Pesky Pests 3 DIY Tips To Keep Them At Bay When Temperatures Drop

Pesky Pests: 3 DIY Tips to Keep Them at Bay When Temperatures Drop

Every winter when the temperature starts to drop we have to make sure our houses are ready for it. That means protection from not only the cold wind and snow, but also from all the critters and pests that seek shelter from the season. There are a few simple DIY tips that you can use to make sure your home isn’t housing any unwanted animals or insects this winter. Seal’em...
How to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

How to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Naturally With Garden Plants

How to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard: How to Irradicate Deadly Blood-Suckers and Their Eggs Gardening can lose much of its appeal when pesky mosquitoes hover nearby. Before resorting to commercial bug repellents, try incorporating one of these plants into the landscape. Not only are they attractive to look at, they may just help to cut down on the number of uninvited guests in the garden. Why and how...
5 Common Insects Found in Your Garden

5 Common Insects Found in Your Garden

In a healthy garden, all animals and plants are interconnected. For example, the feeding relationships in a habitat are, in reality, much more complex than just a simple chain. All the plants, insects, and animals found in your garden play an important overlapping role to form your garden’s web of life. Insects are important as both predators and preys in this intricate chain. They can be classified as beneficial, also...