Improving The Privacy Of Your Home
Improving The Privacy Of Your Home

Not everything in your garden should take up half your weekend to complete. Along with simple things like composting and planting new seeds, many of the regular gardening tasks can now be automated or simplified to make life a bit easier. This is great news for people with green fingers but insufficient time to devote to managing their gardens.

Here are some suggestions for your front and rear gardens to make life easier.

Adding Greater Privacy for Your Front Driveway

You may have noticed when you drive up that the fencing on either side of your property is either too low to offer any privacy or isn’t present at all. Maybe there’s an overgrown hedge that acts as a natural boundary between two properties but you’re not happy with having that alone. In either case, it’s worth considering using cheap fence panels to create greater visual separation between where your driveway ends and where the neighbours land on either side.

Privacy is an important thought too. When you don’t want the neighbours gossiping about the boxes being taken out of the back of your car into your home, having side fence panels in place prevents nosy neighbours from getting too inquisitive. Whether you’d prefer to hide the big screen TV that you’ve just bought or new gardening tools for security reasons, or you just don’t wish to go five rounds with them about what you bought and justifying why you bought it, a fence isn’t a bad idea. A suitable installation works wonders for your privacy and these can be purchased at this website.

Robotic Mower to Reduce Your Gardening Chores

Increase the Life of Your Lawn Mower - How to maintain a lawn mower
Increase the Life of Your Lawn Mower – How to maintain a lawn mower

Mowing the lawn is something that takes a good half hour to an hour depending on how long it’s been since you’ve cut the grass. The size of your lawn also affects the time taken too. When you have to manually disconnect the grass collector to carry it to the compost heap to empty it out, and return to refit it more than once, then it really starts to drag. This makes you want to mow the lawn less often. Maybe you also struggle to create those perfect stripes you see at Lord’s Cricket ground on TV and feel a bit intimidated when you keep trying and failing to perfect your lawn.

Well never mind. You don’t have to worry about that now because you can buy a robotic lawn mower that will happily help you go about the business of cutting your lawn while you’re tending to other more important matters, like your strawberry patch in the greenhouse or planting some new seeds. These robotic mowers are a little dearer than regular ones, but they will run on battery happily for several hours moving about your lawn trimming off just a little bit from each blade of grass as they do so. When you add up the time saving over the years, you’re literally buying back your life one hour at a time with one of these little beauties.

Use a Trimmer for the Lawn Edges

Grass trimmers are much easier on your back than crawling around in the grass with a pair of garden shears trying to get the edges just right. When dealing with a tree that’s awkwardly positioning either in the middle of the lawn or near the edge, then that’s even trickier to deal with successfully. You tend to end up with raggedly edges with grass blades sticking out that looks unkept and it ruins the look of your garden completely.

Choosing a garden trimmer to deal with the sides of your lawn and the different areas allows you to stand up and hover the trimmer over one part of the edge at a time. A plastic cord rotates around at alarming speed and chops off stubborn blades of glass as it does so. When moving the trimmer too close to the soil, part of the plastic cord is lost and gets used up faster that way. However, as you use your trimmer more, you become adept at handling it to avoid burning through the trimmer cord too quickly.

Trimmers can be corded electrical power or run on a rechargeable lithium battery system. The rechargeable ones are best because they tend to give more than an hour of usage on a charge – often much more – which is ample for most uses. Just not having to try to cut the edge of your lawn with a pair of shears makes such a purchase worth it!

Watering Sensors & Systems

Create DIY drip irrigation system
Create DIY drip irrigation system

It used to be that you had to find time to water your lawn or plants on a regular basis. Fitting that in on the evenings when you return home to little daylight makes watering somewhat challenging. It’s easier to wait until the weekend. But the plants suffer with insufficient moisture in their soil during the weekday when insufficient rainfall fails to make up the difference.

Thankfully, technology has come to the rescue with devices that can sit in the garden, detect rainfall and even check local weather forecasts for reports on the likelihood of precipitation. Armed with this information, a gardening watering sensor can turn on the water sprinkler system to release the appropriate amount of water to be released. These sensor systems not only allow busy part-time gardeners to have their plants watered when they’re not there to do it, but it also avoids over or underwatering them too. There are also individual sensors that can be placed in the soil of separate plants and offer similar functionality to the water sensor product lines.

Whether you’re wanting greater privacy on your property and considering adding more fencing or you need to cut down the time you spend in the garden performing regular chores, there’s things you can do. Most of the new electronic gardening tools at your disposal aren’t overly costly and even the ones that are a little on the pricey side pay for themselves in the hundreds of hours saved. This makes these kinds of improvements easy to justify too and gives you more of your weekend to enjoy.


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