How to choose gardening gloves

Before I was doing some more serious gardening, I thought that the yarn gloves which cost 0.2$ are the best ones. One day I was walking to the shops because I wanted to buy gloves. I went to one store and asked the salesman if he has any gloves. He asked me for what I need gloves, and I said that for gardening and I need the cheapest ones because they are the best. Then he stated that it’s not true and started to tell me every gloves meaning and in that day I learned that gloves are different not only in size and color but also for coating material and other accessories. In few words – each glove has its meaning and cheapest ones and not the best for gardening.

Cheap gardening gloves
Cheap gardening gloves

Gloves for light gardening jobs

For daily work, it’s better to choose a flexible and light gloves – they are most comfortable. Their only meaning is to protect hands from dirt, moisture, scratches, and ants. These gloves mostly are made of cotton, leather, latex.

If you are working with building jobs, it’s better to take gloves with special grip spots for fingers and other parts. Also, check if these gloves are breathing.

When working with fertilizers and pesticides, you need to use rubber gloves which are tight to the skin.

Gloves for rough work

Here you will need something different. You will need gloves with thick material. They are not flexible, heavy and useless for weeding or other small jobs. But with gloves like that, you will be able to do pruning or touch roses without thinking about painful stings. They will save your hands when cuttings trees, pruning bushes, fixing roses and doing other hard work. These gloves have tightening cuffs. So the dirt and dust will stay outside.


When buying leather, cotton, and suede leather gloves, make sure that all the protecting cuff and glove fits tightly to the skin. Thus it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that in the heat your hands will be sweating. A lot. So buy more than one pair of gloves. I have one pair of gloves for each job.

Best gardening gloves for your gardening and home jobs

  1. Thorn Proof Goatskin Rose Pruning Gloves

These gloves are one of the best gloves for working with roses. If you love roses and want to work with they safely, these gloves are must have in your garden. They are very comfortable, and you can safely poke your arms right into the bushes. In the photos these gloves look big and bulky but they are not. You can move your fingers without any problem and grab the small item or bushes. They are made of goatskin so they are soft and durable. With these gloves, you can even touch a cactus ūüôā


2. HandMaster Bella Women’s Gardening Thorn Gloves

Best gardening gloves for weeding, because of latex fingers they have extra grip when pulling something. Because of the rubber fingers felt stiff and not flexible but there was no problem of pulling out small weeds.  Latex coating gives more durability, and you can even pick smaller roses or bushes. I took me some time to get used to stiff fingers, but I love when my fingers are protected.

HandMaster Bella Women’s Gardening Thorn Gloves


3. Pixpri Leather Gardening Gloves

My favorite leather gloves. Makes weeding, pulling, mulching and other jobs a lot easier. Very durable and good looking. I had one pair in 3 months. That is 4 pairs a year. I need them a lot because I use them daily because it’s my job. Gloves have a mesh at the top so your hands are breathing. By the way, the top is waterproof. It also does have an elastic band for better fitting. Other parts are made of goat skin. They are not as soft as other gloves, but I felt comfy in them. The best thing about these gloves is that they are made without using chemicals. So if you have sensitive skin, these gloves are just right for you. After 15 minutes of watering my hands were still dry and no water leaks inside.¬†They are also easy to clean, but I do not suggest to wash them hardly, like in a washing machine. Colors are good for men and for women too.

4.¬†HandMaster Bella Women’s Floral High Performance Garden Glove

Almost the only ones in the market – best gardening gloves for smaller hands. They finally did it. Gardeners with smaller hands will know the struggle – finding gloves for smaller hands are a nightmare. The leather is soft but very durable, and that sweat strip is located where is have to be. With these gloves, you can pick even smallest things. There is only one bad thing – it’s hard to get them off after host working day. That’s how tight they are. And – don’t use these gloves in wet places. They get wet pretty fast.

HandMaster Bella Women's Floral High Performance Garden Gloves
HandMaster Bella Women’s Floral High Performance Garden Gloves




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