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Homemade Organic Pesticides
I think you don't need to be introduced to pesticides. Billions spent using them, billions spent to fight against them, and a billion conversations spent talking about them. Today I will talk about pesticides good brother - organic pesticides. What does "organic" mean? Most people think that organic pesticides are chemical free and totally healthy. But it is not. It does...
Rain Garden
Properly designed, rain gardens intercept the natural water flow and slow it down, allowing it to gradually infiltrate into the ground. Rain Gardens are Functional Sustainable gardeners appreciate how rain gardens work to preserve the water quality of streams and lakes by reducing erosion, filtering pollutants, and recharging groundwater. They're also attractive additions to a yards. They don't need irrigation, require...
Community Gardening for seniors
There is so much talk these days of becoming green. A number of seniors have chosen vegetable gardening as a way to pursue fellowship and physical activity while producing fine food and doing their part toward sustainability. Need for and Benefits of Senior Community Gardens It is obvious there is a demand for these gardening plots since all three of the...
Muddy Boots Plant Tags
Over the past decade, Nancy Duffy has built a lovely ornamental garden but has been frustrated for years with her plant tags. “With thousands of plants in my garden it’s hard to remember all the names,” said Nancy. “I walk the garden with my gardening friends and crawl around the ground looking for a tag, which may or may...
Perennial Crops
Not only do fruiting bushes provide delicious food to eat, but many of them offer ornamental beauty as well when they're laden with berries. Elderberries are beautiful when they're in flower. Some types of blueberries have brilliant autumn foliage, and red canes throughout the winter. If possible, try to plant fruiting bushes where you can appreciate the show, as...
Black Garden Green
We're still in drought. It's Japanese beetle season. The temperatures have been higher than normal and the humidity too high - but things are not all black in the garden. Unfortunately, they should be. Not everywhere, of course, but this year I planted an experimental "black" garden, with every deep, dark foliage plant that I could lay my hands on...
Make Basic Potting Soil
Planting Basics: Make Basic Potting Soil SOIL I was chugging along, putting together an article about the basics of planting plants, specifically woody plants, because that's what I've been doing lately, albeit not exactly at the prime time for doing it. Suddenly, I realized Whoa There!...the first thing; the most basic thing about planting anything is what it's being planted in....

This is the trend of gardening and headache. Can you see a connection? Do more gardening my friend.

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