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Your yard is your sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the office, school, and volunteer work that you do. You spend your evenings there, reading books by the glow of a solar lamp, host pool parties for the kids, or enjoy quiet evenings with a glass of wine and a crackling fire nearby.

But you need a great perimeter fence to keep out the prying eyes of those nosy kids next door, or simply as a marker for where the property line runs.Either way, if you don’t have a fence, you should consider some of these interesting, 

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unique, and fun perimeter fence ideas, most of which you can do yourself.

Some Fun, Beautiful Modern Fence Ideas for Your Home

When you’re ready to build a new perimeter fence, you’ll want to check out these ideas that use a variety of different materials ranging from concrete to upcycled glass bottles.

Fence Idea #1 – DIY Upcycled Pallet Garden Fences

Rustic Farmhouse Reclaimed Barn Wood Bundle

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You can find old wooden pallets at a number of places, like shipping warehouses, grocery stores, or the Craigslist free section. Find the plans you want to use first, to ensure you get enough pallets, and then grab other simple supplies to put up this reclaimed wood fence that offers a little bit of privacy and a lot of beauty.You can find tons of tutorials online for building wooden pallet fences.

Fence Idea #2 – Galvanized Steel Perimeter Fence

Galvanized Steel Wire

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For a thoroughly private perimeter fence that shines, you can install a galvanized steel fence. There are a variety of styles of the steel that you can use, which can create a wide selection of fence types as well. Galvanized steel is extremely durable as well since it rarely rusts so the fence will last a long time.You can find tutorials on a variety of sites for a galvanized steel fence and learn more about galvanized steel options and styles to create short, tall, or uniquely styles fences.

Fence Idea #3 – Wattle Fences

Master Garden Products WF Screen

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Wattle fences aren’t exactly what you’d call modern, but vintage stylings are on the rise as a way of preserving our history and wasting nothing. Wattle fences are made of lightweight branches woven together and stacked inside wooden posts along the fence line.If you’re still not familiar with the concept, try googling images for wattle fences, and look for some DIY tips and instructions for making these inexpensive, authentic fences.

Fence Idea #4 – Log Fences

log fence

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Another vintage fence type reborn is the log fence. These are great for folks on a tight budget. Pretty much, you just load up stacks of wooden logs that have been cut to the specific length you desire for the texture of the fence.You can build the fence pretty much as high as you like, to keep in, or out, whatever critters may frequent your backyard. And, if built tall enough, these offer more privacy than nearly any fence could.

Fence Idea #5 – Latticework Fences

Latticework fence

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For those who love the lacy feel of latticework, you can build a simple but beautiful lattice fence at the perimeter of your yard. This style of fence is fairly easy to install, gives some privacy, if constructed properly, and adds some interesting elements to the yard.For full privacy with a latticework fence, try growing vines like ivy or other hardy vines that quickly cover. You’ll add a lot of color and greenery to the yard in the process.

Fence Idea #6 – Cattle Panel Fences

cattle panel fence

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If you’re looking for an open, attractive perimeter fence, you may want to consider installing a cattle panel fence. It sounds like it’s farm-worthy, and it is, but this kind of fence is extremely attractive when done right. Be sure to choose the right wood for the posts and frames.You can create interesting fences with cattle panel fences by framing gates and sections and using interesting diagonal or Criss-cross frame supports across the sections of fencing.

Fence Idea #7 – DIY Decorative Fences

If you love a variety of styles, you can combine them into a single perimeter fence that catches the eye. Galvanized steel, cattle panels, chicken wire, iron, and even reclaimed pallet wood can be combined into a single fence to create a unique, interesting visual unlike anyone else’s fence in the neighborhood.

Fence Idea #8 – Modern Privacy Fences

CeilingConnex 2'x2' Dakota Tin New Steel Corrogated Steel Ceiling Tiles - Works with Standard Drop Grid

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For a unique take on the corrugated metal and “standard” privacy fences, combine a few elements to create a completely modern, gorgeous fence as tall as you like.Using corrugated metal panels and painted wood supports, construct a unique, staggered look. You can use the painted wood cross beams as shelves for small potted plants, candles, and other décor for parties, evenings in the backyard, or just whenever.Bonus, these fences give more privacy than just about any kind of fence could.

Fence Idea #9 – Chicken Wire Garden Fences

YARDGARD 308495B Fence, 150 Foot, Silver

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Another option for repurposing supplies is taking old chicken wire and reclaimed wood and creating a garden perimeter fence that’s sturdy and attractive. You may not find tutorials for this style as much as some other styles, but with a little bit of study on creating fence panel frames. Chicken wire is easily attached to wood with a staple gun.Think through the height of your fence before finding your supplies or let the supplies you find dictate the height and width of your fence.

Fence Idea #10 – Gabion Wall Fences

Festnight Gabion Planter Steel Fencing Wire

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A gabion wall is a retaining wall built with a wood frame and wire. The wire “pocket” in the wall is filled with stones. As a fence, gabion walls are usually combined with wooden posts and panels for a striking contrast, and the wire cage is filled with unique and beautiful stones. Many choose local rocks and large cobblestones as their fill.

Fence Idea #11 – Repurposed Bottle Fences

repurposed botles

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For a unique twist on a concrete wall as a perimeter fence, you can use repurposed glass bottles as décor. After creating the frame for the fence with wooden posts, and either backing the fence with concrete or wooden panels, while the decorative side is constructed using glass bottles with their bottoms facing outward. Concrete is then used to fill in the gaps between the bottles.For the most interesting glass bottle wall fences, explore thrift stores, dollar stores, and garage sales to find glass bottles in a wide variety of colors. You can then accent the wall with other interesting objects, such as large glass beads, smooth colorful stones, or other materials. The smaller the accent objects, of course, the more work will be required.

Fence Idea #12 – Concrete Block Fences

For a reasonably easy to construct fence, you can use concrete blocks. You can construct the wall in one of three ways.The blocks can be side by side, concrete sides facing into the yard.The blocks can also be stacked together so that the holes in the blocks create the wall, making the neighbor’s yard or nearby space visible.Finally, you can alternate the way the blocks are stacked, some with the concrete facing in, some with the holes exposed. This third option will be the trickiest to create but can make for a very interesting fence.

Fence Idea #13 – Bamboo Fences

Master Garden Products Bamboo Picket Rolled Fence

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If you’re into a natural looking fence, consider making one from bamboo. You’ll need to find some tall, thick bamboo stalks, and grab some weather treated wood from the hardware store. Make a base out of concrete to anchor the pieces, then construct panels from bamboo and wire or twine, and install.Bamboo fences are stunning, easy to build, and lightweight, and making a stunning backdrop for family photos and pool parties.

Creating Your Ideal Backyard Starts with the Right Fence

If you’re ready to install a stunning, unique, or simple modern fence, you can consider any of the above options. Many of them used repurposed materials that you can find at yard sales, on the free section at Craigslist, or while dumpster diving in the city. Get creative and make your fence your own by adding unique twists to the ideas above or use a step-by-step tutorial.If none of these ideas quite tickle your fancy, you can learn more about fence types, design styles, and materials, you can check out some great informative sites like Home Stratosphere


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