Window Box Gardening: Tips For Beginners

Window box gardening is a form of container gardening, and it’s as varied as the plants and flowers you choose to put in them.

As much as for the simple enjoyment of festive, lush, and cascading plants and flowers, window boxes go a long way in enhancing curb appeal and creating a “finished” look to the home.

Part of the fun of creating window boxes is in the selection of planting boxes you will use — this is the foundation for the look you want to create. Take into consideration the architectural design of your home, its exterior coloring and accents, and choose boxes that fit those characteristics.

You’ll Find Choices of:

  • plain wooden boxes
  • metal boxes, including copper
  • fancy scrollwork designs
  • fiberglass and vinyl
  • inexpensive plastic
  • self-watering boxes

Many prefabricated boxes come with hardware for mounting. It’s customary to mount the box to the home’s exterior for proper support, rather than to a windowsill, as plants will become heavier as they grow. This is important, especially in the case of larger boxes or containers.

If you want the look that window boxes bring to the home, but don’t have the desire to mount boxes, here are three quick and easy options:

Decorative Plant Stand

place a freestanding, decorative plant box outside in front of a prominent window. Tip: for this idea to look its best, you’ll want to use a plant stand equal in length to the window, or pretty close. Buy plants in terra cotta pots and align them the length of the box; this makes for easy clean-up when the growing season is over, or if you want to switch out plants for a quick redo of the box.

Bird Bath

choose a fanciful design—go oversize to really draw attention. Select several well-matched plants and group them in the center of the birdbath. For the best effect choose a mixture of flowers and trailing plants that will cascade as they grow. You may choose to pot the plants in a low planting saucer that has a diameter slightly smaller than the bird bath. This idea is also great for small herb gardens.

Window Ledge

for a creative, no-fuss alternative to planting, use miniature, potted faux topiaries in the shape of small trees, like Boxwood or Needlepoint Ivy (about 16 inches tall). For color use potted rose topiary trees—they look beautiful lined up along a window ledge.

Helpful Tips:

  • Whether natural flowers or faux, keep the look of your boxes and containers uniform if you are using multiples. Choose the same colors and varietals for each box so the look of your home is uniform.
  • With real plants, use a liner in the box to prolong its use; make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom of the box (or drill them yourself) and in the liner.
  • Stagger your plants; avoid planting or displaying in exact rows for greatest impact and show.
  • Choose real plants based on the hours of daylight/shade the box will receive; water accordingly and add slow-release fertilizer to keep plants vibrant.

4 Best Window Box Gardening flowers

1. Panacea Products Iron 30-inch Windows flower box

Panacea Products Flat Iron Series 30-inch (30") Window/Deck Planter, Black
  • Flat iron Series window and deck planter
  • Black in color
  • Powder coated finish
  • Made of Steel
  • Measures 8-inches in width by 30-inches in length by 7.8-Inches in Height

Sturdy and natural-looking windows flower box. It’s made from steel and inside from coco fiber.

2. Panacea Products Cameo Series 30-Inch Window/Deck Planter

Panacea Products 88530 Series 30-Inch Window/Deck Planter, BRWN, Cameo Brown
  • Cameo wall or deck planter with coco liner which keeps soil tidy
  • Powder-coated for added durability
  • Made in China
  • Cameo series window and deck planter
  • The brown color powder coated finish has slight flecks of iridescence and helping the item capture sunlight

Coco liner keeps soil tidy and powder coated frame for more durability makes this flower planter awesome! Made from steel.

3. Mayne Fairfield 5822B Window Box Planter

Mayne Fairfield 5822B Window Box Planter, 3-Foot, Black
  • Mayne molded plastic planters are made from 100% high-grade polyethylene, with a double wall design creating a water reservoir.
  • Outside Dimensions: 36"L x 11"W x 10.8"H. Inside Dimensions: 32"L x 7.5"W x 8"D
  • Water reservoir capacity is approximately 3 gallons (11 Liters)
  • Includes 3 wall mount brackets with a black powder coated finish
  • The weather-proof and ultra-tough construction allows you to enjoy your window box all year long with very little winter preparation. The UV inhibitors within the resin allows for a long lasting fade-free performance.

4. CYS Wood Rectangle Window Box Wood Planters with Removable Zinc Liner

CYS EXCEL Rectangular Decorative Planter Box with Removable Zinc Metal Liner (H:5" Open:15"x5") | Multiple Size Choices Wooden Rectangular Planter | Indoor Decorative Window Flower Box
  • Dimensions - Height: 5" | Opening: 15"x5" | Interior Zinc Liner Dimensions: L-14" x W-4" H-4.5" | Wood Thickness: 0.5" | Pack of 1
  • Quality - Hand Made Paulownia Wood Decorative Planter. Recommended for indoor use. Outdoor use may cause damage to the wood box due to outdoor conditions. Zinc liner not guaranteed to be watertight. No drainage hole included for plants. Window box installation parts not included.
  • Uses - The planter is a great fit for your farm-style home décor. For all the modern urban home décor lover, the wood planter is an easy and practical decoration for the contemporary house.
  • Looks - Make use of this planter box to adorn a home or venue inspired by nature, or fill it with fresh greenery to supplement your woodland wedding. This natural wood planter box is solidly built and an impressive decorative accent for gardens or window box installation. Place it on your balcony deck, patio, or porch rail.
  • Occasions - The rectangular wood box allows you to display a beautiful flower arrangement due to its wide opening and short height. These wood boxes make perfect centerpieces for events to wow your guests. They are also commonly used as succulent planters and for rustic decor.

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