there are areas where you don’t even know that molds exist.  It is also advisable that having your home checked early enough can save you in cost than when it reaches the point where you would need to take down a wall to get rid of the mold.

There is no definite way to do this. It is also challenging to know if there is mold growing on the inside of your walls. More often than not, you will start to notice when the mold is already evidently showing on the walls of the rooms of your house. It is beneficial to educate yourself and become vigilant in checking your home now and then to make sure no molds are growing and spreading in your home.

Molds are preventable, but you are not able to get it under control, there is always someone who can provide you with professional help that can solve your mold troubles at home. It is not just about your home, this way you can ensure the welfare of your family because nothing is more important than your family is in excellent health and well-being.


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