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Best Hose Nozzle

Best Hose Nozzle for your hose

I remember times when hose nozzle was a premium thing, so you just placed your thumb over the hose end and making a stream....
Best gardening shovel

Best shovel buying guide 2017

Best shovel buying guide 2017 Almost every people in the world know what the spades and shovels are. Shovel history started 12,000 years ago, and...
Best wind chimes

How to choose best wind chimes

Best wind chimes for your garden Wind chimes are a collision instrument, mainly made from tubes, rods, bells and made from metal or wood. Tubes...
The Best lawn mower buying guide 2017

The Best lawn mower buying guide 2017

Best lawn mower buying guide 2017 I will try to educate you about lawn mowers and tell everything you should know before buying it, how...
lawn aerator

Lawn aerator – mechanical and electrical

Is there any point of lawn aerator and how to aerate lawn! Have you ever seen your neighbor's green grass or a perfect lawn in...
tools for weeding

What tools I should use for weeding?

How to control weeds and get rid of them and how to choose tools for weeding? Hand tools will help for weeding. Experienced gardeners know that gardening...
Garden tool rack

Garden tool rack – a good way to keep your tools organized

The struggle, when you can't find your perfect shovel or tools are taking too much space, and you can find tools in every corner. Every...

Best garden sprinklers for lawn

Best garden and lawn sprinklers and how to choose them Best garden sprinklers are very important tool in the fight for greener lawn, bigger fruits...
Ikris hose nozzle and retractable hose reel

Ikris hose nozzle and hose reel

Hey everyone, This is Jon from the ikris design team!  We're happy to be here to share this guest post, in which we hope to introduce our...
The best leaf vacuum blower buying guide 2017

The best leaf vacuum blower buying guide 2017

What you must know before buying a leaf vacuum or blower! A leaf blower is a tool that modern-day gardeners use. It propels the air...