How to Make a Glass Shelves at Home

Being better and trying for more beautiful things create sense of life, motivation and in fact the sign of maturity. After one’s own looks the next thing is the style of living. Interior designing or home decoration is as much old as the human itself. In the discussion of home décor glass and mirror products never let themselves put behind.

From last few decades glass products have become more popular due to unique quality of glass products. Who can beat glass when it came to create more widely and fresh looks? Other than decorations glass is the best option for storage. Glass products used for storage include glass tables, glass cabinets, glass shelves and many more.

How to Make a Glass Shelves at Home
How to Make a Glass Shelves at Home

Do you remember any house without glass shelves? The answer is no. Because glass shelves are the most versatile products in order to add storage without creating extra mess. If you are looking to add shelves to your home or office let me tell you some important point before you buy the actual shelf.

Glass shelves are widely used over wooden or any other material due to many reasons like they happily fit to almost every décor style and show off the stored object in an unrestricted way.

Before you order your product ask some question to yourself first. What will be placed on shelf? Do remember for heavy material book shelving should never be used. How often will you access the stuff placed on the shelf? Who is more likely to access the shelf? Are you going to place crockery or books regularly accessible? Who is going to use the stuff actually placed on the shelf?

Once you have answers to all these questions now consider some more points regarding the selecting of best place for the shelf.

In a living room glass shelves glass shelves are used to display stuff. Place your favorite art piece on it and let it centralized the part of room. To use glass shelves for living room you must pay extra attention to the support for the shelf. If you are going to place heavy stuff on it use of load proof glass, like tempered glass is necessary. It’s also necessary to place the shelf where it make sense and do not disturb other furniture.

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Bedrooms are best option for glass shelves, place your favorite photographs on shelves and can be used for display other beautiful objects. Make a shelf to place your most frequently used objects to ensure to take them with you every time.

Use glass shelves to compliment your glassware in the kitchen. In this way you can not only make your kitchen modern but also add an airy sense to it. It’s necessary to use toughened to support the weight of glassware and crockery.

In a smaller bathroom glass shelves and cabinets can increase the sense of space. This small effort can add style to your bathroom easily.

Glass shelves can also be used for hallways but make sure they properly fit to the space and must not cause any unwanted conditions.

Once the place of the shelf is decided let’s make our own homemade glass shelf.

The things we will be using are:

  • A toughened glass also called tempered glass
  • Straightedges
  • Anchors
  • Drywall
  • Level
  • Screws
  • Cutting oil
  • Measuring tape
  • Brackets
  • Stud finder
  • Gloves
  • A cloth
  • Drill
  • Glass cutter
  • Tapper

Step 1: Plan The Shelf

Plan the shelf
Plan the shelf

We have almost planned our shelf earlier. After selecting the appropriate place for the shelf plan the type of glass we are going to use for the shelf for that particular place. As I mention above we are using a tempered glass for our shelf. Now decide the shape of shelf, shapes of shelves available in market are countless. You may end up choosing a rectangle glass shelf, oval or a floating glass shelf.

Step 2: Take measurement

Take measurement
Take measurement

Throughout the whole process taking exact measurement is most crucial. Take the measurements of the place write down each and every point clearly. Use measuring tape to mark exact positions where to exactly place the shelf. If you missed any point to measure you may end up with a worst design.

Step 3: Cut the glass for shelf

Cut the glass for shelf
Cut the glass for shelf

Now it’s time to cut the glass to make the self. If working with glass ever threaten you, you can order a custom cut glass according to your measurements. But if you are ready to cut the glass by yourself make sure to follow necessary instructions.

To start the process find a place large enough to place the glass. Now mark the glass according to the measurement we took earlier with the glass marker. Now place straightedges according to the measurements and cut the glass with glass cutter. You may use duct tape to mark the positions of glass and then use wall lubricated glass cuter to mark the edges. Then place the glass on a table and snap the part of glass you marked unnecessary.

Step 4: Install glass holder or shelf brackets

Install glass holder or shelf brackets
Install glass holder or shelf brackets

We are defiantly going to hang our shelf on a holder or specially design shelf brackets. These brackets are easily available at home improvement stores or glass specialized stores.

Different types of brackets are used to hang the shelves. Two common types are mentioned below.

  • Fixed Brackets- These are conventional brackets that support the shelves and allow a greater load to be placed on the shelf supported by them
  • Floating Brackets – These are brackets floating against the wall. In fact, they are attached to the wall supporting shelves directly. Many people think they are not safe to use but the fact is it just requires carefully selected fixing to work properly.

Fixing brackets to the wall may seem painful or unsecure but it can be made secure by paying little attention to the instruction. First of all, we need to select the proper type of nails to be used for the shelf then select anchors according to the structure of your wall. If your walls are drywall then metal anchors will be better than plastic anchors.

When drilling holes for the glass shelf some people do not consider of exact measurements necessary. Drilling holes without analysis and proper marking can make the process complex and painful. When marking the positions try covering the place with tape then mark the tape and drill holes.

In order to level the points marked by you for the holes I will recommend to use laser level. If you don’t have the laser level borrow it and use to eliminate overhead of conventional levels.

And the final point always triple check the weight and installation instructions before started to work on the product.

Now come back to our point, we need to drill holes into wall to fix the brackets. If you have drywall then use a stud finder to find the studs. After that drill pilot holes and place anchors. If they don’t best fit to the holes use some hard material like hummer to push them inside. Once anchors fixed into the wall screw the shelf brackets into it.

Step 5: Install the shelf

 Install the shelf
Install the shelf

When you are satisfied about brackets are securely fit into the holes place the glass we cut for our shelf. Triple check, did everything worked according to the plan? If yes, Wow, your beautiful glass shelf is ready to be decorated.


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