When was the last time you restyled your living room? Decorate your lounge ‘stylishly’ rather than ‘fashionably’ and it can take a decade or more before it needs any serious work. But we all know a family that has barely touched a wallpaper roller for nearly thirty decades now – yes, it’s The Simpsons.

While all of the 600+ episodes of the long-running animated sitcom open with an imaginative and sometimes radically aestheticized sequence of the family gathering in front of their living room TV, the room itself has hardly altered since the show debuted on December 17, 1989.

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So what better way to imagine what style your next living room design should take than to transplant some examples into the archetypal American home!

1Industrial style


The aspirational values of the American dream mean that the rough, exposed textures of brick and industrial fixtures and fittings are rarely seen in the average family home. This look remains, instead, the province of NYC arty types and trendy nightclubs.

But following the recession, the eco-crisis, and the ever-increasing awareness that our leaders always seem to be a lot richer than us, ordinary folk are starting to switch on to the simple, honest, yet super-stylish look of the industrial interior.

2Coastal feel


There’s little more relaxing than being by the sea. But if you happen to live in the middle of the country, that feeling can still be achieved with an aquatic look around the home.

Pale, sun-bleached colors, watercolor paintings, and a beach-cabin finish will have you and Marge both believing you can hear the waves lapping the shore out the back.



Done right, the bohemian look need never go out of style. It’s so eclectic that a good, stylish piece will always be a talking point – and you can make little updates all the time with new cushions and throws.

What’s more, it can be achieved at a decent price if you have good thrift-store instincts and a love of houseplants. Even the Simpsons need to tune in, turn on, and drop out from time to time!

4Shabby look

Shabby look

Shabby chic is boho chic’s more conservative cousin. If you don’t want to go ‘full hippie,’ a delicate mix of colors and of vintage furniture and accessories can still give the feeling of living somewhere unique.

5Classic Hollywood

Classic Hollywood

For those who can’t stand that sort of clutter, however, the garish glamour of the classic Hollywood mansion calls. Bold colors with gold trim and talking point furniture may be a bit sophisticated for the Simpsons, but could you make it work in your hometown?

6Mad Men Modernist

Mad Men Modernist

The mid-20th-century look is one of quiet aspiration and the meeting of urban sophistication with pastoral gentility. Wood-paneling, warm colors, and retro geometrics make for a living room that’s as cozy as it is stylish.

Which do you think Marge would opt for – and which one’s for you?


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