Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight
Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight

Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight

Worm extract fertilizer is a highly concentrated liquid solution that contains essential soil microbes, as well as nutrients and minerals beneficial to plants. It is used both as a fertilizer and soil re-builder and conditioner, while it also helps with pest and disease control. These fertilizers are bio-based, and represent one possible answer to rebuilding and restoring impoverished and chemically-abused soils.  After you have built a casual compost or compost with worms, you can start to make Worm Extract Fertiliser.

100% organic

Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight
Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight

By using a chemical-free product that contains beneficial soil microbes and plant-ready nutrients, farmers and gardeners are able to detoxify and rebuild their soils. The technology used in extracting soil microbes from high-grade worm castings and composts is the pinnacle of worm farming, developed only by a few companies. More importantly, worm extract organic microbial fertilizer is a live product, teeming with beneficial microorganisms capable of cycling the nutrients and minerals into an organic form, ready for crops and plants to use.

High-quality product

Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight
Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight

Worm extract organic microbial fertilizer based on high-yield worm casting is a top-shelf product that took 16 years of research and perfecting. These castings are processed in custom build brewers that extract microbes, nutrients and all the essential minerals from worm castings into a liquid solution in a safe way that leaves the microbes intact. Unfortunately, many inferior-grade products on the market are nothing more than leachate water (water that passes through the matter and extracts soluble or solid components).


Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight
Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight

In numerous on-site tests, it was concluded that worm extract organic microbial fertilizer is best used as a soil drench product, where the microorganisms are fed with whatever organic foods the soil requires at the application time. Once the fertilizer is applied to the soil, its biological component becomes active and starts ‘colonizing’ the soil, plants and crops, beginning the rebuilding process. The nutrients contained in this fertilizer are easily applied with spray equipment such as boom sprays, boom-less nozzles or hoses, but manufacturers recommend using a diaphragm pump.

Environmental benefits

Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight
Worm Extract Fertilisers: A Comprehensive Insight

As a completely organic product, worm extract organic microbial fertilizer is safe to use around pets and environmentally-endangered areas. Its chemical-free formula excludes any detrimental problems with people and animals that come in contact with it once it’s sprayed on lawns, gardens or crops. When you apply worm extract organic microbial fertilizer onto your plants and soil, you are re-establishing the microorganisms and biological processes that years of chemical fertilizer use switched off.

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Storage requirements

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As a living product, the fertilizer microbes need oxygen to survive, as well as controlled temperature. So, worm extract organic microbial fertilizer needs to be stored out of the sun in a cool location. The drum lid needs to be loose, to allow air to enter. This considerably increases the shelf life of this product. Organic microbial fertilizer has its own internal biology, which allows it to go dormant in storage. However, if a food source such as fish, kelp or molasses contaminate a drum, the biological processes will get out of control and consume all the oxygen inside the drum, destroying the microorganisms.

Storage benefits

One of the greatest benefits of worm extract organic microbial fertilizer is the possibility of storage without the microorganism dying out. Many manufacturers struggle with this problem, but the liquid organic worm fertilizer from Wormtec can be stored in sealed containers for up to four months before application. This is especially useful when it needs to be transported from storage to farms. Storage is also the main problem of aerated worm teas and compost teas because they must be used within four hours of the brew aeration.

Activation after dormancy

Worm extract organic microbial fertilizer contains biological mechanisms that allow it to become active after a period of dormancy. When mixed with a food source, the microbes will begin to breed, expanding their population, which activates the processes that rebuild the soil and increase its quality. The microorganism biology can be accelerated by adding a small amount of fish and kelp powder. At the activation time, the application of this food source stimulates the dormant organisms, which become active.

Non-activated product

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However, worm extract organic microbial fertilizer can also be applied without a food source, which is a slower method of increasing the microbe numbers in both the fertilizer and the soil or plant that it’s applied to. In non-activated application, the biology that ‘wakes’ the microorganisms from dormancy is stimulated by the plants themselves or climate conditions. The fertilizer works long term as well as it does short term, but it takes longer to start than if a food source is added.

Biological control

Worm Castings
Worm Castings

The biotechnology contained in worm extract organic microbial fertilizer inoculates plant leaf surfaces and root systems, protecting the whole plant from disease. Microorganisms consume and keep these organic nutrients in the soil, so heavy rains and overwatering can’t drain out the root zone of these extracts, as it is the case with chemical fertilizers.

Agricultural use

Worm extract organic microbial fertilizers can be applied through normal agricultural spray equipment, however, the jet size needs to be increased, so that the biology is not harmed at application. Manufacturers recommend using a diaphragm pump, for both soil drench and foliar application, as the most effective method. By using pressure greater than 20 psi, you risk destroying the beneficial microbes in the fertilizer.

When to apply

This fertilizer is best applied in early morning or late afternoon, so the sun’s ultraviolet rays don’t interfere with the beneficial biology of the product. Since the microorganisms are in a dormant state, if you apply them on a hot sunny day, they can still provide a huge number of useful microbes. When it’s raining or the soil is wet, you can apply the product at any time of day, and the microorganisms will use the available moisture as an accelerant to colonize the soil.

Unlike chemical fertilizers that disrupt natural microbiology in the soil, worm extract organic fertilizers improve the soil health and keep the disease at bay, using hundred percent natural processes. Their additional benefit is the ease of application and convenient storage. On top of that, they are environmentally friendly, posing no hazard to people or animals.


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