24 Perfect Moving House Tips and Tricks

Shifting from one house to another can be exhausting and thrilling at the same time. Remaining organized, keeping records, planning ahead makes the entire procedure a great deal simpler. Sometimes professional help would be the best choice, like hiring a moving company as it could be that you have just purchased some new furniture or some fragile goods that you do not want to risk any damages. Here are some tips that were the most helpful to me. Hope they help you out as well!

Smart Tips For An Easy Moving: 

1. Using Soft Toys As Padding or Fillers

Gather all the soft toys, pillows, blankets, sheets and any other soft things you have in your house and place them in trash bags. They will provide good padding to the fragile items. While putting the fragile goods in the truck, put these trash bags next to them so they get extra padding and they would not move around while the truck is moving.

2. Pack Everything Early

Prevent yourself from organizing things at the last minute. It is most likely that you will have at least a month or two before the day comes. So, make a checklist for yourself and stick it on the refrigerator so you can accomplish one task every day and keep track of your progress.

3. save Money With Free Moving Boxes

You can save yourself a couple of bucks by getting free cardboard boxes. You can find free moving boxes on the ‘free’ section of Craigslist, clothing, and grocery stores.

4. Remember To Defrost Your Refrigerator

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Make sure you do not forget to clean, towel dry, and defrost your refrigerator at least one or two days before moving out to prevent a stinky, wet mess. In case you leave food inside the fridge it will start to stink and give you a good smelly surprise when you set it up in your new house. You can also save space by putting some of the items inside your fridge. Also, remember to pad the handles and the face of the fridge since they dent easily.

5. Plan Out Your Moving Out Strategy

If you have a short period of time before you start moving then you will need help from your friends and rent trucks. You might consider getting professional help by contacting a moving company. Check out the prices of different companies and figure out which one is the best for you.

6. Use The Opportunity To Donate or Sell Your Stuff

Since you are sorting out things, it is the best time to figure out which items you can recycle, sell or donate. Make a list of the things which are not too important and figure out what you can do with them. Selling, recycling, or donating will make you’re moving a lot easier since you will end up with lesser things to move.

7. Make a Large X On Your Mirrors

Make an X shape on your mirrors and glass frames using masking tape. This will help absorb the shock and keep the glass in the frame itself if by any chance it is dropped while in the truck.

8. Inform Your Movers Properly

Inform the moving company if you have any heavy stuff to be moved which is important. This includes items such as piano, fridge, mini elevator, etc. Contact them and explain all the requirements. It might take more time to move bigger items carefully. Also, let them know if you will need help with the assembly or disassembly of furniture.

9. Take a Quick Snap of The Wirings

Before you unplug your T.V or computer or any other electronics, remember to take a photo of how the wires are connected. This will be extremely helpful when you try to connect them back in your new house. In case you forget how the wires were connected, it will cost you a lot of time to fix them back and money if you to take help from professionals.

10. Pick The Right Type of Baggage

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For carrying objects that are heavy (such as books) use a rolling trolley bag instead of the usual one. Pulling the heavy objects would be way easier than carrying them so put them properly in a rolling bag and roll them to the truck.

11. Choose The Right Vehicle For Moving

If you are moving a short distance, close to your current neighborhood then you can just make 2 or 3 rounds on the same vehicle but mostly that is not the case. So, you need to make sure you choose the right transportation. Contact the moving company and ask them for assistance. If you inform them about the room sizes and the number of rooms you have they will tell you the size of truck you will need.

12. Use Garbage Bags For The Clothes

You might already have clothes in your wardrobe that are hanging on a hanger, just put them inside a trash bag and simply take them out when you reach your new home. Make sure to label the trash bags to remember whose clothes are inside them.

13. Label Every Box With a Label Maker

Make sure you label with a label maker each and every box you pack so you remember what is inside and know the right place where it should be unboxed. Mostly you will not be able to unbox everything on the same day so, make one or two important boxes with the most essential stuff inside it (such as toilet papers, medications, utility knife, coffee, disposable plates, cups and etc.) and label it as the ‘moving day kit’. It is recommended to carry those important boxes in your own vehicle.

14. Postpone Other Deliveries

If you have purchased other things such as couches or dining tables etc. make sure you postpone the delivery date of those items to at least one day after the moving is done. This way you can focus more on moving the things and prevent mixing of moving day with the new items delivered.

15. Packing The Plates

The best thing to use for packing your fragile plates is foam disposable plates. Since they are already in the plate shape, just put them in between your real ones.

16. Remember To Label The Trash Bags

It will be a huge problem if you forget which trash bag has trash and which one has your belongings. If someone in your family does not know it has important things inside they might mistakenly throw it away. So, remember to put a big label on the trash bags that are important.

17. Use Plastic Wrappers For Drawers

Wrap your drawers completely with plastic wrappers to prevent them from opening while they are inside the moving truck. This way you can keep the items inside the drawer since they will not open.

18. Get Wine Cases For Your Glasses

You must be having some bars or wine shops near you, drive there and get yourself some wine cases. Put your glassware inside the wine cases to prevent them from breaking. You can also use some old newspapers for some extra padding. Paper bags are also very useful in this scenario, get a paper bag and put the cup inside it and roll it so it stays protected. Use more than one paper bag for extra protection.

19. Hire a Pet Sitter For The Moving Day

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Safe garden hose

If you own a pet, arrange a pet sitter and send them to some other place for the day. Also, if you have a baby to take care of, get a babysitter for a day so that you can focus more on moving.

20. Organize The Screws of Different Furniture

You might need to dismantle some furniture for transport. When you remove the screws from them, make sure to put them in a plastic bag and label it properly, so that you remember which furniture it belongs to.

21. Protect The Mattresses

You must be having some old bedsheets or blankets in your house. Cover up your mattress with them so it remains protected from dust and debris.

22. Make a Supply Basket

Make a supply basket before packing. Keep all the essential stuff you need for packing in the basket (like packing tape, scissors, knife, labels, baggies, etc.).

23. Printout Colored Labels

After packing each box you will have to spend time writing labels. This could be tedious and boring. To avoid this, make a colorful printout of different labels. This way you can just slap the printouts in the box it belongs to (example: fragile, kitchen, laundry, office, etc.)

24. Towels To Protect Boxed Items

Utilize your towels by putting them inside the boxes to provide extra protection to the boxed items and fragile glassware.


Moving could be a hectic process but if done correctly it will be way easier than you think. We hope the above tips have helped you move out with ease. Share your moving experience with us in the comment section below!

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