10 Signs Your Garden Needs An Arborist
10 Signs Your Garden Needs An Arborist

10 Signs Your Garden Needs An Arborist

Trees are a glorious thing to look at, to marvel at, when they are healthy and thriving. However, as they are a living, breathing thing – they grow old and eventually start to get weak. In addition to these sad and unfortunate truths, the health of trees can also be affected by harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds and storms.

However, as sad as it is that a tree is near its end – because of this fact, when you have trees that are close to death, it poses risks not just to you and your loved ones; but your home and the wider, local community too.

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Without the proper qualifications, training and experience though, it is difficult to identify whether a tree needs removal services or not. If you have any doubt about how serious the problem is, it is better to hire experts that will be able to inspect your trees and give a detailed and authoritative assessment of their condition.

While it can be hard, there are some warning signs that you need the services and help of an arboriculture expert. In the following post we will look at these briefly look at these signs one by one.

Your Trees Are Dead Or Dying

Your Trees Are Dead Or Dying
Your Trees Are Dead Or Dying

Have your trees stopped blooming and have they already been decaying for a while now? If it appears that your tree is dead or close to death, you need to call a qualified arborist. By keeping a dead tree in your garden, you are only increasing the risk of danger to your property, your friends and family and any close relatives that stay in your home with you.

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Your Trees Are Damaged

Your Trees Are Damaged
Your Trees Are Damaged

Trees by their very nature are strong and hardy. They are capable of withstanding storms and other severe weather, but only to particular degree. If you have trees that look badly damaged after a storm, it is probably time to consider hiring an arborist and have them removed. You need an arborists expert and certified opinion to diagnose your trees health though. If it is believed that there is not much chance of your trees being saved, it is safer to get rid of them than keep them.

Your Trees Are Leaning

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There are many trees that naturally lean and this can add an aesthetic quality to a garden. However, if the leaning is something a tree starts doing suddenly for no reason or after a storm has hit, it means that there could be a serious problem with it and that it could fall at any point. A qualified arborist will be able to assess whether your leaning tree is a danger or not.

Your Trees Are Sick

Although this is a good sign of needing an arborist, it can often be hard to spot whether a tree is sick or not. This is largely thanks to the fact a tree may look fit and healthy from the outside, but be sick or damaged on the inside. Sometimes, there will be no signs at all. It may be tempting to just leave them be and carry on with things. However, as well as removing a potential hazard; hiring an arborist will be able to tell if your trees are diseased and remove them accordingly, which could also stop healthy trees from contracting the disease.

Appearance of Longitudinal Cracks

Have you noticed cracks on your trees? Are the cracks found between two branches facing in opposite directions or are they longitudinal?  If you have answered yes to either of these, it could be a sign that your trees could be dangerous in a heavy storm or severe winds. As it can be hard for trees with these cracks to hold up against the pressure and force of strong gusts and storms, it may be better in the long run if they are removed.

Your Tree Has Roots That Are Decaying

Following on from what we said about leaning trees further up the page, one of the main causes of this is actually damage to the roots. Another sign that there are issues with your trees roots is dead branches. Damaged or decayed roots can cause the tree to rot and die. Therefore, before the rot sets in and the dead branches or leaning causes more problems, it is better to hire an arborist.

Your Tree Trunks Have Cavities

A major sign that the trunk of older trees is not as structurally sound as it perhaps was in the past is holes. It could be that the tree is infested with insects or that it is decaying. Any mushroom or fungi growing on your tree is also a warning sign that it could be sick and needs the professional help of an arborist.

Branches Intertwining

Another way you know it is time to call an arborist in is if the branches are becoming intertwined or simply rubbing against each other. It makes it easier for your trees to suffer from infections and diseases.

Your Trees Are Growing Too Close To Your Home

Your Trees Are Growing Too Close To Your Home
Your Trees Are Growing Too Close To Your Home

Even if your trees are healthy, if they are growing too close to your home, it could be a problem as it may cause structural damage or worse, injure someone. Are there branches or leaves on your roof? It may be time to prune or trim your tree and the advice about what is best for the tree is best being assessed by a qualified and professional arborist.

Your Trees Are Growing Too Close To Members Of the Public

If you have any trees that are near pedestrian areas such as paths and walkways, or they are getting too close to power lines or streets and main roads, it is probably time to have them removed or have serious maintenance worked carried out.

Trees are magnificent things that we should take care of, as they help the environment, live for many hundreds of years and just look spellbinding at times. Although you may feel an arborist is a waste of money, they are qualified, trained and certified and if you choose a professional with lots of experience, you will find out all too soon why it is worth hiring one to deal with your trees.

As trees are complicated and have a great deal of things that could go wrong with them and make them less stable or secure. They can get diseases and infections, become insect-ridden or suffer from damages caused by a storm and other weather conditions.

Some of these problems have signs that tell you it is time to call or contact an arborist, while others don’t readily have visible signs. A professional arborist’s main line of work is dealing with unruly and dangerous trees . They will be able to assess your trees, figure out a plan of action and then follow through on the advice and plan of action.

This may mean a straightforward removal of the problem tree or trees or something a bit more ingenious. Whatever the reason why, hopefully you now see the merit in the work of an arborist. With their skills, qualifications, passion and know-how, there may be a chance that your trees will be alright, but if they aren’t it is best that the situation is dealt with as swiftly as possible and this can only be done with an arborist.