What Things Do You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Water Heater
What Things Do You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Water Heater

What Things Do You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Water Heater?

You turned on the shower and was shocked by the cold water. This is not the way to wake up in the morning or something to experience before you go to bed. Through this experience, you obviously know that the water heater needs to be replaced. Purchasing a brand new water heater is not something we do on a daily basis. Because we hardly replace this type of equipment, it’s important that we do it correctly. However, there is a lot of information out there about the water heater, and it can be very overwhelming.

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Fortunately, the Plumbing Lab is the ultimate blog that provides you with all the information and services that you will need to get the perfect water heater. It’s obvious that you want something that is strong, sturdy and works properly. The last thing you want is to wake up to a cold shower. If you desire a comfortable, warm, and an amazing shower, look no further, we have compiled five crucial factors that you will need to know before purchasing the water heater of your dreams.

Fuel source

What Things You need to know before purchasing a water heater
What Things You need to know before purchasing a water heater

Majority of the water heaters out there running on gas or electricity. If your tank water heater is gas, it’s best to know whether it’s natural gas or propane. The gas water heater has a very high upfront cost and requires a unique ventilation system for safety and regulation purposes. Fortunately, this type of water heaters has lower operating costs. This will help compensate for the high upfront costs. Electric models, on the other hand, have a lower upfront cost; unfortunately, they’re operating price is pretty high. The take-home message is that it’s important to know which fuel source your home is using, so you know what you are purchasing.

Water Heater Energy usage

Water Heater Energy usage
Water Heater Energy usage

We often wait till we get a cold shower before purchasing a new water heater. We get into this panic mode where we are willing to accept anything that will give us hot water. This can be a problem because water heater uses a lot of energy. It will require a lot of time and patient to find the perfect water heater that will provide us with hot water minus the electric bill. If you purchase the wrong type of heater, you will experience the chaos of high monthly electric bill.

Therefore, you will need to select the type of water heater that is more energy efficient. Make sure to check out the energy factor rating (EF) that can be located on the unit. This reading will show you how effective a unit converts energy into water. It also reveals how much heat is lost during this process. The goal is to purchase a water heater with a high energy factor rating because this will show that it has a pretty good energy efficiency.

Electric resistance type of water heaters will have an EF that approximates around 0.7 and 0.95. The gas heaters will run between 0.5 and 0.6. Some expensive high-end models can go around 0.8. Oil heaters can estimate to be 0.7 to 0.85, and heat pump will have a range of 1.5 to 2.0.

Heated Water Storage

Heated Water Storage
Heated Water Storage

The storage heater will continuously heat stored water, then release it to the tank when the outlet is turned on. It’s essential to replace the water tank to save energy. This is because cold water often goes to the bottom of the tank to make sure that the tank is full. This will cause the water to be constantly heated even though it’s not being used. This will ultimately skyrocket your electric bill, hence causing you a lot of headaches. Fortunately, with a tankless water heater, you can reduce energy usage by 30%.

The tankless water heater is either an electric or gas powered. Cold water will go through a pipe and travel to the unit. Then it will only be heated if it is needed. With this type of system, hot water is always available at your time of need. The issue with this type of system is the limited flow rate, which can be a major issue to a large family living in a house. Imagine having multiple people taking a shower and having to use hot water all at the same time. This can reduce the hot water for everybody.

Amount of storage

Majority of the tank water heater is judged on how many gallons they can hold. This can tell us how quickly and effectively the water is heated and deliver at any certain period of time. If you plan to use hot water in a large household, it’s best to have two or more units running together. This will create an adequate flow rate, so everybody gets the proper amount of hot water that they need for their shower.

Space for Water Heater

Space for Water Heater
Space for Water Heater

It’s important to assess how much space you have available for a water heater. It can be very embarrassing and annoying if you purchase a big water heater, but you don’t have space for it. The installation process would be a headache if that were to happen. So the first question to ask yourself is, “do I have a big area or a small area for the water heater? If you have a small area that cannot fit a standard water heater, there are other things that you can look at. A short water heater is smaller than the standard water heater, but it holds the same amounts of water. The good part about the short water heater is that you can fit it in a small area. Tankless water heater usually does not require a big space as compared to the traditional tank.


The most important factor that you will have to consider in purchasing a water heater is the price. The first thing you need to do is to consider your budget. When choosing different models and brand, it’s advisable to check out the purchasing price, lifetime maintenance, operational expenses, and warranties. Keep in mind that water heaters with longer warranties tend to be more pricey than units with shorter warranties. Also, cheaper water heater tends to be more expensive to operate.

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Here is an approximation of the cost for a water heater with installation: average estimate

Change of Location: $1,035
Typical Range can be around: $735 – $1,344
Low-End price: $315
High-End price: $12,000
Tank: $889.00
without a tank: $3,000.00

Where do I get information?

Information regarding water heater can be very complicated. There are a lot of reviews, opinions, facts, and strategies in choosing the perfect water heater. It can be extremely overwhelming. The best thing to do is to find one primary resource that you can read from. The Plumbing Lab is an excellent guide to choosing the best plumbing services that will fit your need. The services include garbage disposal, water heater, faucets, and various other services. Their website contains a lot of informative content that can point you in the right directions. There are also thorough reviews of different brands of services so you can weigh in on the pros and cons.

Tankless water heater
Tankless water heater

The website is very organized and easy to navigate. This makes reading and researching the information very efficient. If you go in the water heater section, there is a mountain full of information that can give you an idea of what to expect during this process of purchasing a new water heater. Because the website is very convenient, thorough, and organize, reading the material is less intimidating. The content is also very entertaining so you won’t fall asleep, in fact, you will be absorbing the information at the speed of light. After a thorough review of this website, you will be able to go through your water heating journey with full confidence.


At the end of the day, before purchasing a water heater, it’s best to know what you want. Grab a piece of paper and write down whether your water heater runs on gas or electricity, budget, storage type, and the size of the water heater in order to fit the area in your home. After you know what you want, do some research online about different brands of water heaters? Check for their energy efficiency. If they have a high energy factor rating, then you know that this water heater is efficient at heating water without jacking up your electric bill. Then you have to determine if you want a water heater that can create two or more units.

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The answer to that question is very easy, check if you are the only one living in the house or if you have a huge family. If you have a huge family, then consider multiple units for adequate flow rate. If you are the only person living in the house, then a simple single unit storage capacity would be adequate. If you want more tips and tricks on purchasing the perfect water heater, definitely check out Plumbing Lab. The blog contains all the information that you will need to make the right choice. Once you read the blog, you will be shopping for a water heater like a real professional.



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