5 Most Beautiful And Best Vancouver Gardens

Vancouver is famous all over the world for its unadulterated Vancouver gardens. The beauty of its natural gardens and parks provides the residents with many opportunities to spend time outdoors. When the weather is conducive in the Pacific Northwest, folks like visiting some of Vancouver’s famed gardens for a taste of tranquility that can only be provided by nature.

The gardens are in close proximity to residential areas in Vancouver. In fact, many are just a walking distance from residential houses. For this reason, the value of Vancouver homes near these gardens has increased substantially in the recent past. The area also experiences an abundance of rainfall for the better part of the year. The flora in the parks is thus nourished, heightening the appeal of the gardens. This, in essence, translates to a rise in the demand for housing units in Vancouver.

Here is a look at the 5 most beautiful and best Vancouver gardens near residential areas.

5 Most Beautiful And Best Vancouver Gardens

1. Queen Elizabeth Gardens

Queen Elizabeth’s Vancouver Garden is located on the highest point of Vancouver. For this reason, the park gives one of the best views of the city’s mountains and skyline. The park also offers beautiful nature trails and pathways. Lovers of nature, therefore, get the opportunity to stroll leisurely around its beautiful rose garden, the quarry gardens, and lush arboretum.

A visitor to Queen Elizabeth Park does not lack the range of leisure activities they can take part in. These activities include basketball, roller hockey, and tennis. Alternatively, you may want to drink from the serene beauty of the ’Dancing Waters’ fountain as you lounge in the plaza of the park. You may also decide to visit the world-renowned Bloedel

Conservatory or sample the delicacies on offer at the Seasons in the Park Restaurant.

Seasons in the park is a fantastic restaurant and offers lunch and dining cousins for mid to high-budget consumers. The Vancouver city views from the restaurant are simply fantastic and post-card-like – you will be dazzled! The Bloedel Conservatory is home to rare tropical birds and plants. Although it is not free, the conservatory is quite affordable and worth your time.

It is noteworthy that the quarry gardens in the park are free! These attractions are quite popular with the residents of the city. Being at the highest point of the park, the quarry gardens give a spectacular view of the city. They are indeed a marvel unto themselves. They feature horticultural pleasures laced with beautiful pathways, small waterfalls, and mini bridges. The landscaping of the gardens is simply breathtaking.

2. VanDusen Botanical Garden

VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver’s finest neighborhood is popular with visitors throughout the year. Even in winter, when many people ordinarily avoid outdoor activities, VanDusen gets a fair share of visitors who are attracted to the “’ winter festival of lights’’. In spring and summer, the garden is even more glorious with cherry blossoms.

VanDusen Garden is a painter’s dream of lively flowers, winding pathways, a hedge maze and ponds that are covered in lily pads. In fact, the garden easily takes the crown as Vancouver’s most beautiful spot. It measures about 55 acres (22 hectares) of beautiful plants and wildlife. Its flora represents ecosystems as diverse as those from the Mediterranean to the Andes, from the Himalayas to the Pacific Northwest and to the Louisiana Swamps. You can access most of this property even with strollers and in wheelchairs. It is customer responsive.

Visitors can relax and have well-brewed afternoon tea at the VanDusen’s Café, which is located in the Visitors’ Center. The Visitors’ Center is an attraction in its own right. Designed in the shape of an orchid, the center is an architectural marvel that attracts visitors from Vancouver and beyond.

3. Stanley Park Rose Garden

The Stanley Park Rose Garden offers free gardens and many attractions. It has many spectacular spots for picnics, an array of leisure activities and many places that you can sightsee. Lovers of nature have about half a dozen gardens that they can visit. The gardens include the Stanley Park Rose Vancouver Garden, which has well over 3,500 bushes of rose. It is a remarkable sight between the months of March and May when floral beds offer a display of hundreds of flowering bulbs.

Other gardens include the Ted and Mary Greig Garden. This garden has a huge collection of azalea and rhododendron plants. This is one of the best Vancouver gardens and is spread throughout this iconic park, so visiting a number of them will give you the opportunity to exercise as you connect with nature. You will also get the chance to explore the beautiful rainforest. Other popular attractions include the Vancouver Aquarium, the Totem Poles, and Prospect Point. For visitors who are a bit more physically active, you can swim in the Second Beach Pool, jog, run or walk along the seawall or even ride your bike along the designated routes.

You can easily access the Stanley Park Rose Garden from the downtown of the city on foot, by bike or by bus. Many city residents visit the park on sunny days when they can lay on the beaches and enjoy being at peace with nature. This is easily one of the best Vancouver gardens!

4. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

This is the first park of its kind outside of China. The garden is the epitome of a serene oasis that is built on the basis of the four ancient elements – plants, water, rock, and architecture. Located in Vancouver’s Chinatown, the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden combines the classical Chinese elements to create an aura of mystery, fun, and tranquility. The Chinese elements of mystical plants, jade-green water, weathered rock and great architectural designs became established as a tradition between 1368 and 1664 when the Ming Dynasty reached its peak. The garden is thus modeled after the ideal home of a scholar of the Ming dynasty.

There are free sections within the garden, while you have to get a ticket to access others. Due to the limited nature of the free portions, it is best for you to purchase the ticket. Visitors enjoy many attractions. One of the more popular is the symmetrical arrangement of plants and rocks. Others are the long winding corridors and paths and the beautiful courtyard vistas. Overall, the garden creates a very compelling effect as a center of serenity amidst the busy city life of Vancouver.

5. UBC Botanical Garden

The UBC Endowment Lands and the University of British Columbia have many beautiful gardens that you can visit. The UBC Botanical Garden is one such place. With many activities and a wide array of flora and

fauna on offer, the UBC Botanical Garden is probably one of the best places that you can turn to have a feel of perfect harmony with nature.

The UBC Botanical Garden has a number of sections. One such place is its off-site facility, the Nitobe Memorial Garden. This section of UBC offers the feel of a traditional Japanese garden. The arrangement of trees, shrubs, and stones is done in such a way that it reflects the feminine and masculine harmony that exists in nature. You can have a cup of Japanese tea in its ceremonial teahouse. For this reason, it is a great place to stroll in. In fact, the garden is rated as one of the best Japanese-themed gardens outside of Japan.

The UBC Botanical Garden has a huge collection of maples and magnolia. In its Asian Garden, it has close to 500 different kinds of rhododendrons. It also features a herb food garden, a rainforest, and an alpine garden.

The other section is the Greenheart TreeWalk. This attracts visitors who love eco-adventure. The visitors get a chance to see the land below from suspended platforms and walkways high up above the tree canopies.

There is a lot to be done at the UBC Botanical Gardens. Visitors can visit their Park Center at 4915 West 16th Avenue Vancouver, to get more information.


All together these are some of the best Vancouver gardens that are nearby housing areas where you can easily walk to. Most of these gardens are accessible by transit. You only have to take a look at the TransLink website in order to find a quick route from wherever you are!

For us garden lovers it is easy to see why these gardens have so much appeal and to make them, even more, appealing a few of them have a backdrop of the gorgeous mountainous regions of Vancouver BC, which are compared to the Swiss Alps.

You will find that some of these gardens are open year-round. However, their beauty naturally shines during springtime. Vancouver’s spring is from April to June. During the summer months, you can also see the splendor some of these top gardens in Vancouver have to offer.

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