Gardening Advice and Tips: What to Do in the Garden in June

June is a beautiful time of year in the garden. Wildlife is in abundance, the sun is shining brightly, and the flowers are budding and blooming.

Garden Problems

Wildlife can cause problems. If birds discover unprotected fruit they will clear away the entire crop. For this reason, ensure that nets or cloches cover all soft fruits for protection.

If the garden contains pots, planters or containers, then check around the underside of the plant leaves for snails. If any are found, then they should be removed immediately to prevent damage to the plants.

Jobs in the Garden


Gardening Advice and Tips: What to Do in the Garden in June
chamomile daisy

From June onwards one of the most important jobs in the garden is mowing the lawn. The grass should be growing well, and it is important to ensure that it does not become untidy.


However, as well as the lawn growing, the weeds will be too. Keep on top of weeding, as dandelions and nettles can get a firm hold at this time of year.

Pond weed will need to be cleared away from garden ponds, and greenhouse owners should put up blinds to protect plants on exceptionally hot days.

It is a good idea to thin out any flower or vegetable seedlings that have been planted to encourage strong growth.

Some flowers and bushes such as lilac bushes will need deadheading. Spring flowering shrubs that are dying off slightly can be pruned and tidied up to keep a good shape and size.

It is also a good time to plant out summer bedding plants, and to take cuttings from houseplants such as fuchsias and geraniums.

Irises should just be finishing flowering this month, therefore the larger clumps can be divided into smaller sections and replanted. Similarly, primula roots can be separated into smaller sections.

Jobs in the Garden

Other early flowering plants such as lupins and wall-flowers should also be attended to. The old flower stems can be cut back, and this may encourage a second flowering.

Potted lilies will be growing nicely, however, they will need some extra support to hold them in place. Use canes around the edge of the pots to stabilize the plants.

Roses should be fertilized before they begin to flower, this encourages growth and increases the number of flowers produced. Also, if there are any signs of aphids on roses or fruit trees, then spray them with an insecticide to eliminate the pest.

At this time of year it is important to wait until the sun has started to set before watering the garden. This stops the plants from scorching in the heat of the sun.

Make the garden special. Be creative. Make it elaborate and ornate, or simple and easy to manage, whatever works best. Most importantly, make it a garden to be proud of.


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