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The best leaf vacuum blower buying guide 2017

The best leaf vacuum blower buying guide 2017
What you must know before buying a leaf vacuum or blower! A leaf blower is a tool that modern-day gardeners use. It propels the air from the nozzle to move the debris. They can be powered by either electricity or by gasoline. The gasoline models...

The Best Garden Hose for your garden

The Best garden hose - All you need to know about them Before 30-40 years a situation with garden hoses was dramatically different. Buying a garden hose at that times was impossible. If some shop somehow got a hose for sale, it disappeared within a...

Save the Bees Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

Save the Bees
Ever since the late 1990’s, bees have been disappearing at alarming rates, but you probably knew that. It’s all over the news! But did you know, bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food, and without them we won’t last...

7 Tips to Revitalize your Garden

7 Tips to Revitalize your Garden
When people say they want to live the ‛American dream’ the first thing that comes to their mind is not an expensive car or a big fat paycheck. The dream itself is represented in having a house instead of living in the apartment. The...

Top 10 Gardening Plants For Survival

Top 10 Gardening Plants For Survival
For some, gardening is a great hobby that lets you spend time in nature and grow stuff that you can enjoy eating. For many more, it goes beyond hobby time and is a lifestyle of health. Gardening has many awesome advantages where you get to...

5 Common Insects Found in Your Garden

5 Common Insects Found in Your Garden
In a healthy garden, all animals and plants are interconnected. For example, the feeding relationships in a habitat are, in reality, much more complex than just a simple chain. All the plants, insects, and animals found in your garden play an important overlapping role...

20 Bеѕt gifts for gardeners

Bеѕt gifts for gardeners
Gаrdеnіng іѕ a hоbbу thаt hаѕ іnсrеаѕеd іn рорulаrіtу throughout tіmе. Yоu might knоw аt lеаѕt оnе or two people whо hаvе this fоr a hоbbу аnd уоu mіght be lооkіng fоr a grеаt gаrdеnіng gіft tо give tо thеm. Thеrе are рlеntу оf...

Best expandable hose reviews and buying guide 2017

best expandable hose - pocket hose
Best Expandable Hose -  Pocket X Hose Top Brass reviews Expandable pocket Hоѕе is a garden hоѕе dеѕсrіbеd аѕ designed tо fіt “іn a pocket” but will grоw to thе size оf a full lеngth hose. This type of еxраndаblе wаtеr hоѕе uses a ѕресіаl...

The best hose splitters [Updated 2017]

best hose splitters
Best hose splitters a.k.a manifolds It does not matter if it's winter, summer or late spring, hose splitters are must have tool for every house owner. In summer there will be dry soil, dirty cars, empty pool and there is no way you can manage...

Window Box Gardening: Tips for Great-looking Plantings if You Don’t Have a Green Thumb

Window Box Gardening
Window box gardening is a form of container gardening, and it's as varied as the plants and flowers you choose to put in them. According to the Mississippi State University's Office of Agricultural Communications, almost 50 percent of American households say they do some form...