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best expandable hose - pocket hose

Best expandable hose reviews and buying guide 2017

Best Expandable Hose -  Pocket X Hose Top Brass reviews Expandable pocket Hоѕе is a garden hоѕе dеѕсrіbеd аѕ designed tо fіt “іn a pocket” but will grоw to thе size оf a full lеngth...
best hose splitters

The best hose splitters [Updated 2017]

Best hose splitters a.k.a manifolds It does not matter if it's winter, summer or late spring, hose splitters are must have tool for every house owner. In summer there will be dry soil, dirty cars,...
Best gardening shovel

Best shovel buying guide 2017

Best shovel buying guide 2017 Almost every people in the world know what the spades and shovels are. Shovel history started 12,000 years ago, and since today, nothing much have changed. Humans still use it...
Basic Gardening Tools

Basic Gardening Tools: The Right Garden Tool Makes Gardening Easier

Basic Gardening Tools which needs to be in every gardeners garden. Hand tools are necessary for every garden project from planting in pots to maintaining larger garden beds. Start with good quality basic tools that...
soil tester

The PH Soil Tester – every gardeners must have tool

A professional gardener will always recommend testing your soil before plant anything. There are many ways to test your soil for pH level, and a professional lab is one of the ways, but we...
Ikris hose nozzle and retractable hose reel

Ikris hose nozzle and hose reel

Hey everyone, This is Jon from the ikris design team!  We're happy to be here to share this guest post, in which we hope to introduce our brand and new products.  Gardening is soothing activity, but it's...
Best Hose Nozzle

Best Hose Nozzle for your hose

I remember times when hose nozzle was a premium thing, so you just placed your thumb over the hose end and making a stream. I also remember when I was a kid, mom asked...

Lechuza Windowsill Self-Watering Indoor Planter for Easy Houseplant Care

Lechuza Sub-Irrigation Planter System Most homes these days are graced by lovely houseplants, which enhance the interior décor as well as providing better air quality. Finding places inside the home which provide proper light, adequate...
tools for weeding

What tools I should use for weeding?

How to control weeds and get rid of them and how to choose tools for weeding? Hand tools will help for weeding. Experienced gardeners know that gardening can be a battle - when you are fighting something...
Garden tool rack

Garden tool rack – a good way to keep your tools organized

The struggle, when you can't find your perfect shovel or tools are taking too much space, and you can find tools in every corner. Every gardener knows that feeling. There are plenty ways to make...