Gardening is a hobby that is jam-packed with benefits to one’s health no matter the age or level of experience. This is an activity that builds both one’s physical and mental health and it is a wonderful hobby for children to do. For those hoping to get their kid engaged in gardening, there are some tips that can set the stage for success and help to make this a lifelong passion.

Eartheasy notes that this is a hobby that feeds a child’s natural curiosity and desire to get dirty and play outdoors. Gardening provides numerous valuable lessons and life skills and is a wonderful way to stimulate the brain. When kids are involved in the gardening process from start to finish, from planting the seeds to harvesting and enjoying what they’ve produced, they develop a sense of pride.

Gardening For Children
Gardening For Children

Let kids garden in their own way with no expectations of perfection

While kids can successfully garden in a number of settings, like a home garden or an urban garden, it can be helpful to provide them with raised beds for easy access. It may be tempting to give them kid gardening tools to use, but those won’t typically hold up to real gardening. Instead, suggests Kids Gardening, use real tools that will be sturdy enough for the intensive use that kids will give them. Hand trowels can be a solid go-to tool to use as they are typically safe but sturdy.

Rodale’s Organic Life notes that when it comes to gardening for children, it is important to let kids enjoy the experience and let go of any quests for perfection. The benefits of gardening come from the process of digging in the dirt and all that comes along with the experience rather than simply the end result. This is a hobby that has a lot of leeway in most respects so try to stand back and let children do things their way as much as possible.

kids gardening
kids gardening

Gardening develops beneficial skills in kids

Gardening helps develop a number of positive attributes in kids. It stimulates the brain and helps children learn patience and problem-solving skills. In addition, when done with classmates, siblings, or friends, kids learn a lot about cooperation and teamwork while gardening. This is a hobby that provides a solid exercise opportunity, but there are significant mental health benefits too.

PBS shares that this is an activity that builds responsibility and a sense of purpose in children and it is shown to improve moods and decrease stress and anxiety. Psychology Today adds that gardening helps people of all ages relax and it works to develop a nurturing nature in people. Even children experience stress and depression, and gardening provides a wonderful outlet to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress levels.

Chose plants that will be easy and quick to grow

When deciding what to plan in a garden with children, consider things that grow quickly and are sturdy and forgiving. For example, one or two sunflowers can be a great addition to a child’s garden and vegetables like lettuce, snow peas, and cherry tomatoes work well too. Choose plants that will spark your child’s excitement early on and watch their love for gardening grow.

While gardening is a fantastic hobby for people young and old alike, it can be a particularly beneficial activity for children to embrace. It stimulates the brain and gets kids moving, and it is great for their mental health as well. Gardens don’t have to be extensive or fancy to capture a child’s interest and a few simple materials can get a family started on a hobby that can last a lifetime.