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5 Best Gardening soil scoops

As a gardening amateur, I don’t like inefficient tools or lack of instruments (even when I don’t have gardening soil scoops)  . That’s why I can’t understand people who work with cheapest tools and uses one gardening scoop for all activities. If you want a weeding tool or something to plant a small plant – an excellent cutting hori-hori is a quite better choice. BUT, if you want to fill planters with potting soil or plant containers then a gardening soil scoop is what you need.

I have tested and compared some gardening soil scoops. In fact, they all are different but still the same – they do their job. But some of them do it better, and some of them do it more efficient.

Let’s get started – here is a list of gardening soil scoops which, in my opinion, is the best and most comfortable.

Price will vary from cheap gardening soil scoops to some expensive gardening soil scoops. I will add an Amazon link to each of gardening soil scoops so you can buy it or see it’s original listing.

1Fiskars Fiber Composite Soil Scoop

Fiskars Fiber Composite Soil Scoop

This gardening soil scoop helps me not even in gardening but also for farming – I’m putting grains for chickens with this scoop. But it is perfect for filling smaller pots. As my friends said – the scoop is smaller than expected and looks in a shop but that’s not bad in some ways. I can put bird seed in a tube without problems and without scattering it all over the place.

You know – The best description for this scoop is – multifunctional. I can work with pots with it. I can feed my chickens with it, and I can fill my dog’s dish from its storage bucket.

I would call this a perfect gardening soil scoop for small gardening jobs. It does its jobs very well, and it’s cheap. If you know Fiskars brand, then you are aware that this soil scoop is not made from metal but Fiskars plastic. If you do not use it very hard, it will last forever. You can with no worries left it out in the weather, plus it rinses very easily.

Fiskars Fiber Composite Soil Scoop rounded shape is the reason this scoop can hold a large amount of seed. And the other plus of rounded shape – it’s very hard to disrupt seed from it. I have a plenty of soil scoops, and all of them are bigger than Fiskars Fiber Composite Soil Scoop, but this one is my favorite for smaller pots in my kitchen and balcony. Scoops handle 5.5″ long, so it’s enough for larger hands with gloves on. It’s very easy to maneuver with it.

This scoop fills unexpected needs very well, but if you want to fill larger gardening bins, you will need something bigger. It is easy to clean and it wont rust.

2Manchester Mercantile Traditional Scoop

Manchester Mercantile Traditional Scoop

This is a good one and a good one in a burlap gift bag. When I touched this one at my friends’ house, the first impression was – Wow, that’s a good quality and excellent handling thanks to the sturdy handle. I tried to lift a quite heavy ground pile, and I was not able to bend it.

It’s sharp. So you will not have any problems do dig in the solid ground. The handle is made from Ash wood (Baseball bats are made from Ash wood, so there is no doubt of its durability), and it’s not easy to break. Of course, don’t lift stones with this scoop, but don’t be shy to lift heavy dirt piles. The blade is made from stainless steel. It’s not the best I have ever seen, but the quality quite impressed me.

My wife liked a leather hanging strap which is included in the packaging. 😀 Another thing to mention – it’s very well balanced. It does not fell out of my hands in any situations.

By the way, as I mentioned – it comes in a burlap bag. It would be a good gift, wouldn’t it?

3Radius Garden Hand Trowel

Haha. Few words to say – First scoop that is actually made for the human hand.

My friend bought this one for his elderly mother. And she loves it. She has a little problems with her wrists and this scoop solves them all. Even great Fiskars scoops made her wrist hurt, but working with this one all day longs she does not felt any pain at all. She also said that working with this scoop is easier and less tiring.

There comes my opinion. Designers and scoop makers. Please, why is it so hard to make more scoops like this one? Is it so hard to make an ergonomic tool? If you don’t know how to make an ergonomic tool, take this one as an example. All you have to do – change handle and plastic itself. Boom, innovation.

Back to serious – This ergonomic design is a part of Radius Garden, who makes hand tools for gardeners. They know what means tools used for gardening. Because they are making tools for gardeners, not for some silly wannabe gardeners. The magic in Radius Garden is cheap, but high-quality ergonomic tools. Period.

So, when it tried this scoop, I felt so good when my hand was not tired after few hours of gardening. And yes – using this tool it is impossible to get strain injury. Muscle fatigue is close to zero.

That means the main buyers will be elderly people and people with hand and wrist problems, like arthritis. As me.

4Joseph Bentley Traditional soil scoop

Joseph Bentley Traditional soil scoop

Lifetime warranty. This was the thing why I tried this scoop. Ok, not that, but in our gardening club one woman had this scoop, and I decided to try it. At first when I touched it, It gave me that quality feeling. Another good feeling was about size. Good balanced and good size.

The handle is little too much smooth, but the grip was awesome anyway. Then I tried it’s shape, and I thought this was manually made for me. Sooo good. The bottom side is rounded. You can’t see it in the photos.

This woman who gave me this tools calls it “a potting scoop.” But be aware, It is much bigger than in pictures. But don’t be afraid – I promise it will make plotting and planting a million times easier.

I tried to bend it a little, but it was impossible. So I would say – high quality, well made and beautiful looking scoop. Ohh, and they don’t rust. The manufacture says that.

5Bond 1906 soil scoop

I don’t have any pictures of this scoop but original because I was able to test this one in public garden. This is the first scoops (Fiskars) competitor. The main advantage of this scoop is the same as Fiskars – it’s multifunctional specially if you gave animals. The other advantage is its size. I would call this as large. Putting dogs’ food in a bucket is easy with this scoop. As same as chicken food. Magnificent for plant amendments too. Functions are soo many that I can’t even think all of them.

Very, very useful for transplanting seedlings and spreading composts. Ok, there is one bad thing. Handle have a metal plaque with Bond name and it is heating up in the sun. If you leave it in the sun for few hours, it will be very hot, and you can burn your hand. So remember, cool it down in water or somewhere else. With this scoop, you can easily pot large house plants. Very useful for large bags of potting mix. (Light anf fluffy ones)

Material – High-Quality steel, awesome padded rubber (gel) handle. It is built to last at least few years. Good handling in water because of that gel handle.

My all time favorite is Joseph Bentley Traditional soil scoop because of its quality, material and price. All my family and friends have it and they are very satisfied.


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