keep and Repel Deer out of the garden
keep and Repel Deer out of the garden

It may be exciting to see deer in your garden for the first time but your joy will be short-lived when the deer are through with your garden. Deer are capable of causing a lot of damage to your garden due to their destructive habits. Another danger that deer pose is that they carry and spread Lyme disease which is a debilitating disease that is harmful to both dogs and humans as well.

This can become really troublesome when deer start to regularly visit and damage your garden through harmless foraging which can become a heavy financial burden after a while.

Deer in a garden
Deer in a garden

Use Plants and Shrubs that are Natural Deer Repellents

Deer are heavily dependent on their sense of smell and will avoid anything that smells unappealing to them. Deer have food preference in terms of plants and will eat foods and plants that they prefer only. You can outwit them by planting trees and plants that they find repugnant and help repel them. Here are some natural deer repelling plants that you can plant in your garden:

  • Rosemary
  • Oriental Poppy
  • Russian Sage
  • Lavender
  • Tiger Lilies
  • Warmwood

Use Scented Deer Repellents

Applying deer repellents to your plants is effective in fooling deer’s sense of smell and taste. The repellents that you apply to your trees give off a scent that is similar to a decaying animal to the deer. This decaying smell will make your garden unappealing to the deer’s sensitive nose.

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Set Up a Wind Chime in Your Garden

Repellent sprays work when deer are feeding on your plants and trees but will not help when the deer start to use your trees as rubbing posts. The best way to prevent this is by giving them the impression that your garden is not a safe place for them to visit, forage or rest in. Wind chimes tend to make noises at random time, whenever the wind blows and they’re inexpensive as well so they will keep on startling deer at all hours. Deer may become used to the sound of one wind chime in particular so you need to be a little creative and keep on changing the wind chimes from time to time.

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Scatter Garlic Around Your Flower Beds

Garlic is a natural deer repellent and something that deer hate, you can take full advantage of this by scattering tiny pieces of it on the ground where you have planted your seeds. This is bound to repel the deer from your flower beds.


Install Underground Sprinkler Systems

You can also install underground sprinklers with timers which are pretty effective against deer. You can also upgrade to motion activated sprinklers to keep deer away from your selected flower beds and trees for extra measures. This is harmless to the deer as well as helpful to your plants.

Install Solar Powered Night Lights with a Screw-In Motion Detector


6 Tips to Help You Repel Deer from Your Garden All Year
6 Tips to Help You Repel Deer from Your Garden All Year

You can also resort to using solar-powered night lights with a screw in motion detector to repel deer from your garden. Installing solar powered night lights with a motion detector will startle and frighten the deer when the motion detector detects their movement and switches the lights on. This will eventually force them to leave your garden and start avoiding it in the long term.


Deer can be pretty smart when it comes to eating which can be very frustrating to homeowners who pride themselves on the quality of their gardens and plants. The only way to outsmart the deer is by understanding them to know their likes and dislikes to take effective action against their destructive appetites.


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