Badminton - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Badminton - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

Spending quality time with family is something everyone craves for. With family members by your side, you don’t only pass time but also create memories that last forever. Therefore, people look for different options which could provide them fun-filled activities with family.

If you have a great backyard, you could ponder upon a variety of games. There are many outdoor games which can be enjoyed in the backyard with family members and loved ones.

Table Tennis:

Ping Pong
Ping Pong

Ping pong or table tennis is one of the most recreational activities to enjoy. If you have a small backyard, table tennis will come in handy. The best thing is you can play it either single or doubles. So, even if you have family of four members buckle-up a team and start smashing the ball.

Easy to set up, simple to learn and accessible for all, table tennis is one of the most enjoyable indoor as well as outdoor games. Since the game demands a lot of agility, it assists in enhancing your vigilance and work to improve your reflexes. So whenever the weather is favorable, all that you need is getting your table tennis equipment out and call out the family members to get into some action.

Giant Board Games

Build Your Own Outdoor Jenga Set
Giant Board Games

Board games fascinates children a lot. However, it is loved by adults as well. While board games come in different size and dimensions, you may also make your own oversized board and play. You may take square pieces of cardboard to make a giant scrabble set. Paint them with different colors and see how children get attracted towards them.

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You may also try your hands on making a huge Jenga set. All that you need is big wooden blocks and cut them into the proper size. Make sure you keep your hard work securely so that they come handy in every summer to play in the backyard.


Flag football - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Flag football – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

Well, people who love football do not look for a particular season to play it. You may play it in spring or summers. Some people like to play it in the rain as well. Football is a game that requires lots of enthusiasm and energy. However, the best thing is you can play football with ‘n’ number of people.

So next time when your family members including distant cousins and relatives unite, bring out your football and kick hard to make the goal. You may make it more interesting by teaming up and playing like a pro.

Games with recyclable products:

Horseshoes - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Horseshoes – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

There are many games which you may create instantly. It is not necessary to have a football, table tennis or rackets all the time. Sometimes the recyclable products in the house are good enough to go. You may use the things lying around the house.

Pick some plastic bottles or glasses and place them together in a cardboard box. Bring it out in the backyard and play ring toss using embroidery hoops. Isn’t it fun? To add some creativity to the game, you may paint the bottles with vibrant colors. The game will bring a lot of enjoyment and makes a great time pass. At the same time, you will use your recyclables creatively.

Capture the flag:

Capture the flag
Capture the flag

Now this is one of those games which require teamwork. You had to be a good runner, great strategist and a perfect defender to win it. Besides, you need to be a little tricky with the moves to make it more interesting.

In this game, you need to divide people into two teams. Each team will have a flag or any other similar object. The motto of the game is to enter the arena of the opposite team and snatch their flag. While doing so, you have to escape getting tagged in the enemy’s territory and run with the flag into your side. However, if get tagged, you will be sent to the base.

So these are some of the most fun games to play in the backyard with the family. All that you need is little time and a lot of enthusiasm to enjoy moments together under the shed and create memories.


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