The home in the heart of LA
The home in the heart of LA

Finding a place to live which is secure as well as beautiful is the basic need of human. Once we have a home we want to model it to look like best. Most of the home owners are spending a huge amount on remodeling. Stats from the last few years show that home improvement projects tackling much larger and rapidly increasing projects. The trends shows that instead of actually remodeling their old products they prefer to replace them which causes the projects to be the most expensive and lead the market to be at the peak.

Sometimes less is more, so why not apply the same strategy for home remodeling? This way you can even save some of your old stuff that you have a hard time parting with. That’s a win-win situation right there! Here’s what team of experts from Own It Detroit, a professional property management company, recommends for best result of your home improvement projects.

1Remodeling Entry Door

Remodeling Entry Door

Entry doors are first expression of your whole interior decors. A bad style entry door is enough to spoil the looks of entire décor, truly emphasizing on the remodeling of old entry door. Two types of doors are famous in interior décor, interior doors and exterior décor. Interior doors are used for closets and laundries and they are smaller and thinner than a stander exterior door as they do not have to provide security and resistance to weather.

On the other hand exterior doors are of great importance they are used as entry doors and back doors and, are responsible to provide security and also resist to weather in non-favorable conditions. There are many types of exterior doors are used but for entry doors single-acting doors and double acting doors are most famous.

Other than these basic types bi-fold doors, bypass doors, pocket doors and paneled doors are also used. If you are using one of the single acting door and double acting door then turning it into French door can give you best results. French doors are modern and trending doors which have light from top to bottom and are hung in pairs.

2Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms and kitchen are the parts of the home which are ignored when deciding for the home interior décor. It is a common opinion that they have less variety in the field of decorations and design but let me clarify that this is just thought that there are less varieties for the remodeling of such places. As such places are most commonly used so they must be decorated with great care.

Bathrooms are the basic need of every home, after a long hectic day one finds comfort under a shower, even before going to start a new day a fresh shower can serve greatly. So the addition of shower doors in your bathroom is not your need but also a functional thing. By adding a chicer shower door enclosure you do not need to remodel the whole bathroom and this can serve as a cost-effective solution under $1000.

Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling

There are vast varieties available in shower doors but glass shower doors are the trending thing, even most of the home owners are not ready to accept home without shower doors. There is a number of types of glass shower doors available named as framed glass shower doors, frameless glass shower doors, bi-fold glass shower doors and finally the curved glass shower doors.

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Framed glass shower doors are used when you have a broader place to cover and more variety to apply. They look very cool and give a decent look. On the other hand, frameless shower doors are notorious for their vast look and giving a fresh sense. When a person loves spa-like feelings and enjoys a shower at a broader level then frameless shower door is the best option for him.

Bi-fold and curves glass shower doors are famous to fit in smaller places. Usually bathrooms are not so vast that they can adjust a bigger glass enclosure, don’t worry curved glass shower enclosures are the answer. They are designed to fit in corners and do not occupy more space creating as less mess as possible making it more functional and chic.

3Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are important parts of all home, our families gather for meals, tea parties on every type of situation, the kitchen should be such that which comfort the whole family other can create a sense of irritation which discomforts the situation.

A kitchen remodeling should never be done harshly rather you must read expert’s tip before actually starting the remodeling or visiting a pro. First of all, allocate your budget exempting how small or large is it. Boss Design may help you to find more information regarding kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling

Here are some most basic tips to save your budget.

  • Do not change your present layout unless very necessary. Moving pipelines, connections of plumping line and rewiring electronics will hurriedly corrode your budget.
  • Minimize cost by diminishing custom made configurations. Go for the manufacture best matching to your finishing style with no extra charge.
  • Beat cabinets cost, act wisely. Select for blind corners shelves for half-moon, double sliding shelves and pull over shelves. Save space by installing rollover trays instead of old fashioned drawers.
  • Choose multipurpose sink. Go for a bigger sink, bigger and deeper is always better but never go deeper than 10-12 inches. Always opt for a sink with a flat surface to avoid tipping of glasses.

4Backyard Remodeling

Backyard Remodeling

Nature is the most beautiful thing and most inspiring for the humans, it refreshes their minds and body so most of them want to surround by nature, this need of human result in the edition of small patches of nature in their homes sometimes known as backyards and sometimes as gardens. To get best out of this we need to redesign our backyards.

In remodeling for your backyard there is always preparation for summer, and in summer season the twinkling light of café fascinate the living. So adding outdoor string lights can do a fabulous job for you.

String lights at backyard
Backyard Remodeling

Small pieces of wood can do best for you if you are parenting as you can create a xylophone which your kid will love. Moreover, a rope swig will keep your kids distracted for hours.

4 Basic Home Improvements projects for less than $1000

Patio tables which are prominent in backyard remodeling is also famous for creating a focal point. You can draw whole attention of guests by placing a patio table set at just under the string lights. Nothing will serve more jovial than this eye-catching point of your backyard.

Patio table
Patio table


  1. Thank you for these ideas! I’ve always wanted to go and re-do the backyard but I never knew what to do with it. I also agree that for renovation to be cheap, you need to go for the simpler ones that don’t necessarily cut back on design. Thanks for this article! Great tips you have here.


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