Basic Gardening Tools: The Right Tool Makes It Easier

Hand tools are necessary for every garden project from planting in pots to maintaining larger garden beds. Start with good quality basic tools that match the type of gardening. Stainless steel tools with good ergonomic grip designs are best, but the gardener should choose what fits his needs. Every gardener will have a different kind of tool taste, for example, my wife as a basic garden tool has an impact wrench. For most of the gardeners, it would be useless, but she uses it daily.

Tips Basic Gardening Tools

Knee Pads

Using hand tools requires spending time on the knees. A good firm foam pad or a set of strap-on pads saves on aches and pains. The choices are plentiful and range from the very simple pad to ones that also unfold to take a seat, saving back pain too.

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve (Large)
  • 1 Pair Kneepads (Left and right), Unisex design, two sizes available. Polyester 45%/ Rubber 25%/ EVA 30%.
  • Your Safety is Our Priority-made of high-density strengthen foam, good elasticity, breathable fabric keeps skin dry, and more comfortable.
  • Ergonomic design, super lightweight, provides freedom of movement. An ideal knee protector for outdoor sports.
  • Protect and Prevent knee injuries during exercise. Keep warm, prevention and reduction of stiff muscles and joints. Effectively impact proof, increase blood circulation.
  • Great Grip, Non-Slip Feature! Easily put the knee pads on and forget that you had them on! That’s how comfortable it is whilst in use. No constant re-adjustment needed as it firmly hugs the knee!

Hand Trowels

Pick a trowel that is made of good quality. The handle should fit nicely in the hand to reduce hand and wrist strain. Several blade styles are best; a narrow blade is good for digging in hard soil and for planting small plants and bulbs. A blade that is marked with depths is best for planting. When digging or turning a larger soil area a wide blade trowel is the gardener’s best choice.

Fiskars 70736935J 502987 Big Grip Garden Hand Trowel, Black and Orange
  • Ideal for digging when planting, taking up plants, turning earth and more
  • Extra-large handle with Softgrip provides exceptional grip and comfort
  • Extra-large polished cast-aluminum head with sharp edge moves more soil faster, resists rust and cuts through tough turf
  • Handle hang hole provides easy storage
  • Full lifetime warranty


Plants require trimming on a regular basis. Pruners or hand clippers are used for deadheading blooms and shaping plants. Making a clean, smooth cut will protect the plant and make easy work of the trimming job. There are two types of basic hand pruners, anvil, and bypass. Anvil pruners have a cutting blade that meets a flat metal edge; this is much the same as taking a knife and cutting against a flat surface. These pruners tend to be bulkier than bypass pruners but are best for cutting away dead branches and tough woody limbs. Bypass pruners are made like a pair of scissors where the blades “bypass” each other. These pruners will ensure smooth tear-free cuts. The curved blades and the smaller or thinner size allow for closer cuts at branch crotch areas than anvil pruners. If you are just starting out and only choose one style of the pruner, pick the bypass style.

gonicc 8" Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears (GPPS-1003), Hand Pruners, Garden Clippers.
  • Drop forged body and handles.
  • Quality blade made of Premium Titanium steel with Ultra-fine Polishing Technology.
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are strong,lightweight,and comfortable.
  • Sap groove design to help keep pruning shears from sticking by channeling off sap.
  • Pruners can cut up to 3/4" diameter size tree branches.This may vary depending on tree species.


With a compact finger-like claw design, this tool is great for getting out weeds and breaking up and loosening the soil. There are combination cultivators that have a small flat hoe-like side as well as cultivator prongs on the other side.

Fiskars 384240-1001 384240-1007 Cultivator, Multicolor
  • Ideal for loosening soil, removing weeds and aerating soil
  • Ergonomically designed handle reduces hand and wrist fatigue while cultivating
  • Sharp tines make it easy to dig into tough soil
  • Cast-aluminum head resists rust for lasting value
  • Durable design won't break while digging

Standard, Full-Size Garden Tools

are also necessary for the backyard gardener. Depending on the type of gardening that is being done, the basic shovel, hoe, and rake are all that are needed to get started. As different projects are tackled other tools or different sizes will be needed.


For digging holes choose a rounded shovel with a slight point. A narrow or broad blade is up to the gardener and the size of the digging area. Handle styles will be either the “D” style short handle or the full-length style.

True Temper 2585600 Round Point Forged Shovel with Hardwood Handle and Comfort Step, 57-Inch
  • Round point forged steel blade
  • Comfort step for secure footing
  • Cushion end grip for less fatigue
  • 45-Inch Hardwood Handle
  • Gray or Natural- color may vary


A must-have tool for working the soil and removing weeds. Choose a standard hoe with the flat blade head or the newer favorite of gardeners, the “D” blade. This hoe lets the gardener use a pull and push action for fast weeding work.

True Temper 28112000 Forged Steel Warren Hoe, 54 Inch, Brown
  • Pointed blade head cultivates soil and creates furrows
  • Forged steel blade for strength and durability
  • 54-inch hardwood handle
  • Cushion end grip for comfort and control
  • Made in the USA


No way around it, the gardener needs both a yard/leaf rake and a garden rake. Flexible tines on yard rakes minimize damage to plants when raking and removing debris. A garden rake is needed for breaking up and smoothing soil in garden beds. You can use a backpack leaf blower also, but a rake is a must-have tool anyway!

AMES 2915712 Poly Leaf Rake with Hardwood Handle, 72-Inch
  • 30-Inch poly head
  • Large head for maximum raking capacity
  • Hardwood handle for srtength and durability
  • Cushioned end grip for comfort and control

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