keep and Repel Deer out of the garden
keep and Repel Deer out of the garden

How to keep deer out of the garden

I’m from the countryside, and I’m seeing deer almost every day. Two times my small apple trees were eaten and also cherry trees. It’s not the best feeling, and the bad thing is that you can’t do much about it, especially when you have a large garden. So in this article, I will try to explain everything what deer love and how to protect the garden from deer.

Which are deer favorite plants?

Deer in a garden
Deer in a garden

Whenever deer did something to my garden, they did it in the night. They don’t mind about daylight also, but they are more careful then. The problem is – deer love almost all kind of plants, but there are some plants which are deer favorite plants.

They love cedars and yews, wintercreeper, cypress, roses and other ornamental shrubs. They like all kind of fruit trees, so protect them at first! Protect them and roses too. Tulips, daylilies, and other lush herbaceous plants are favorite for deer in spring and summer. They favorite also is English ivy, lettuces, beans, peas, hostas, impatiens, and pansies.

These are deer favorite food, but I can tell you that they are eating almost everything from my garden, even cucumbers. I think I have done something bad to them because I have never heard that deer eat cucumbers.

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How to protect the garden from deer?

1. Putting too many plants, which I mentioned above, together. Image yourself, when you are hungry, and you find a table, which is full of your favorite food. Hard to resist and even people will not scare them!

2. Put deer favorite food closer to the house or some other buildings. Don’t put them near the forest or ditches.

3. Plant some secret plants which are repellent for deer. These are plants of strong scent. It can be garlic, chives, mint or lavender. Think about anything that smells strong!

4. Plant thick hedge of boxwood or some spruces around your garden. Plant everything that will cover the view and deer will not be able to see what’s in your garden.

5. Deer love long grass so cut them frequently.

6. Pick all ripe fruits.

7. Put away all crops after harvesting something.

8. Get some light or wind chimes. They are afraid of them! You can check best wind chimes here.

9. You can wrap all new plants into the plastic wraps!

10. My favorite thing – add some motion activating water sprinklers. It’s so funny to watch them running away!

11. Last and the best – build a fence. Obvious, huh? For example, my garden is so big that I can’t build a fence, so I’m using a rope or fishing rope all over my garden. Three levels, close to the ground and you are set!

Deer fence
Deer fence


It’s impossible to keep deer out of your garden all the time. If deer came once and got something to eat, deer will come again and again. You will put a fence from ropes after some weeks deer will learn how to bypass them. After some months deer will be used to bad smelling plants. After a year, even a sprinkler won’t be an obstacle. But maybe it will. Just try one of these methods and share your experience!


  1. I think using fishing rope for a fence is a pretty clever way to keep deer out. We constantly have deer coming in and out of our garden to eat our tomatoes. I love deer, but I also want them to stop so that I can have veggies for my sandwiches.


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