San Francisco-based YardKit unveils their first product, a five-step kit designed by landscape architects to make outdoor renovations easier and more affordable for the average homeowner.

San Francisco, CA; (September 8th, 2017)

YardKit today unveiled what their business has been working on for the last six months through the launch of their first product, a 5-step kit that enables homeowners to transform their properties by following a simple process — one tailor-made by landscape architects to help people avoid the common pitfalls of landscape renovations.

YardKit Launches: First Product Helps Homeowners Build a Custom Design for Their Yard in 5 Simple Steps
YardKit Launches: First Product Helps Homeowners Build a Custom Design for Their Yard in 5 Simple Steps

“Think of YardKit as a landscape architect in a box” says YardKit’s Founder, Janice Nicol, a licensed landscape architect, who prior to YardKit worked on high-design urban projects such as museums and public parks. “I founded the company after seeing how extraordinarily painful it was for the average homeowner to complete exterior improvements. After hearing one too many horror stories, I knew I needed to create a business that offers products and services that help provide broad support, guidance, and a bit of fun to those undergoing the process.”

YardKit walks a homeowner through building a base map, taking basic yard measurements, thinking about ways of using outdoor spaces, understanding what amenities are possible, and working through a design diagram. At the end of the process, a homeowner has a custom Concept Plan that they can use to start work with a contractor or bring to a Homeowner Association (HOA) for design approval.

“I found that many homeowners are reluctant to pay the average $4,300 spent in hiring a landscape designer for their yard,” said Nicol, “yet homeowners starting installation work without a design can end up with some critical mistakes, many of which are completely avoidable. Our mission is to help homeowners get to a better result at a more affordable price point.”

YardKit is available for $120 USD and contains everything a homeowner needs to complete the full process. The Kit was designed with simplicity and entertainment in mind, making the product a perfect tool for a new homeowner, someone thinking of renovating their yard, or even a unique housewarming or closing gift. Anyone can go through the YardKit process — no design or landscaping experience is necessary — and early users have found this to be a great family activity.

Each YardKit includes:


  • Clipboard for a Yard Tour
  • Extra long measuring tape for the Base Map
  • 6” scale for an accurate Concept Plan
  • Erasable mechanical pencil
  • Sunscreen
YardKit Essentials
YardKit Essentials


  • Base Map Guide
  • Yard Tour Guide
  • Use Areas Guide
  • What’s Possible Guide
  • Design Guide
  • Next Steps
YardKit Workbook
YardKit Workbook

 Vellum Diagram Plans

  • Base Map of the property
  • Yard uses bubble diagram
  • Test fit of new amenities
  • Final design Concept Plan diagram
Vellum Diagram Plans
Vellum Diagram Plans

About YardKit

YardKit is a San Francisco-based company on a mission to make exterior home renovations easier and more cost effective for the average homeowner, to achieve a more beautiful and ecologically-friendly result. The company helps homeowners answer several key questions to guide a bespoke landscape plan: ‘what do I want in my yard,’ ‘where should it go,’ and ‘how I can get it built most efficiently.’ Be it helping a someone think more methodically about where to put a new fire bowl, or determining where an entertaining patio best belongs, YardKit demystifies the planning process to help homeowners be cost-efficient and strategic about their yard’s design.

About YardKit
About YardKit

Founded in 2017, YardKit, Inc.’s first product (called YardKit) is a five-step kit that enables homeowners to transform their yard by following a simple process that was designed by licensed landscape architects. It includes essentials such as measuring and drawing tools, a set of six easy-to-follow workbooks, and the vellum drawing plans that capture ideas and results. The product is the first culmination of years of thinking about how best-in-class landscape architecture might be made accessible to all.


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