Home Water Damage Restoration - Full Guide!
Home Water Damage Restoration - Full Guide!

Water damage is a common issue at households across the world and is commonly defined as the damage that is caused by forceful entry of water in places and thereby causing rotting of materials, delaminating and rusting of metal. Being a common issue, there are a number of solutions available for this, but the most common among all these is water damage restoration Orange County. We will talk more about it moving forward in the article.

Causes of Water Damage

In an average household, you can multiple causes which might lead to water damage. Starting from a leaked sink to clogged toilets and broken pipelines, the causes are plenty in number. While these were causes which happen inside the house, there are natural ones like flood, snow or excessive rains which may cause water damage as well. As soon as your home has one instance of water damage, you should immediately undertake a water damage restoration process. Starting early will not only increase the likelihood of saving your previous furniture and other valuables, but it will also be cost effective and will require less time.

Categories of Water Damage

How fast can water damage your house?
How fast can water damage your house?

The first step before starting the water damage restoration process is understanding the severity of the damage. It can be a minor class 1 water damage or can be as serious as a Class 3.

Class 1 water damage is caused by water which is safe for humans. It doesn’t pose any threat to human life and s mainly caused by broken sinks or appliances. Class 1 water damage is the easiest to restore. Materials absorb very less of this water, and the damage is the least.

Class 2 water damage is caused by grey water. Grey water is defined as the water which has microorganisms and may cause sickness if ingested. Class 2 water damage may be caused by broken seepage, broken toilets etc. Class 2 damage evaporates fast. Due to this high evaporation rate, there are high chances that your cushions and pillows might be damaged.

Class 3 water damage is caused by black water. Blackwater contains bacteria and other organisms which pose a serious threat to human life. The possible causes of black water is seepage and standing water which got contaminated. Class 3 and Class 4 water damages need special water restoration and removal procedures. This type of damage affects plaster, concrete floor and as well as other hardware.

The Restoration Process

Tips for Cleaning your home after water damage
Tips for Cleaning your home after water damage

Water damage restoration is a very important and crucial procedure. By using the right materials and procedure, will enable you to preserve and cherish your beloved memories and restore your home. While water damage restoration companies mitigate the risk of water damage, the extent to which it can be done is solely dependent on the extent of the damage.

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In some cases where the damage is extensive, the company you have hired for restoring the water damage will have to hire an external expert or examiner who will draft a plan of action for the entire procedure. Most restoration companies use high-end equipment and well-documented plans for the entire procedure, however, the equipment and procedure will vary from one damage to another depending on the extent of the same. For examples, if there is water in your house water basement, the cleanup process will be short and quick; however, if the water has contaminated other areas of your property, the restoration process will be extensive and long.

Associated Health Hazards

Home Water Damage Restoration - Full Guide!
Home Water Damage Restoration – Full Guide!

It is general knowledge that the presence of moisture promotes the growth of fungus and other bacteria. Once your property is exposed to water damage, it will promote the growth of mold and other organisms, which may pose serious health hazards for you and your family. The presence of mold in your household will aggravate the risks of asthma and allergy especially in people with weak immunity as well as children. Exposure to molds will also increase the chances of a variety of medical problems including respiratory problems.

An immediate cleanup after water damage can severely decrease the risk of these diseases spreading and thus it is a must that you hire a water damage restoration company today if you are suffering from water damage at either your personal or commercial property.


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