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Growing Cannas

Growing Cannas: Growing Beautiful, Tropical Cannas

I first came across, and grew, cannas (Canna generalis) in the Midwest. Originally there was only the common red canna. This may be the...
Organic Garden

Native Plants in An Organic Garden: Hardy Healthy Natives Add Beauty While Supporting Biodiversity

Native plants have been gaining in popularity for several years as gardeners discover a new horizon of horticultural selections. Once relegated to forest preserve...
Gardening with Children

Gardening with Children – Planting Bulbs

Planting and gardening is something parents can share with children. Flower bulbs make the task an easy one. A spring riot of color is the...
May Flowers

Plants with May Flowers – A Gardening Guide

A profusion of colorful and fragrant May flowers signify the start of summer. Some of these flowers will still be in bloom for months...
Vertical fence decoration

Vertical fence decoration – Grapevines

Not all fences are beautiful, and not everyone can just install a new one, so there are some tips to decorate it with some...